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Ico Chatbot To Automate Responses, Achieve Leads And Analyze Work Process

Get your own ICO Chatbot to engage a large number of potential investors and provide automatic announcements and responses to FAQs and other ICO updates
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Chatbot ICO Development

Chatbots have also started to rule the world by winning the interest of the new age mobile and web Users. As a matter of fact, Chatbots are placed in Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and on one’s own business website. There are many business owners out there who make use of chatbot in order to support and scale their business teams and customer relations.
What makes Chatbots so popular? Seems like, 75% of internet users adopt one or more messenger platforms, according to the Global Web Index statistics. Statistics also predict that 80% of business around the world will make use of Chatbot by the end of 2020.

Ethereum Enterprise Development

Shamla Tech is a proud member of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, a member-led industry organization to drive the use of Ethereum enterprise development to empower all industries. With EEA resources we streamline financial markets and contribute to the development of innovative blockchain development services.
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Why Do We Need A Chatbot For ICO?

Chatbots are gaining a lot of attention in the field of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This powerful technology is being implemented by large and small businesses of various industries to manage various functions, in the Blockchain and ICO ventures.
The momentum of ICOs seems to be unstoppable. It continues to reach enormous heights since 2017, and the impending years as well. Unlike IPOs, ICOs can be accessed by anybody with an internet connection. The cryptocurrency market has enthused many of them ranging from business officials to college students, retirees and people looking to be a part a large and successful fundraising venture.
Also, due to the lack of adequate information on ICOs, there are so many potential investors out there who miss out on being a part of the biggest financial revolution. Therefore, a chatbot is the best option that can be used within the Blockchain Industry to make automated announcements, trigger commands and be more useful in the course of the ICO launch.
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ShamlaTech Solutions: ICO Chatbot Development

Being a Blockchain and ICO Development Company, we provide Chatbot Development Services for ICO and Blockchain projects. At SHAMLA TECH, our enthusiastic team of skilled developers has a long-term experience in developing your Chatbot for clients in order to automate business processes. Our company provides seamless chatbot solutions that aid in triggering human conversations and increasing brand visibility. Our chatbot solutions help in handling customers more interactively and simplify most of the monotonous tasks.
A Chatbot can be deployed to answer questions, make automated announcements and render the best gratifying service to your customers. They answer FAQs in your Telegram group, Facebook, Twitter, kik and sometimes via emails too. It has the advantage of gathering statistics and analytical information. Chatbots send push messages to your potential investors on social media. Chatbots can be customized in within all its features and functionalities.
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What Can Chatbot Do Or Your ICO?

Formulates Automatic Statements
Chatbots helps in automatically posting essential announcements within the set time frame. It intends to ensure that your potential investors be given significant ICO updates.
Manage Community Relations
ICO Chatbots filters and controls community links and also focuses your venture on potential investors. Messages, instructions and announcements can work by custom protocols.
Automatic Interdict
The Chatbot is also capable of warning or automatically ban community members of unwanted link posts, media, inappropriate messages, duplicates or spam information.
Generate Instructions
Chatbot for ICO has a special ability to setup and custom messages that can be triggered with commands or hashtags.
Eliminates Bot
ICO Chatbot automatically prohibits other bots within the community. Only actual humans are permitted to join your community and your Chatbot is well aware of it.
Admin Settings For Chatbot
The Admin Settings in Chatbot gives you the opportunity to tame you bot and customize it in accordance to your choice. ICO Chatbots are extremely configurable.

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