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NFT Marketplace Development

Launch your NFT marketplace with the Top NFT MarketPlace Development Company

Build custom NFT marketplace in the trending space for unique collectables with our experts. Become an early adopter in the NFT revolution and redefine digital asset ownership. Shamla tech is the premier NFT marketplace solution provider and has gained a reputation as a reliable company for launching an NFT platform.

Your One-Stop-Shop to Launch your NFT marketplace

Be a frontier settler in the NFT sector with the Shamla tech’s top NFT developers. For both established companies and entrepreneurs, our team offers a plenty of solutions build your NFT marketplace with smart contracts auditing, top notch security features and much more. Enrich your digital artwork and collectibles with our NFT marketplace development services.

Our NFT Portfolio

NFT MarketPlace Development Company

NFT MarketPlace Development Company

NFT MarketPlace Development Company

NFT MarketPlace Development Company

NFT MarketPlace Development Company

NFT MarketPlace Development Company

NFT MarketPlace Development

NFT MarketPlace Development

NFT MarketPlace platform

NFT MarketPlace Development

NFT MarketPlace platform

What is an NFT Marketplace?

NFT Marketplace is a magnificent revenue system and also a decentralized platform that permits the users to exchange and store non-fungible tokens. The NFT marketplace platform can be developed on different blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, etc. It provides utmost security with strict ownership rights to the users. The NFT marketplace is a desired platform for users to create, buy, sell, and trade tokens on several NFT marketplaces.

NFTs like music, videogames, artwork, collectibles, etc can be listed on the Non-fungible Token marketplaces. NFT marketplaces can be replicated to enhance the user experience.

Features of Non-Fungible Marketplace Platform

  • Ownership
  • Storefront
  • Tracking
  • Token Inauguration
  • Immutability
  • Secure transactions
  • Convenient search
  • Filters
  • Listing creation
  • Listing status
  • Wallet
  • Buying and auction
  • Ratings
  • Safety platform
  • No mediators
Create NFT marketplace of your passion

The NFTs can’t be traded on a regular crypto exchange platform, you have to create NFT marketplace of your passion that is independent of other platforms. Smart Contracts are implements to regulate the relation between the buyer and seller on an NFT marketplace. Smart contracts are self-executing protocols. We are a premium NFT marketplace development company in the industry with an extraordinary outcome for our decentralized apps and services.

Who can create an NFT Marketplace?

If you are an entrepreneur or a startup that deals with digital content, then you can create an NFT marketplace and attract digital artists to list their content on your platform. Every industry is creating its digital content, content creators can sell their creatives and collectibles in the marketplace. The platform owners can earn returns by reaching the global audience with our effective White-label NFT marketplace solutions.

NFT Marketplace Clone Script

NFT marketplace clone is a customized NFT marketplace where content creators can list their digital creatives and collectible on the Non-Fungible Token marketplaces. Create a Professional NFT Marketplace with our NFT marketplace clone. We provide an NFT marketplace script of popular platforms like Rarible Clone, OpenSea Clone, Polkacity Clone, etc.

How to develop NFT Marketplace Platform

Users have to define the right audience for your platform and select the desired functionality for your NFT marketplace. Find the exact development approach and figure out the basic functionality to build NFT marketplace. Enjoy our custom marketplace development where our experts will be in touch with you in each phase of development.

Benefits of building an NFT marketplace

Building an NFT marketplace will help you to attract prospective NFT users to buy, sell and trade NFTs on your NFT marketplace platform.

Build a popular nft marketplace clone to attract a wide range of customers

Implement successful revenue models and reserve the ownership rights for all digital arts and collectibles under your company.

Various NFT marketplace development platforms

NFT for Artworks

Expand your market and reach global customers by selling your artwork on a popular nft marketplace.

NFT Music marketplace

NFT for Music

Hold the ownership for your favorite music with an exclusive marketplace.

NFT for Video

Show the world your photography skills by tokenizing your photographs. Integrating with blockchain technology allows you to convert video clips and GIFs into Non-Fungible Tokens.

NFT Gaming Platform

NFT for Games

Dive into the digital gaming industry by creating an outstanding gaming platform especially for players and enthusiasts.

NFT Marketplace Development For Domains

NFT for Domain Name

Hold a variety of domains and sell them as NFTs on the marketplace.

Sports NFT Marketplace Development

NFT for Sports

Sports marketplace is one of the exquisite platforms for sports enthusiasts and players to auction their sports collectibles and player cards.

NFT for Accessories

Buy and Sell your creative accessories on the popular NFT marketplace to own their uniqueness.

NFT Real Estate Platform Development

NFT for Real Estate

Blockchain technology can be used to convert real estate into NFTs and sell them digitally.

NFT for Fantasy sports

The fantasy platform is exclusive for fantasy sports to be conducted using non-fungible tokens and winners are bestowed with NFTs.

