DeFi Development Company

As a Decentralized Finance Development Company, Shamlatech offers full-cycle DeFi Development Services that transform your traditional financial services into encrypted DeFi applications.


DeFi Lending/ Borrowing Platform

Defi is a sharing platform where the users can trade their funds with smart contracts and also lend or borrow from other users with an interest.

DeFi Token Development

Tokenization helps to acquire any assets, shares or authority apart from the crypto market avoiding the risk of any fraudulent activity.

DeFi Wallet Development

An advanced crypto wallet with multi-cryptocurrency support makes the trade faster and highly secured with private keys and various security options.

DeFi Dapp Development

The decentralized apps with defi improve the traceability, transparency and safety to the funds ensuring complete trustworthiness in the trade.

Decentralized Exchange Development

The exchange is completely decentralized and also eliminates the intervention of any middleman. This makes the platform highly secured and tamperproof.

DeFi Smart Contract Development

As the platform follows the smart contract process the transactions are automated which enhances the working and efficiency making it reliable.

DeFi Yield Framing Development

Attain great returns from multiple sources by leveraging various DeFi protocols with the latest yield marketing process.

Defi Developers

The expert developers here assure to set up your desired platform with the best ever features and protocols most suitable for your business.

Project Consultants

Our technical team is highly experienced to design you an efficient platform in no time to help you gain optimum benefits.

Upgrade Your Business With DeFi

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the joint implementation of financial services with decentralized technologies.

DeFi also termed as Open Finance Development plays an important role in the evolution of the financial sector overcoming the drawbacks in the traditional finance services. Decentralized Finance Development uses smart contracts for functioning making the transactions automatic, completely transparent and highly secured. Global analysts also say that this sector is one of the most important currently under development in the crypto space. Shamla tech as an expert Decentralized Open Finance (DeFi) Development Services Company ensures personalized solutions at your budget to power up your business in no time.


Staking lets you earn rewards in a very simple way by holding or locking your coins at particular intervals.


Anyone can audit and validate the functionality, security, and capabilities to assure that no hidden malicious coding is operating in the background


The users can trade with specific conditions under which the buyer and seller can transact after agreeing upon avoiding disputes.


Due to the open nature the platform can be easily customized, scaled and upgraded to keep up with the trends of the market.

Stable Coins

Stabilizing the funds is easy with stable coins as it does not fall prey to volatility and safeguards the value of the currencies without any loss.

Market Prediction

Predict the probability of the trade outcomes and market prices to make the trade more beneficial and stay away from unwanted transactions.


Secure the cryptocurrency funds with innovative insurance alternatives to assist users in buying coverage and protecting their assets.


DeFi Development – The Future Of New Finance Sector

Being the best Decentralized Finance Development Company, Shamlatech offers 360*
DeFi Solutions & Services through our expert team for startups & enterprises

Latest Defi Protocols

Shamlatech offers smart and intuitive DeFi-based borrowing, DeFI Lending and Borrowing Platform Development Services that are built with the latest technologies and completely scalable to keep up with the trends in the market. It also includes top DeFi protocols like,
Compound Finance
Yearn finance
Curve Finance

Robust Native Tokens

We create customized tokens with special abilities to carry out complex financial functionality making your platform more advanced. Adding more to the DeFi-based borrowing, lending, and DeFi Staking Platform Development solutions, shamlatech offers also helps you in issuing their protocol’s native tokens like,
DAI Token
UNI Token
WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoins)
Compound (COMP Token)

Why Us?

As the new trend is the world transforming towards decentralization, there will be more demand for DeFi Dapps in the future.

As a top Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Company our new-age applications continue to disrupt the current business systems in remarkable ways. We provide the latest Decentralized finance platform solutions that will set the new standard for moving forward. The experts here assure specialized in the development Of Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Like Uniswap and Defi Tokenization development services that could receive a huge boost in your business.


Automated Process

The platform supports automated processing for superfast transactions eliminating the need for manual work which are prone to errors.

Smart Contracts

Smart contacts assures to complete the trade only when the conditions are met providing complete reliability on the exchange avoiding any issues.

Low Transaction Fee

Elimination of third party or middlemen drastically reduces the transaction fees in the exchange.

Highly Secure

The decentralized and immutable nature of our robust blockchain network makes the platform safe from any data manipulation or hackers.

Increased Anonymity

There is no compulsion for the users to reveal their identity and details but can enjoy complete privacy for the trade..

Smart Investment Plans

Return on Investment is very high than the usual banking system with our strategized investment plans to trade and manage the funds.


Our platform is built to support enhanced run by integrating multiple decentralized financial applications into a single module to help users have a convenient trade.

Complete Transparency

The platform is completely transparent for the users to check the data whenever they need without any trouble creating more trust and interest.

Enhanced Global Access

Our services ensure easy worldwide access giving space for anyone to take part in the trade without any demographic differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of DeFi?
Decentralized finance has various advantages including automated process, No middlemen involved, complete privacy, safe and superfast transactions.
How much is the transaction fee in Defi?
The transaction fee a DeFi exchange is very low compared to other exchanges.
How safe is defi?
The blockchain facility along with private keys, passcodes and other security options makes the platform completely safe.
How is DeFi transparent?
Each and every fund movement is recorded and stored in the distributed ledger making it completely transparent and easily traceable.
What are Smart contracts?
A smart contract is a predefined set of protocols which helps the exchanges to automatically calculate, execute, control or reject transactions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.
Is a decentralized exchange better than centralized?
Decentralized exchanges have various advantages like top notch security, anonymity, easy accessibility of the funds and enhance protection against hackers.
What is Yield Farming?
Yield farming is the process of staking or locking up your cryptocurrencies in return for rewards. Unlike a centralized exchange, Yield farming works without an order book, and farmers hold the chances of earning through incentivized tokens, multiple interests from DeFi protocols and a high rise in the capital value of their investment.
What are stable coins?
Stable coins are cryptocurrencies that are backed by real-world assets like fiat money — such as the U.S. dollar or euro or commodities like gold or even into another cryptocurrency. As their name says, stablecoins provide the crypto community with a very high stability.

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