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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Feature Checklist for a good Cryptocurrency exchange!

Any Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development will need the most robust options to bring out the best ever possible trade. Here are the few options you will be needing for a seamless and secured trade.

Admin Panel

Admin panel has the permit to control the overall functionality in the entire platform. It exhibits the real-time view of the cryptocurrency exchange and transactions as per the need with its data opulent dashboard.

Multi-Language Support

Cheer all the languages around the world. This feature allows customizing the language according to your demand to help you widen your reach of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software.

AP Integration

Ace API connects any Source Exchange or the Liquidity Provider according to the needs. It is the most prevalent way to join hands with the external exchange. It will certainly add the implicit support to the exchange platform.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication allows additional security by confirming a user’s identity utilizing Private Keys and QR Scanner. However, a best cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company will provide top notch security to your exchange.

Trade engine

A good Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development  will have a trade engine that works to match buy and sell orders swiftly without being dormant at any pace. Similarly, it has the default tendency to have a control over the exchange for effective trading.

High TPS

High performance exchange software assists to do thousands of transactions in a second. The rapid speed also supports the betterment of the trading experience.

Multicurrency wallet

Get the privilege to handle multi cryptocurrencies in a single wallet to help seamless transactions. Therefore, it allows seamless transactions with hot and cold wallets with well sophisticated storage.

SEO enabled

This feature allows you to add the desired keywords which encourage your market through Google search. It certainly gears-up your business by spreading wings to larger markets.

Marginal Trading

Marginal trading amplifies your earning potential. Above all it multiplies your gains from markets, allowing you to accomplish more complex, active trading strategies.

User Identity verification

Be sure to employ the best security measures like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to get rid of illicit transactions and safeguard your wallet.

Referral program

Commission benefits and rewards after the trade attract more crypto traders. Moreover, trading platforms motivate their users with advantageous referrals.

Mobile Apps

Without being just restricted to the internet, apps allow you to have easier transactions. It certainly simplifies the process by making it possible to trade anywhere anytime.

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Development firm Shamla tech provide highly sophisticated and secured services to easily launch your own platform in no time. Also build your own exchange with complete customizability to easily adapt to any place and scale with new trends in the market.

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