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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Blockchain advocates ledger system that facilitates the recording of every cryptocurrency transaction which in turn paves way for a value exchange on a decentralized basis. With a customizable crypto exchange, you shall be a vital part of the digital revolution coming your way.
As a professional cryptocurrency exchange development company, SHAMLA TECH provides cryptocurrency exchange software development services to bring about faster and more secure crypto transactions. Our team of passionate and skilled binance cryptocurrency exchange developers devises white label cryptocurrency exchange solutions characterized by high performance and top-notch security. Get in touch with us now for a promising cryptocurrency exchange development to cater to your commercial needs.

Do you want to go for a Centralized or Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development?

What do we offer as a Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company?

Being a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange development company, we set new standards in the developing efficient white label cryptocurrency exchange.

Low Go Live Time

We make sure that your cryptocurrency exchange development is carried out at a faster pace and the platform goes live at the soonest. We facilitate you to connect with your potential customers and that shall help you to take lead among your competitors at ease. Get in touch with us now for Ready made exchange software solutions.

Biometric Mobile Wallet

The Biometric mobile wallet makes use of the fingerprints of the users in order to add an extra layer of security to the crypto transactions. The two-step authentication of the wallet usually comprises of the password and fingerprint verification.

100% tested

We thoroughly test the cryptocurrency exchange platform with real users before it actually goes live so that the bugs and other possible discrepancies are aptly fixed.

Native Android and iOS applications

Our Ready made exchange software comes with perfectly tailored native and cross-platform Android and iOS applications that work via socket programming.

Referral system

With an efficacious referral system, a cryptocurrency exchange platform can attract fresh users all at ease in a short span of time.

Authentic Admin Panel

The admin panel makes the management part simpler and less time consuming by presenting you with a comprehensive set of digital tools to see to the operations.


The one-page exchange speeds up the work mechanism of the cryptocurrency exchange by way of taking away the authentication procedures such as KYC and AML and allowing cross-platform cryptocurrency exchanges.


The one-page exchange comes as a surprise package for the crypto investors with its simple and trendy user interface, fully protected crypto wallets, matching engine and other special backend functionalities.


Unlike the conventional cryptocurrency exchange development in which the tokens act as mere pathways for discounts, one-page exchange development makes way for the tokens to be listed in order to avail vital commercial benefits.

  • Maximum Security
  • Two-factor authentication
  • 100% privacy
  • Elliptic-Curve Cryptography
  • Multisignature Wallets
  • Cost optimization

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Benefits of One-page Exchange

Cost optimization

With the absence of the intermediates, the exchange costs are standardized and there is no chance for fluctuation in the same.

No intermediaries

Since the exchanges are decentralized in one-page exchange, there are no third parties involved to process the corresponding cash transactions.

Two-factor authentication

In one page exchange, the users are promised a safe login with the backup codes and QR code verification.

100% privacy

Since the negotiation takes place on a peer to peer basis, the users are guaranteed utmost privacy.

Security highlights of Cryptocurrency Exchange

Data Encryption

Encryption of data safeguards the important credentials and other confidential information.

Jail Login

Preclusion of several failed login attempts for a stipulated time period

CSRF protection

Advanced security to stand against cross-site request forgery and other and other unpleasant actions from the part of the user

SSRF security

Securing the system from Server Side Request Forgery or hazardous web sources

Anti-Denial of Service

Protecting the exchange from massive requests to the server

Escrow System

Coin exchange between the parties concerned with the help of a smart contract or a trusted intermediate.

Anti- Distributed Denial of Service

Defending the exchange against overpowering traffic from multiple junctures

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Avoidance of possible web attacks rising on account of the HTTP request with hidden

Need to launch your whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

Why do you need a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform?

A cryptocurremcy exchange platform is mandatory for crypto trading and it is this platform that makes the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies possible.

There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges; Fiat exchange and Altcoin exchange. Fiat exchanges facilitate users to acquire cryptocurrencies with fiat money like dollars, pounds, Euros credit card and cash. On the other hand, Altcoin exchanges require the users to make a crypto deposit before trading.

The major highlight of the cryptocurrency exchange software development is that the processing charges are curtailed to a greater extent saving money. From every perspective, cryptocurrency exchange development is mandatory for improved trading.

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Merits of Cryptocurrency Exchange

    • Enterprise Blockchain Solutions
    • Security Token Offering
    • Smart Contract Setup
    • White Label exchange development solutions
    • Centralized crypto exchange development
    • Digital Wallet Solutions
    • Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development

Want to know how we develop Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Development for Various Businesses

We work with businesses of different sizes and render white label cryptocurrency exchange development services with skilled and enthusiastic developers. Our cryptocurrency exchange software development solutions are fully personalized to cater to the viable requirements of our clients. Based on the complexity associated with each cryptocurrency exchange development project, we employ different advancements including C++, Angular and NodeJS. Avail our Ready made exchange software deliverables to take your business to an advanced level.

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