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With the rise of cryptocurrency hype in this modern technological era, it is mandated that every entrepreneur should be aware of the necessary checks before going for an ICO launch service.

Initial coin offering is one major strategy practiced by startups to raise funds for development as of now. But not every ICO that has been introduced into the market seems to attain its fundraising target. 

To make it happen, we need to have a clear understanding of all the essential aspects that ruin the ICO journey inclusive of regulatory jurisdictions. No matter what location you belong to, you need to be very much cautious in abiding by the US security laws. 

Come; let’s have a deep insight into the legal structure of an ICO launch service.

Why is it essential for an ICO to go legal?

When you look at the recent past, there is a dramatic increase in the number of scams in the ICO market. This pertains to the lack of trust in ICOs among the investor community. 

The Government has enacted some laws to reduce such scam issues threatening the ICO industry the most.

So, to differentiate your project from the market scams, you need to build trust among your targeted investors. This would be made possible only if you make your ICO perfectly meet the standards of compliance at no cost.

Checklist for ICO legalization:

Howey test:

This is the primary step to be in line with the basic regulatory guidelines of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Security is what most of the investors look for in an ICO today. Passing the Howey test would let an ICO meet such security demands successfully in no time.

What can we offer you as an ICO Development agency?

  • Concept creationWe help you commence your ICO business model with an exceptional idea to make it succeed in no time.
  • RoadmapWe make you set up your business goals and accomplish them at the right time.
  • LegalizationWe help you overcome the uncertainty in the legalization of crypto ICOs right now for bringing ultimate trust for your project.
  • MarketingWe take your ICO to its next level by building efficient communities in and around your project.

Some final words:

As I told earlier, it is somewhat vital to be clear on the laws governing ICOs the most than anything, when it comes to an ICO launch service. To do so, you need a right ICO consultant who can help you with organizing the laws necessary for your business requirement.

By the way, here I would like to suggest our outrageous ICO development services to guide you for a 100% compliant ICO launch. 

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