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Blockchain Development Transportation
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Transportation Blockchain Development

Transportation Blockchain Development

Blockchain integration in the transportation sector improves the quality of services of various businesses in which mobility plays a fundamental part. Blockchain is the singular solution that seamlessly removes all the hurdles in transportation industry and ensures a smooth workflow in the sphere.

The brilliant security features of the Blockchain help the transportation sector to stay intact and reliable at any given point of time irrespective of the size of the business concerned.

SHAMLA TECH offers perfectly tailored enterprise grade Blockchain solutions with the prime motto of creating a hassle-free business environment.

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Blockchain implementation in transportation

The transportation industry is a vast domain which involves several processes. In such a case, it requires an all-inclusive solution that can effectively channelize all the processes involved. Blockchain is the right fit to organize all the activities carried out in the transportation sector and manage the same. This is precisely why Blockchain implementation in transportation is mandatory.

Blockchain implementation in transportation

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Problems in the transportation sector

Administration in transportation sector


Keeping track of the passengers and drivers besides managing the admin and the dispatch panels altogether is a tough task.

Data theft in the transportation

Data theft

The transportation business rely greatly on centralized servers which or easy targets to the hacking community.

Extra charges in transportation blockchain

Extra charges

With the involvement of intermediates to carry out the procedures in transportation, the expenses are naturally high.

Demand Vs Supply in transportation blockchain

Demand Vs Supply

The manual methods employed in the transportation industry cannot handle the variations in supply and demand.

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INTERNATIONAL TRADE CONCEPT in transportation blockchain

Blockchain to solve transportation issues

Trouble-free management in transportation industry

Trouble-free management

The distributed ledger takes care of the records and the smart contract makes sure that the essential conditions are satisfied eliminating the need for manual effort.

cost effective in transportation industry

Cost effective

Blockchain advocates peer to peer work mechanism leaving no room for third parties and saves the expenses on processing.

data security in transportation blockchain

Data security

The tightly encrypted space of the Blockchain safeguards the data at different nodes preventing data loss.

instant tracking in transportation industry

Instant tracking

The real-time tracking feature of Blockchain helps to keep the supply chain unbroken until the customer avails the product or service.

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Blockchain use cases for transportation

Vehicle credentials for transportation blockchain

Vehicle credentials

The distributed ledger records the credentials of the vehicle such as its weight, age, mileage, the number of workshop visits so that the resale value shall be easily estimated when the need arises.

Insurance for transportation blockchain


The precise data recorded on the hyperledger and the pre-defined terms and conditions of the smart contract make the insurance claims easier and more authentic by way of removing all the possible barriers that come your way.

Fractional ownership in transportation blockchain

Fractional ownership

Partial ownership of vehicles is the present scenario as the users prefer mobility services than owning a car. The fractional ownership estimation and payments are done at ease with Blockchain application in transportation.

Features of Blockchain

Supreme protection of blockchain

Supreme protection

The cryptonized Blockchain enclave offers data security to the fullest.

No Third parties in blockchain

No Third parties

Blockchain promotes direct communication between individuals discharging the intermediates.

Dependency of blockchain


The transparent nature of Blockchain makes it the most reliable technology.

Decentralized space in blockchain

Decentralized space

With several participants, the Blockchain data can never be manipulated.

Superfine speed in blockchain

Superfine speed

Blockchain transactions are carried out at impossible speed.

Visibility in blockchain


Blockchain allows the participants to witness the changes done to it.


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