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Blockchain Development Health Care
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Healthcare Blockchain Development

Blockchain application in the healthcare sector eliminates the communication barriers between the medical personnel and the patients thereby facilitating effectual medical assistance. It addresses the need for quality healthcare techniques and takes the sector to a higher stratum.

Blockchain comes to solve all the possible issues in the healthcare sector and provide it with maximum transparency and top-notch security.

SHAMLA TECH provides the clients with personalized Blockchain development services as an attempt to contribute to the betterment of the healthcare sphere.

Healthcare Blockchain Development

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Blockchain in Healthcare

The healthcare sector involves the participation of patients, doctors, pharmaceutical agencies and insurance companies. In such a case, record keeping becomes fundamental. However, the traditional methods are record maintenance are open to manual errors and third party access. The situation calls for an advanced solution and Blockchain is the perfect fit for the healthcare system to overcome all the possible issues, be it minor or major.

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Problems in Healthcare system

Authenticity in health care system


The conventional healthcare record databases can be easily accessed by anyone and are an open target to the attack of hackers.

Record-keeping in health care System

Record keeping

Since the healthcare system involves several stakeholders, there are bulks of medical records to be taken care of.

Transparency in health care system


The healthcare system lacks clarity when it comes to the medical procedures, treatments and charges.

Tracking in health care system


There is no proper channel to track the pharmaceutical supplies and identify the counterfeit drugs.

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Blockchain solutions for healthcare

Permanence for health care


Once the medical data is recorded on to the Blockchain, it shall never be deleted meaning it can be retained forever.

Security for healthcare


Blockchain provides a highly protected space to safeguard the information and keeps the hackers at bay.

Traceability of health care


Blockchain facilitates the real-time tracking of the drug supply chain making sure the drug quality is kept intact.

Lucidity of health care


The translucent nature of Blockchain allows the stakeholders to look into the medical processes at ease.

Minimal-charges for health care

Minimal charges

Since the transactions are completely transparent, there is no room for extra/ hidden charges.

Blockchain Benefits for Healthcare

  • Flawless recordkeeping
  • Better communication between healthcare providers and patients
  • Enhanced data security
  • Duplicity elimination
  • Master patient indices
  • Claims arbitration
  • Interoperability
  • Channelized drug supply chain management

Blockchain use cases in Healthcare

Health Data Exchange

Exchange of the health information of the patients across different healthcare organizations is mandatory for effective and quality healthcare treatments. Blockchain being a shared ledger acts as a secured space for health information exchange on a global level.

Directory maintenance

The healthcare units are supposed to maintain an authentic directory of the patients and the physicians concerned. Since the centralized electronic systems are vulnerable, the immutable and decentralized Blockchain is employed to safeguard data and eliminate manual errors.

Provider credentials

Medical practitioners such as doctors, nurses and the other healthcare personnel should possess the right credentials to provide healthcare. In a Blockchain powered system, the smart contract validates the credentials to confirm the authenticity of the healthcare providers concerned.

Drug supply chain

The drug supply chain is a vast arena that needs to be carefully traced down from its origin to the point of time where the drug is delivered to the customer. Blockchain perfectly tracks down the drug supply chain and makes it possible to trace the provenance of the same to ensure drug safety.

Attributes of Blockchain

Enhanced-capacity of blockchain

Enhanced capacity

Blockchain has superfluous capacity and passes on more power to the entire network with the addition of blocks.

High-Security of blockchain

High Security

Blockchain presents a completely encrypted space for data and shields it against the hackers.

Faster-transaction of blockchain

Faster transaction

With Blockchain, financial settlements shall be made much faster than the conventional cash transfer methods.

Transparency of blockchain


Blockchain facilitates every stakeholder in the sector to have a clear comprehension of what is going on in the system.

Decentralized-network of blockchain

Decentralized Network

Unlike the centralized EHR databases, any addition of data to the Blockchain is under the constant surveillance of the participants.


No participant in a Blockchain can edit or modify the data that is already recorded on the ledger.


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