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Robust Smart Contract Audit Services

A smart contract security audit is the need of the hour to gain customer trust easily among various emerging similar technologies. Smart contract audit platforms offer an accurate and thorough analysis ensuring completely reliable smart contract operations. The main aim of Smart contract audit software is to detect and eliminate any vulnerabilities in the smart contracts as well as check the trustworthiness of the contracts interactions between the users. A high level of security and code quality are the main requirements for a good smart contract and avoid any a hacker attack and suffer enormous losses.

Best Smart contract audit Services Company Shamla tech offers end to end assistance for your services enabling authentic and efficient processes. Get you own proficient solutions from expert Smart contract audit software developers.

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Our Audit Services

Interim Audit
It helps to check if the complex modules in the defi projects are working as per the requirements with optimized gas levels.
Basic Security Audit
It works with an experienced auditor and done within your desired time period. It is sufficient for token contracts like ERC20, ERC721 etc.
Full Security Audit
It offers a mix of automated testing tools and manual code review with experienced auditors before reaching consensus.
Round-The-Clock Audit
Round-The-Clock Audit It follows end to end services from expert auditors throughout the development assuring that new code is regularly reviewed.

Projects That Need Security Audits

Token Crowdsales
Our expert Solidity, JavaScript, C++ developers provide enhanced smart contract audits for faster and hasslefree crowdsales.
DeFi Projects
We offer dependable Smart Contracts in DeFi projects with robust auditing solutions to provide complete security to your platform.
Wallets And DApps
Our sophisticated Smart contract audit software guarantee highly secured and automated transactions even in complex trades.

Our Smart Contract Audit Solutions

  • Superfast code review
  • Checks for 150+ Vulnerabilities, bugs and errors
  • Unlimited Re-audits
  • Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Hyperledger, IOST audits

Steps In Our Smart Contract Audit

Understanding and gathering the requirements for smart contract characteristics through white papers or provided related documents.
Testing the smart contracts to eliminate any errors or bugs to ensure credibility.
Manual Review
Reviewing the smart contracts manually with skilled developers and auditors to assure efficiency.
Audit Report Preparation
Any critical errors, bugs or corrections are noted to straighten out the code and make the necessary changes.
Final Audit Report
The Initial Audit report is revised and the corrected code is then checked to document the final report.
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What is Smart Contract Audit?
Smart contract audit is the scrutinized review of the code that is used to underwrite the terms and conditions of Smart contract. The process involves meticulously analysing the code to resolve a any errors or bugs also helps in improving the efficiency and workability of the contracts.
What is Smart Contract Security Audit Report?
The report consists of the vulnerabilities in smart contracts by scrutinizing the code and checks for bugs or errors and also provides recommendations and suggestions on how to resolve an issue.
What differentiates automated audit from a manual audit?
In manual audit the code goes through various inspections and tests by our Code Auditors team to check for any corrections to be made. But in the case of automatic audit, the code is treated with robust code testing tools that identify any glitches in the smart contract.
How much does a Smart Contract Audit Cost?
Our charges are mostly economic and also depend upon complexity and duration of the audit.

Why Choose Us?

As one of the top most Smart contract audit companies and as a pioneer in smart contract development solutions we promise dynamic services best suitable for your business. Get your audit done with the best auditors in the market.
Risks and vulnerabilities identification
Code improvements
Performance validation
Increases token Ratings
Easy regulatory Compliance

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