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Cryptocurrency Exchange License services

Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal Solutions

Enhance your business with robust exchanges that complies with all the legal needs with reliable services from the experts in Shamla tech. As one of the leading and pioneer in cryptocurrency exchange development with a very wide range of audience, we assure top notch services to help you attain the most out of your trade.

What is a Crypto Exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms that facilitate the trading of digital currencies for other assets and fiat currencies. The exchange platform also acts as an intermediary between the traders and makes money through commissions and transaction fees.

Why do you need Crypto Exchange Consulting?

The cryptocurrency exchanges have widened all over the world and no doubt many business entities have started looking for ways to regulate their exchange platform and blockchain-based businesses. To cope with the fast and ever-growing scenario, different approaches are used in different countries. Many of them are trying to establish a strong legal framework to gain better control over their digital markets.

It is definitely difficult for start ups and beginners to process with the different legal compliances and proceed with the same. Here Shamla tech as a highly experienced cryptocurrency exchange development company helps to easily pass all the requirements and launch your own platform in no time. Our clients all around the globe prove our solutions to be cost effective and completely reliable.

Cryptocurrency Litigation and Guidance Services

As one of the top cryptocurrency developers in the market we provide robust solutions to meet all your legal needs. Our cryptocurrency exchange legal services include, but are not limited to,

  • 1 Cryptocurrency exchange legal consultation
  • 2 Litigations and disputes between the crypto exchange platform and the customers.
  • 3 Legal compliance and licensing for the exchange
  • 4 Investment Management agreements and funds
  • 5 Anti-money-laundering strategies
  • 6 Crypto regulation guidance
  • 7 Blockchain integration
  • 8 Smart contract creation
  • 9 Complete planning of strategies and logistics

Why us?

As the attraction and interest in cryptocurrency trading platforms exploded, there is an equally growing need for understanding the legal implications of it. Any trade business that involves the exchange of crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto mandatorily needs a banking license or have to partner with a licensed bank or a payment processor. As a globally renowned company for cryptocurrency exchange legal consultation, we provide complete solutions to set up legally compliant cryptocurrency exchanges anywhere under the sky with world class services.

Our services for a successful project

Establishing a Legal Entity

We ensure to provide the appropriate legal framework after analyzing your business and trade needs and services.

Legal documentation drafting

Our experts will make sure to draft the documents as per exchange business location and satisfy all the needs to have a reliable and secured platform.

User identification procedures

We help to safeguard your exchange by setting up Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti money laundering (AML) procedures to identify your customers and avoid fraud and any unauthorized activities.

On-going legal support

We are here to provide you round the clock support to assist you with any queries or issues and help you stay troublefree.

Cryptocurrency exchange license

The rules involved with the legalization of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchange platforms is due to the fact that the concept is still considered to be relatively new when compared to traditional currencies or traditional exchange systems. It is often view as a complicated process with the lack of expertise. So it’s always better to leave it in professional hands.

We at shamla tech with decades of experience in the field are keen on providing the best services for all your business needs. We provide end to end solutions and round the clock support to help you have a hasslefree and seamless business.

International Legal Services


Dispute resolutions

Fraudulent and illegal activities

Breach of Contract


SEC Investigations and Civil Defense

Securities and Consumer Class Actions

Token listing

Regulatory Compliance investigations

Tokenized Asset Offerings

Security Token Offerings

Cryptocurrency Securities Laws Compliance

SEC No-Action Relief and FinHUB Engagement

Cryptocurrency Fund Services

Drafting Investment Management Agreements

Structure and Strategy of funds

Onshore and Offshore Entity Formation

Venture Capital Funds

Hedge Funds

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