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NFT Marketplace for Mekaverse

NFT platform for comical characters

NFTs have captured the public interest, it has become grown with the inclusion of a physical attribute makes them more desirable to potential investors. These NFTs have demonstrated an ability to appeal to a wide range of investors or collectors that traditional stocks and bonds have not. MekaVerse is one such non-fungible token collection in the ethereum network offering 8,888 Japanese characters known as Mekas. It is one of the most successful NFTs with with $60 million in sales in the first 24 hours of its release. These 3D-rendered images are constructed from a pool of features with no overlap or repetition of attributes, which explains why none of the photos are same or comparable in any manner. MekaVerse consists of four distinct factions: Originals Meka, Mirage, F9 and Gadians, allowing the MekaVerse NFT holders to join any of the four.

NFT platform like mekaverse

Mekaverse NFT has accumulated tens of thousands of users in just a few days even without any marketing methods like referals to attract users to invest. This means that in a Nft for comical characters like mekaverse platform users agree with the series before they come together. So it’s no doubt the best time to get your own Nft platform development like mekaverse. At shamla tech we ensure to make each project unique in order to prioritize quality above quantity. Get your own Nft platform for comical characters with exclusive features at your budget.

Working of Nft platform development like mekaverse

Step: 01

User has to sign up/register their profile on the Nft Marketplace for Mekaverse and also needs to set up a crypto wallet.

Step: 02

The user will have to now post a digital collectible (any artwork/asset) to pitch/showcase their work.

Step: 03

Now, while listing the sale ad for the asset, a user can choose between a certain amount, or auctioning the asset and ultimately choosing a bid winner as the next owner of NFT.

Step: 04

Then the NFT Marketplace platform verifies and avails the transfer of the token ownership of the digital asset.

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Popular and efficient token standards we use

NFT Platform Like Mekaverse


The Non-Fungible token standard highlights the uniqueness of the assets throughout the world.

NFT Platform Like Mekaverse


This ethereum standard offers better trading options and is much more advanced than the ERC721 standard types.

NFT Platform For Comical Characters


The smart and advanced type can be used to build both fungible and non-fungible at a reduced development costs.

Efficient benefits of NFT development in mekaverse


The NFTs comes with unique characteristics, and each token differs from the other in terms of identity and value.


Token holders can gain exclusive ownership rights over their NFTs after purchasing from the marketplace.


Nft for comical characters like mekaverse maintains high transparency in users transaction details.


User transaction details in Nft platform development like mekaverse is totally immutable.


The platform offers multi-layer security protocols like 2FA, HTTP authentication and end-to-end encryption to prevent various hacks.

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