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Crypto Development Company

A crypto development company specializes in creating blockchain-based solutions, including cryptocurrencies, blockchain networks, and decentralized applications (dApps). These companies harness the power of blockchain technology to offer secure, transparent, and efficient digital platforms

Their expertise spans various blockchain protocols, smart contracts development, token creation, and ICO services. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches, cryptocurrency coin development companies aim to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to tap into the vast potential of the digital economy. They provide end-to-end services, from concept to launch, ensuring clients can navigate the complex landscape of blockchain technology with ease and reliability.

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Cryptocurrency Coin Development Company

The Field Of Cryptocurrencies Is Ever Expanding. Being Considered As The Contrast Of Fiat Money, Cryptocurrency Now Finds Application In Several Sectors Establishing Themselves As Inevitable. In The Mean Time, Coins And Tokens Are Becoming The Future Of The Financial World. It Is A Decentralized Digital Currency That Uses Cryptography For Securing From Counterfeit Which Is Now Laying Its Footprint In Every Sector.

Ethereum Enterprise Development

Shamla Tech Is A Proud Member Of Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, A Member-Led Industry Organization To Drive The Use Of Ethereum Enterprise Development To Empower All Industries. With EEA Resources We Streamline Financial Markets And Contribute To The Development Of Innovative Cryptocurrency Coin Development Services. We one of the top crypto coin development company in USA.

Crypto Development Services

Crypto development services encompass a broad range of technical solutions and consultancy offered by blockchain experts to create, launch, and manage cryptocurrencies and blockchain-related projects. These services include custom blockchain and cryptocurrency development, smart contract creation and audit, token design and ICO management, wallet development, and blockchain integration for existing systems. With a focus on enhancing security, scalability, and user experience, crypto development services aim to build robust digital assets and platforms that meet the specific needs of businesses. Whether for fintech, supply chain, entertainment, or beyond, these services unlock the transformative potential of blockchain technology for diverse industries.

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Our Custom Solutions

Crypto Consultation
Our team is always ready to help you with your business ideas to attain the maximum benefit.
Coin Development
We provide you with customized solutions for all the crypto coin development making your profits wholly yours.
Smart Contract Development
Our reliable smart contracts are written according to the business needs for productive trade.
Coin/Token Offering
Our team is unfailingly there for you throughout the time to market your coins/tokens with best ico/sto/uto services.
Altcoin Development
We build latest altcoins to allow seamless transactions between the traders from anywhere instantly.
We are highly specialized in crypto mining services that facilitates highly secured transactions with verification.

Our Advanced Token Development

STO/UTO/ETO Development
Robust sto/uto/eto development that will help you enhance the reach and the profits of your business in high speed.
Asset Backed Token
Enable asset backed token to your business to have an immutable, secured, transparent and traceable transactions.
Telegram Bot Token
Get intelligent telegram bot token open to further developments and advancements for easy customization.
NFT Development
Impressive non fungible token development solutions for artwork, famous video clips, memes, accessories, tweets etc.
DeFi Token Development
Create a highly safe and secured decentralized finance tokens to hold the assets and facilitate easy transactions.
Metaverse Token Development
Get the trending and successful metaverse token development to easily and quickly power up in the marketplace.

Our Expertise In Crypto Token Development Standards

We Excel In Crafting Crypto Tokens Using The Following Token Standards.
Are you looking to create your own Cryptocurrency ?

Token Classification

Our Crypto Coin Development Expertise

Bitcoin Cash
Are you looking to create your own Cryptocurrency ?

Our Cryptocurrency Development Process

Bitcoin is extensively seen as a pioneer in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoins advances in its value as people come forward to exchange them for goods, services, and cash as well. It allows people to spend their Bitcoins almost anonymously but to fake or copy Bitcoin is troublesome. Bitcoin uses the Hashcash proof of work system to produce new miners to the chain.
Altcoins are alternative cryptocurrencies that are launched after the success of Bitcoins. As the name suggests, it refers to all other non-Bitcoin cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of altcoins which holds their own range of procedural variations. Though functionalities are similar, they provide unique application enhancements that differ from Bitcoins.
Forking Cryptocurrency
A split or a new born blockchain with higher capability will return more value than the others. It directly boosts the overall return on the cryptocurrency investment. We provide cutting edge services in increasing the size of your blockchain and put you in the front line. We ensure hard and soft forking services to shape the blockchain and protection from cyber attacks.

