• Cost Reduction

    Cost saving solution for storing massive data

  • Faster decision making

    Speed up decisions by analyzing data quickly

  • Data Security

    Inbuilt protection of data

  • Scalable Solutions

    Handle and process huge data easily


  • New products and services

    Leverage insights to launch new services

  • Social media analysis

    Utilize social network to understand trends

  • Customer experience analysis

    Understand customer behavior and reviews

  • Predictive Analysis

    Peer into future trends, threats and opportunities

Fault Tolerance

There is zero chance of losing your information as every data sent to a node is replicated on several other nodes in the cluster.

Parallel Processing

The analysis process is at a faster rate as multiple tasks are divided and executed simultaneously through parallel processing.

Flexible Solution

Through Hadoop, you can derive insights from any data source as all kinds of data, i.e both unstructured and structured data are processed easily.

Open Source Platform

Hadoop can be customized as per business requirements and it is compatible on all platforms since it is Java based.

Tackling Big Data The Hadoop Way

Businesses are growing on a larger-scale and so is the data involved. Managing and analyzing your Big Data the right way is the key to any business’ growth. And that’s where Hadoop steps in. Considered as one of the best ways to manage enormous amounts of data, Hadoop is your answer for big data management. This open source framework allows storage and processing of large sets of data in a distributed environment across clusters of commodity servers.

Along with its prime features of storing and processing data, Hadoop is extensively used for analyzing the big data. Right from prepping for new products and service, analyzing social network to predicting customer behavior, here’s why the organizations around the world are implementing Big Data Analytics and why you should too.

Hadoop Industry Solutions

Hadoop transforms businesses in every industry. Any business that needs to store, process and analyze large amount of data, can benefit from Hadoop. Right from strategizing, architecture design and development, integration, to optimization, the experienced team at SHAMLA TECH helps in finding the right kind of data solutions for your business. Some of the industries where Hadoop has been valuable are:

  • Advertising

    Social media insights and customer behavior analysis help advertisers hugely

  • Manufacturing

    Improve output and deliver quality products through monitored data

  • Banking & Finance

    Streamlined storage and risk mitigation is instrumental in bottom line growth

  • Retail

    Predictive patterns and customer preference insights for better results

Hadoop Portfolio

Benefit Focus

Benefits Focus is the leading provider in benefits technology, where customers can shop, enroll, manage
and exchange benefits. Initially, Benefits Focus had an individual database for every customer, making
any cross reporting/analytics a challenge. APSOFT used the Hadoop environment to create a data lake
that stages data and works as an analytics/reporting workbench.

American Express

APSOFT helped build a Hadoop environment for American Express, the leading provider of financial and
travel related services for consumers. Through this application, they stored and accessed details of the
Insurance Data like Business Travel Accident Insurance, Car Rental Theft and Damage Insurance, Flight
and Baggage Delay Insurance, Hotel/Motel Burglary Insurance. Also, the application helped in fraud
detection on Insurance data.

Merck & Co

Merck, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world wanted a central storage system
where lab inspectors could record their findings. If the labs are following the standards expected then
the inspector will update the inspection report with the YES/NO and also a comment will be explained
against the parameter and if required, a provision for the uploading a picture is also present in the


Pressmart, a leading Digital Publishing solutions provider required cloud services to store terabytes of
log information generated by the e commerce website and extract meaningful information out of it. The
solution is based on the open source Big Data Hadoop .The data will be stored in Hadoop file system and
processed using Map/Reduce jobs. User details like clicks, location, ID, mail-Id, etc. will be collected And
Exported for further processing.

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