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August 2021

Fund Raising Models In recent times, startups, charities, NGOs, and innovative ideas are gaining more attention and make profits from online donations and investment through fundraising models. The idea of crowdfunding lies in supporting new projects and innovative ideas. In the digital space, there are people of different races for various

Initial Farm Offering Development has grown into a more popular and attractive fundraising process in the market that reworked the expansion of upcoming buyers and startups from growing their enterprise income in much less time after its launch. Initial Farm Offering (IFO) paved the way in which for hundreds of

What is an Initial Dex Offering (IDO)? Nowadays most startups choose crypto-based crowdfunding options to attain maximum benefits easily and that too in no time. Initial DEX offering or IDO is the latest fundraising model that offers enhanced liquidity of crypto assets, faster, open, and fair trading methods. IDO is the

Nowadays, NFT games are creating a lot of buzz in the market where they are occupying the huge market cap with their latest development and industry trends globally. Cryptocurrencies are widely utilized by the digital gaming industry benefiting crypto gaming enthusiasts for safe and reliable gaming. Let us have a clear

Since the inception of Blockchain, many NFT Token Development platforms are evolving in the industry and the latest development is listing and trading your unique artwork and collectibles in the form of NFTs. Many non-fungible tokens are a part of the leading Ethereum blockchain network. NFT token development has rapidly increased

Opensea NFT Marketplace : The NFT game has just started and it is in swing, any businessman will utilize the opportunity rather than missing it out of time. So, NFTs don’t survive for decades but the time they are, they will make you millionaires. Yes, it is true, many people

Are you constantly hearing about NFTs and wonder why people are going craze?  Do you really want to know what are non-fungible tokens and why they are so popular? Don’t worry we’ve covered everything about NFTs and the best NFT marketplace platforms in this article that you should never miss. NFTs

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