Shards NFT Platform Development for Fractional NFT

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Importance of NFT Marketplace

The emergence of NFTs in the market raised many opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and investors with its unbelievable market scope. New NFT business models are entering the market to try their luck. The market for non-fungible tokens is a fragmented, competitive, and innovative one. The established companies in the NFT market try to set the agenda, with a focus on the business model and robust platform advantages. Various NFT business models will increase the crowd. With a huge impact on the marketplace, NFTs are adaptive to different models. Unique and innovative NFTs have the chance to set trends in the crypto space. The NFTs are a part of the blockchain network so they are reliable and secured without any issues

Shard NFTs

There is a stigma that NFTs can be bought only by rich people and normal and middle-class users cannot afford to buy non-fungible tokens. Shard NFTs allows their owners to break the tokens into shards and sell them to different users, this allows everyone to purchase NFTs despite their financial condition. When the NFTs are divided into shards then more people can afford them where it increases the value-proportion and creates a demand for NFTs in the market. Shard NFTs erase the limitation by being available for normal users by giving everyone the chance to benefit from blockchain technology while focusing on the future and enhancing digital asset decentralization, adaptability, and interoperability. As Shard is at the heart of a creative ecosystem that provides a covers all types of utilities and benefits to all holders, as well as advanced decentralized financial platforms and protocols.

How Shard NFTs Works?

The concept of shard NFTs demonstrates that the network is unbiased, allowing anyone to invest and get a better return. NFT fragments can be used as pre-IDO tokens. The functionality of NFT platform development in shards is based on converting an NFT that can only be owned by one entity into a token that can be accessed by anyone and has multiple owners. There are huge benefits when an NFT is sharded and divided into multiple NFTs.
NFT Sharding
NFTs that are tokenized under various NFT standards are wrapped in exclusive smart contracts, then they are divided into fungible tokens which are noted as a pre-IDO token.
Non-Fungible tokens in IDO
When the NFTs are sharded, they will be converted from non-fungible tokens to fungible IDO tokens that will be available for purchase before the launch. Users can switch from pre-IDO to post-IDO using the NFT sharding platform.
Liquidity Enhancement
After the NFTs have been fragmented, they become fungible tokens with token standards. Due to the high demand for these tokens, there will be a lot of traffic. When an NFT is converted into a pre-IDO token, its liquidity increases.
Create Shard NFT Platform for Fractional NFT

Benefits to Develop Shard NFT Marketplace

The traffic of the NFT platform increases after the non-fungible tokens are divided into shards and are available for everyone which will lead to increased traffic and transaction rate on the platform. Once the traffic is increased, you can set different ways to earn revenue by the commissions, gas fees, etc.
The ownership of the fragmented shard NFTs is equally shared with all who own it. It is vital to share the ownership rights with the users who own them. The NFT owner owns the ownership rights and accesses them whenever required from the blockchain
Shards nft platform development is committed on a blockchain network to ensure the platform and data is protected and easy to access UI. Data retrieval is easy as it is stored in the IPFS storage platform.
Unbiased NFTs

When general people are not able to buy NFTs and there is no scope as the cost of the tokens are high. The shard NFTs is an excellent opportunity for normal users to buy as Nft platform development in shards is unbiased allowing everyone to buy and own NFTs.

Features of Our Shards NFT Development Services


We develop shard nft marketplace as free and open-source software to make it available for users in public domains. Our development process is transparent and it is available for the clients to check in every phase.

API Integration
We update our Shards NFT platform with the latest APIs to ensure that the latest features are embedded through the APIs and ensure the platform performance is good with future upgrades.
We implement stringent security protocols to ensure the Shards NFT platform is safe and free from attacks and vulnerabilities. User’s privacy is our major concern with data security and makes sure that no adversaries try to catch the system as our effective security protocols continuously monitor the platform.
Our Shards NFT platform is continuously operable and work with blockchain and other platforms for enhanced market scope.
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We are a premier NFT marketplace development firm with over a decade of experience working on diverse blockchain projects. We have a dedicated team of blockchain developers working on high-potential, innovative blockchain solutions like Nft platform development in shards. If you want to develop shard NFT marketplace, we can provide end-to-end Shards nft development services. Our NFT marketplace development includes Blockchain, NFT standards, storage solutions, and frontend frameworks.
In the development of our NFT marketplace, we employ cutting-edge technologies. Our solutions are affordable, reliable, and secure, allowing anyone to use them.

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