Forking Blockchain Services

Forking gives you two major options-hard fork and soft fork. Hard fork lets you to revamp the existing with new protocols that invalidates the older versions. If you obligate to persist with the older versions as well soft forking will be the profitable pick. We present you the dynamic forking services for your prosper.
Bitcoin Fork
Ethereum Fork
Litecoin Fork
Ripple Fork
NEO Fork
Stellar Fork

Stable Coin

Stablecoin stabilizes the volatile cryptocurrency environment. As cryptocurrencies attain peaks and falls, stablecoins are formulated to retain its value by backing into an asset or any fiat money. Stablecoins safeguard investors from crash by pegging to any real gold, local currency or even another cryptocurrency. Our crypto coin developers provide impressive solutions to attract many new traders every day.
Gold backed stablecoin backs its value in real gold. It allows physically buying gold to retrain the stablecoin’s value at the locked value. This physical asset pegging is the latest off-site trend in the exchange platform.
Non-volatility can be efficiently handled by our expertise professionals to provide you gold backed tokens like Digix Gold Tokens (DGX).
Fiat backed stablecoin stores its value in fiat currencies such as the Dollar, Euro or any currency. Its value is pegged to a currency and is stabilized to a fixed value. The process is realized off the cryptocurrency platform.
We provide fully fiat-collateralized, verified and protected stable coins for your endeavor like USD Tether (USDT).
The value of Crypto backed stablecoin is collateralized by another cryptocurrency. Its value is pegged to a cryptocurrency to store its value. The pegging is regulated on-chain, through smart contracts.
Our consummate technology services drive you through the user friendly path like DAI which is backed by cryptocurrency.
Need Advise for Cryptocurrency Development?

Create Your Own Cryptocurrency

Purchase Process
Stablecoins are created to stabilize the credit and maintain a fixed value corresponding to an underlying asset or a product. But creating a stablecoin consumes a lot of time and more of technical procedures.
You have to submit your KYC and AML verifications, work on wiring of funds to bring out the proportional stablecoin.Our expert developers help you create customizable stablecoin tokens that are compatible with your desired exchanges to support the trading.
Redeem Process
Stablecoins are the best tool when it comes to liquidity in cryptocurrency exchanges. When someone wants to reclaim cash with their stablecoins, the entity that manages the stablecoin will restore the fiat currency and sent to the owner’s hands.
This will again take back to the same process from verifying your KYC/AML.We with our skilled professionals provide you user friendly options to redeem your cash at ease.
Lets Plan for Crypto currency?

Crypto Tokens

In the wake of the recent growth of crypto trading, your opportunities can be amplified by tokenizing your assets. We help you develop custom cryptocurrency tokens to provide your business more transparent and secure transactions. Our skillful blockchain engineers provide state-of-the-art technology approach to deliver a solution for your leap. Shamlatech, one of the leading top Cryptocurrency Development Companies in USA. 
Security Token
A security token must have the status of passing the Howey test. It dodges middlemen in the exchange but assures extra level of security through two-factor authentication. Security token favors more liquidity which eventually allows expansion of the investor base.
Utility Token
A utility token is mostly used for crowdfunding purposes. Utility tokens are built to provide investors with extra utility other than a trade. Having a utility token may also give access to a function provided directly by the businesses which issued the token.
Asset Token
Asset tokens stand as the best use case of blockchain technology as it allows the owner to possess any approved product by the provider. Unlike others tokens which allow participation in the provider company’s authority, Asset tokens permits to handle real assets, for instance Gold.
Equity Token
An equity token represents an allotted share in an underlying company. With any stock purchase, holders are literally granted to own a given percent of the total enterprise. They represent assets and imply to ownership and control over a business that issued the token.

Token Development Process

Why choose SHAMLA TECH for cryptocurrency development?

As a full-fledged Cryptocurrency Development firm, SHAMLA TECH provides end-to-end Cryptocurrency development services for enterprises of various sizes. We offer creative-edge deliverables devised by a team of passionate developers with a cost-effective approach within the stipulated time frame.

Take initiative to create your own cryptocurrency now with no second thought.After all, we are right here to help you to start new cryptocurrency development project and build a cryptocurrency of your choice that shall contribute to your business development by all means. Shamlatech, one of the Top Crypto Development services provider in USA.