NFT for Digital Collectibles

Create your own NFT marketplace to list all your unique collectibles to stay away from duplication.

Characteristics of NFTs


Trade NFTs across multiple marketplaces by bidding, bundling and other digital trading features.

Enhanced liquidity

Allow your users to keep tokens as collateral for liquid money or instant cash which attracts larger audience thereby supporting liquidity.


Tokenization of assets will enforce more uniqueness and credibility to make them truly unique.


NFTs are distinct pieces of digital media that are verifiably scarce with ownership that cannot manipulated.

Our NFT marketplace solutions

opensea clone


OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace offering a wide range of non-fungible tokens, including art, censorship-resistant domain names, virtual worlds, trading cards, sports, and collectibles.

rarible clone


Rarible is a community-owned distributed network built on Ethereum that showcases various digital arts and collectibles eliminates middlemen also providing governance options to the token holders.



SuperRare has a strong focus on being a marketplace for people for buying and selling unique, single-edition, authentically created works by an artist, tokenized as a crypto-collectible that you can own.

nft marketplace for foundation


Foundation is a robust platform designed to bring digital creators, crypto natives, and collectors together with the scope for royalties that entitle the original creator or the owner to a certain percentage of subsequent sales of their artwork.

atomicmart nft


AtomicMarket is a shared liquidity NFT market smart contract that is used by multiple websites attracting the exchange’s formidable user base to its NFT platform.

Binance NFT marketplace

Binance NFT

Binance NFT marketplace is an NFT platform provided courtesy of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance that aims to provide a crypto collectible trading platform with exclusive offerings.

BakerySwap marketplace


BakerySwap is a multi-functional crypto hub offering a range of decentralized finance (DeFi) services, as well as a crypto launchpad with smart automated market maker (AMM) options.

nft marketplace for Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the second-largest NFT marketplace and gaming platform offering in-game to battles to earn tokens that can be put towards breeding new creatures and buy virtual assets.

Our robust features

Advanced UI

Get robust website to offer seamless trading experience.


Add highly reliable safety options to avoid any fraudulent activity.


Personalise your platform as per your trade requirements.


Completely transparent process that ensures trustworthiness.

API Integration

Offer implicit support to the trading platform with advanced API.

Cross platform

Enjoy cross platform trading options for enhanced trade.

Enhance your business with NFT marketplace

Our smart filtering options


Recently posted

Get the list of recently minted collectibles.


High to low

Lists the price of the items from high to low.


Low to high

Lists the price of the items from low to high.


New listings

Get the newly listed items in the platform.


Older listings

Previously listed items are displayed here.


Trending sale

The items which gain most attraction are shown.


Highest last sale

The collectibles with more buyers is listed.


Expiring soon

View the items that are nearing the time limit.

Our Roadmap

Book a free consultation with our NFT experts


Shamla tech offers a wide range of NFT marketplace solutions starting from the pioneers to the latest and the trending marketplaces that are highly secured, scalable and completely customised at your budget as per your business needs.

Building your own custom NFT marketplace with the help of expert developers from top NFT Development Company is always the best idea. The professionals always provide the maximum assistance to ensure offering the best features for long and uninterrupted run.

The cost to create your own NFT marketplace depends on the customisation and features your need to integrate into your platform. Our experts offer the best solutions specialised with respect to your business requirements under your budget.

As a Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Development firm, Shamla tech assures the best NFT market software that is best suitable for your needs. Here the market experts help you equip the platform with personalised options and also whitelabel solutions to reach great heights easily.

A good way for beginners to minimize technology confusions, expenditures and time is to pick and deploy an already prepared template. Our Whitelabel solutions are ready to set up, so that you need not go through various prolonged development phases.

NFTs have become a great investment opportunity recently. They are unique, Digitally Scarce resource, Indivisible, authentic with proof of Ownership and completely Fraud proof making then trustworthy and worth.

The time for deployment depends on the features to be added to the NFT marketplace. A Readymade NFT software with from a top NFT development company like shamla tech will help you get into the trending market with advanced technologies in no time.

An outstanding platform built by experts will easily gain a large user base instantly. With superfast, secured and completely reliable platform, the audience attraction increases giving space to more transactions boosting up the revenue.

Why choose us?

Our superior project quality and the way we organize the process without delaying and prolonging. We assure end to end solutions to bring out the most suitable platform as per your business needs. Our developers are skilled and flexible to make changes and customise the solution to top the market.

Build Your Own White-label NFT Marketplace
Highly dedicated towards our client’s requirements
Build Your Own White-label NFT Marketplace
Assure scalability for efficiency
Build Your Own White-label NFT Marketplace
Fast delivery of robust software meeting our client’s target audience
White-label NFT Marketplace
Experienced and professional team
nft marketplace
End to end and round the clock support


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