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IIO Development Services

With cryptocurrency based projects ruling most of the sectors for its easy and reliable fundraising options, there are many new crowdfunding models that introduce enhanced crowdsale options. One such new emerging is Initial Insurance offering (IIO). The latest model offers novel tokens to be circulated to the traders. It also provides European options for trading and peer-to-peer price insurance protocol ran on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network. The IIO protocol leverages options trading for its decentralized insurance offering assuring greater benefits with Defi.
As a pioneer in Initial Insurance offering Development, our developers offer the best Initial Insurance offering Platform with the trending of the features customized at your budget.

Popular Fundraising Models

Initial Farm Offering is a completely new type of fundraising or crowdfunding activity that uses farming events to raise funds for participating projects.
An initial coin offering is a highly reliable type of fundraising activity or token sale in the cryptocurrency and blockchain environment.
Initial Dex Offering enables startups to crowdfund their native token on decentralized exchanges and automated market makers (AMMs).
Initial Liquidity Offering is a new type of fundraiser mechanism that involves selling tokens on DeFi based platform without involving the process of ICO.

Features Of Initial Insurance Offering (IIO)

No Middlemen
The Initial Insurance offering Platform eliminates the need for any third party interference or intermediary assuring complete security.
Automated Transactions
The completely reliable smart contracts included in the technology facilitate automated transactions ensuring high speed and trustworthiness.
Integrated Wallet
The trending solutions includes integrated hot and cold crypto wallets that holds various security options like 2FA, jail login, private keys etc.
Custom Blockchain
IIO Development Services includes cutomisation of blockchain with respect to the requirements of the project and customer needs.

Initial Insurance Offering Development Services

Initial Insurance offering Platform brings out a major advantage of offering insurance policy for the users in the DeFi market assisting the traders escape volatility in the market. The platform offers price-shield insurance for the BSC assets ensuring utmost safety and safeguards from any loss.
Initial Insurance offering Development offers various options to the users to choose their policy like Denominated Asset, Underlying Asset, Policy Price, and Insurance Period. Get cutting edge IIO Development Services to build your own platform with enhanced scalability.
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Benefits Of Initial Insurance Offering

Attract Large Audience
Crypto based fundraising models help you attract a wide range of investors in no time offering enhanced exposure to the project.
Highly Secured
Token issuers and investors need not worry about the security of the crowd sale with smart contacts and user identity verification procedures.
Liquidity Pools
The integration of automated liquidity pools provides greater revenue and increases the opportunities to expand the business.
User Friendly
Fundraising models are easy to use providing a pathway for seamless marketing options creating interest among wider audience.
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