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E- Commerce Blockchain Development
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ECommerce Blockchain Development

Blockchain implementation in the Ecommerce sector shall give a seamless marketplace experience for the sellers, buyers and all the other stakeholders involved. It provides a warm commercial ambience by promoting peer to peer communication.

Blockchain has the unparalleled ability to address all the problems existing in the ecommerce space and provide seamless solutions to the same. It comes to refine the ecommerce realm to the fullest thereby boosting it in terms of quality.

At SHAMLA TECH, we offer full- fledged blockchain development services to help the clients in establishing their businesses on the digital floor.

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Necessity of Blockchain in Ecommerce

Ecommerce covers a vast arena meaning numerous stakeholders take part in it. With several operations going on, it is natural for the sectors to come across one or the other issue from time to time. However, the traditional methods in practice are not competent enough to address the problems in the ecommerce industry which calls for a more advanced solution. This brings in the necessity of blockchain application in the ecommerce sector.

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Problems in ecommerce industry



With numerous entrepreneurs hitting the digital space every passing day, each product or service has to compete with its counterparts to be successful.

Processing Charges of blockchain

Processing Charges

The conventional business model demands the involvement of third parties to process the sale and these middle men take away a huge part of the profit.

Data Protection blockchain

Data Protection

Ecommerce takes into account the personal and financial information of the stakeholders. However, the traditional setup lacks data encryption and backup.

management of blockchain


Ecommerce involves various operations such as logistics, supply chain and payments. Administering all these processes together is a herculean task.

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Blockchain solutions for Ecommerce

Streamlined operations

The decentralized nature of blockchain allows channelized operations and the smart contracts with pre-defined codes makes the tracking and management of supply chain and payments easier.


Blockchain provides complete transparency to every transaction done on the ecommerce platform with enhanced security, traceability and supreme processing speed.

Cost effectiveness

The use of cryptocurrency for ecommerce purchases and sales ensures the elimination of processing fees as there are no intermediates involved.

Enhanced security

The blockchain powered decentralized system makes sure that all the ecommerce data is fully protected and is kept at a safer distance from the prying eyes of the hackers.

Blockchain Benefits for Ecommerce

  • Duplicity prevention
  • Authentic business space
  • Secured transactions
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Improved customer- vendor communication

Features of Blockchain

Transaction speed of blockchain

Transaction speed

Blockchain processes multiple transactions all at once with matchless speed.

No intermediates of blockchain

No intermediates

Blockchain prevents the interruption of intermediates with its peer to peer work flow.



Every record on the blockchain is permanent and it shall never be edited.

Protection of blockchain


The fully encrypted space of blockchain offers unparalleled security to the ecommerce stakeholders.

blockchain Dependency


The lucid nature of the Blockchain increases the reliability rate of ecommerce.

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