End-to-end Crypto Service
As a cryptocurrency development agency, we provide our clients with complete cryptocurrency development services ranging from crypto coin development to cryptocurrency app development.
Proficient Team
We work with a team of passionate and experienced cryptocurrency developers who expand boundaries to fetch the desired solutions. When it comes to creating own cryptocurrency or launching a cryptocurrency, we are the one-stop destination you are looking for.
Quality Assurance
Our cryptocurrency deliverables exhibit high performance thereby achieving the corresponding business objectives. Our crypto token development and other related services are known for unbeatable quality.
On-time Delivery
We know how important your project is to you. No matter if it is erc20 token development or altcoin development, we get back to you with perfectly-tailored solutions right on time.
Dedicated Support
Our support team is 100% client-friendly and we are readily available to respond to the queries of our clients and fix unforeseen issues at the soonest.
Progressive Technologies
Our cryptocurrency developer has a keen eye for updates in the crypto space and employs the hottest of technologies to provide outstanding cryptocurrency creation service.
We promise to extend fullest security to your data and shall never disclose the same to any third party at any given point of time.
Security Standards
We are aware of the security threats in the digital environment and make sure that we present our clients with security-rich crypto codes for risk-free transactions.
Global Client Base
We are an accredited cryptocurrency software development company with several happy clients across nations. Build a cryptocurrency of your own with our field expertise to back you up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Create Crypto Coins?

Crypto coins are nothing but a cryptocurrency which exists in its own Blockchain. Follow the steps to create your own crypto coins
1. Create a new Blockchain and native cryptocurrency
2. Fork an existing Blockchain.
3. Create a new cryptocurrency on the existing blockchain.
4. Hire an expert blockchain developer to create a new cryptocurrency.

Create your Own Cryptocurrency

You can create your own cryptocurrency which has its own blockchains.
1. Select a consensus mechanism of a blockchain is often referred to as its functioning protocol. The two most common consensus techniques are proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS).
2. Design your Blockchain architecture which can be public or private.
3. Develop your Blockchain, and test it before deployment.
4. Before you create any new cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to pay for qualified legal counsel.

How to create your own cryptocurrency?
  • Define the objective of your cryptocurrency
  • Design a consensus mechanism
  • Choose a Blockchain Platform
  • Create Nodes
  • Create a wallet address
  • Design Internal Architecture
  • Integrate APIs
  • Legalize your Cryptocurrency
How to make your own cryptocurrency?

Here is the process to create your own cryptocurrency

Pick a Consensus Mechanism
The methods that accept a specific transaction as authentic and add it to the block are known as consensus mechanisms.

Decide on a blockchain platform
The consensus method you choose will determine which blockchain platform is best for your company. (You can choose from the major blockchain systems I’ve listed below.)

Create The Nodes
You must choose how your blockchain will operate and then design the nodes accordingly. for example, the permission can be private or public, hosting on-site, in the cloud, or both, analyze hardware specifications are needed for the execution, etc.

Integrate APIs
As some platforms don’t offer ready-made APIs, confirm that yours does. If not, there are a number of third-party blockchain API providers, including ChromaWay, Gem, Colu, Bitcore, BlockCypher, and Tierion.

Construct the interface
If your user interface is poor, no amount of world-class cryptocurrency development can help. The front-end and back-end programming need to be done with future updates in mind, and the web, FTP servers, and external databases need to be the most recent versions available.

Legalize Your Cryptocurrency
Make sure your coin is ready and complies with the soon-to-be-enacted international standards for cryptocurrencies. In this manner, your work is protected and your efforts to develop a new cryptocurrency won’t be derailed by unexpected events.

How to create my own blockchain and native cryptocurrency?

There are 3 ways to create a cryptocurrency are as follows:

  • Create your own coin and blockchain from scratch.
  • Make alterations to the current blockchain code
  • Develop a cryptocurrency that runs on a current blockchain.

These options often need a team, money, and technical expertise. Some blockchain development companies offer additional customization with more cutting-edge technologies.

Where to create my own cryptocurrency?

Shamlatech one of the leading cryptocurrency Coin development company helps you to create your own cryptocurrency or you can hire blockchain developers and create your blockchain along with the Native coins.

  • Analyze your requirements and create a goal before choosing cryptocurrency development.
  • Analyze market requirements.
  • Understand current trends and future goals.
  • Talk to experts.
  • Choose the best cryptocurrency development company or hire a blockchain developer.