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Top Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is the newest fundraising strategy for the blockchain startups where authentic cryptocurrency exchanges govern the processes on behalf of the token issuers. In an IEO, the issuer concerned mints the tokens and sends them to the exchange and the investors can buy tokens from the exchange using Ether in order to take part in IEO. With the ethical agreement between the issuer and the exchange, the necessary terms and conditions for IEO are framed and a fair price per token is fixed. This way, both the issuer of the token and the exchange takes equal responsibility for token marketing.
Initial Exchange Offerings impart supreme authenticity to the Blockchain projects as the investors avail tokens as and when they participate in IEO. SHAMLA TECH comprises of a team of developers with exceptional proficiency in Initial Exchange Offering development. We comprehend the vision of our clients to the fullest IEO Launching Services and extend dedicated assistance for IEO Marketing Services to achieve futuristic success.
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Why Is IEO The Crypto Game Changer?

Unlike an ICO that can be launched by anyone with a convincing whitepaper (which in turn makes it vulnerable to scams), an IEO takes place under the care of an accredited exchange. The project team has to comply with the terms of the exchange in order to launch an IEO and initiate the sale of tokens making the progression more reliable for the investors.
As far as the fundraisers are concerned, IEO provides ease of access to the database of the potential investors as only the users of the exchange can partake in the subsequent token offering.
From every standpoint, the arrival of Top Initial Exchange Offering Company, fetches copious benefits to the crypto community and is a promising sign for better and more secured tomorrows.
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How Is IEO Different From ICO/ STO?

Nature Of Fundraising
Fundraising in an ICO or STO requires dashboard creation for the admin and the investors. When it comes to IEO, the exchange takes care of the entire process.
Smart Contract Management
ICO involves extensive administration of smart contracts. On the other hand, IEO takes care of the smart contracts with the exchange.
Unlike an ICO, the exchanges screen the corresponding projects based on the pre-defined set of parameters before launching the same on the platform in an IEO.
KYC/ AML Management
The exchange manages the KYC AND AML services on its own saving a great deal of time, cost and other related resources simultaneously.
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IEO Development & Marketing Services

Token Development
Create your own token to initiate the fundraising campaign.
Light Paper
Make a precise presentation of the project with the summary of the same.
Give an in-depth account of your IEO project to the investors in order to raise funds.
Pitch Deck
Present a crisp and formal overview of your project to potential investors.
Wallet Creation
Build tightly-secured cryptocurrency wallets with multi-currency support to store virtual cash.
Landing Page Development
Create an attractive and user-friendly web space to expose your proficiency to your investors.
Market Research
Authentic market research to narrow down your accredited investors and other promotional openings for your IEO.
Social Media Marketing
Build your brand through social networking channels with customary updates for your investors.
Community Management
Keep the investors in the crypto space engaged with regular updates using leading crypto boards and forums.
Content Marketing
Create informative content of high quality to build interest among your investors for your IEO project.
Reputation Management
Maintain your reputation among your investors with social media portals and crypto community channels.
PR Marketing
Initiate robust PR marketing campaigns to boost the market value of your brand.
E-mail Marketing
Employ effectual e-mail campaigns to nail your brand among your investors across the globe.
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Unique Benefits Of IEO

The Blockchain projects making use of IEO as a crowdfunding technique gain more credibility with the involvement of exchanges.
Initial Exchange Offering extends supreme defense against scams and cuts them off to a much greater extent.
The IEO tokens come with high standard leading to better token listing as they relate to the reputation of the exchanges.
Cost Effectiveness
The expense towards the launch of IEO is very less compared to the cost of an ICO launch.
The exchanges provide with better liquidity than a conventional ICO setup.
Simple Interface
The exchanges come with a user-friendly interface attracting several new users in the long run.
Need Advice for Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) for your company ?

How To Launch Your IEO?

Whitepaper Drafting
Our team goes in for comprehensive discussions to create an effective whitepaper for your IEO.
Token Creation
Coupling our field expertise with cutting-edge technologies, we come up with the most suitable tokens to be distributed to your investors.
Pre-IEO Services
We publicize your IEO tokens before they are listed in order for the project to have transactions during IEO.
IEO Token Listing
Our dedicated development team brings about token listing on leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
Brand Marketing For Tokens
We devise ground-breaking strategies to promote your IEO with periodic updates for your investors thereby boosting the brand status of your tokens.

Future Of IEO

Fundraising is an integral part of the crypto space and Initial Exchange Offering is the leading strategy for the same. With Best IEO Development Company, it is easier to identify the potential investors for your business thereby boosting your returns. Besides high security and transparency, IEO paves way for the creation of a reliable network for countless crypto transactions. The robustness of Best IEO Development Services makes it all the more stable and builds a global market for it to stand its ground in the days to come.
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Why Choose Shamla Tech For IEO?

As a full-fledged Blockchain Development Company, SHAMLA TECH provides end-to-end Initial Exchange Offering development services for Blockchain projects of various sizes. We offer creative-edge deliverables devised by a team of passionate Blockchain professionals with a cost-effective approach within the stipulated time frame.Also as an IEO Marketing Agency, we also assure to make your IEO more prominent and reach higher goals.