Axie infinity clone script

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Axie infinity clone

Axie Infinity clone script is a P2E NFT game script that allows you to create your own game like Axie Infinity with NFT-based assets and P2E mechanics.Gaming has become one of the most lucrative parts of the cryptocurrency industry attracting a large audience. With the upsurge of NFTs, gaming platforms have revolutionized to include smart video games with tokenized in-game assets and collectibles. Axie Infinity is one such robust NFT pet breeding game that allows players to earn money by spending time in the game. Axie Infinity was created as an entertaining and instructive approach to introduce the blockchain technology to the general public. The main difference between traditional video games and Axie is that the players are rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem via play and earn policy of the platform.
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Axie infinity clone software

Axie Infinity is one of the leading and the most popular Ethereum-based Non fungible token projects with more than 350,000 daily active users. The platform allows the players to earn rewards in the form Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens. Axie infinity clone software offer latest solutions to incentivize gamers to save their tokens in order to claim prizes also rewarding them. Our Axie infinity clone scripts helps players to earn cryptocurrency tokens, which they may then trade for fiat money on decentralized markets offering seamless transactions. Get your own personalised platform like Axie infinity nft marketplace at your budget and top the market in no time.

Components of axie infinity clone script

The users can conduct battle between the game characters called axies for rewards and other prizes.
The axies are bred to create new offspring with unique capabilities, strengths and weaknesses based on the gene combinations.
The platform offers a virtual universe where the user can purchase lands for their Axies and upgrade or expand them using the resources available on the platform.
Axie infinity nft marketplace hosts a decentralized platform where the NFTs can be traded with other users.
AXS token holders get the privilege to govern the platform and vote for any changes to be done to enhance the quality of the marketplace.
AXS enables users to facilitate payments for in-game purchases also allowing sales and auctions to be conducted by eligible users.
Players can stake AXS on the Axie Infinity protocol to enjoy weekly rewards and participate in voting for governance supporting growth.
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Benefits of Axie infinity clone script

  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Reward System and referral offers
  • High transparency and reliability
  • No operational risks for the players
  • Assured investment safety
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Robust content management system
  • Transaction Management
  • Ad Modules

Working of Axie infinity nft marketplace

  • The user has to create an account to be a part of the marketplace.
  • Now the user should install a crypto wallet to store or control the user’s NFTs for stacking.
  • The user must own a minimum of three axies and also you can buy 3 breeds that can be hatch into the axies before starting to play in Axie Infinity.
  • The player can now battle against other axies and win an SLP tokens.
  • The user can also breed axies to one another to easily get a large amount of SLP Tokens.
  • The player can earn more tokens through staking, pooling and trading the assets as well through a liquidity pool in the DEX.
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