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ICO Marketing Strategies


Wanna get ready for the implementation of the million-dollar idea in your crypto business with the best ICO Marketing Strategies for more reach and enhanced profit generation?

This blog will help you out obviously with the awareness of ultimate ICO marketing strategies. Here, you are going to know what is all about an ICO, How the cryptocurrencies and ICOs get inter-connected, and what makes the ICOs attain success in no time. 

And it’s exactly up to you that how you are going to execute the strategies perfectly in your business. But once you completed reading this blog, I am sure that you will have a glimpse over the various types of ICO marketing techniques that work well for an ICO to reach success at the earliest as possible.

Let’s dig into the concept…

An ICO (Initial coin offering) is a fund-raising business model that supports cryptocurrency startups to gain the capital required for their business growth. It works right away by allowing both the ICO organizers and the investors to exchange cryptocurrencies for mutual benefits. 

This means that the startups get benefited from the fund generation, whereas the investors get benefited via profit return upon the investments they make in the ICO project. 

The concept behind the ICOs is almost the same as that of the IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), but the only difference here is that the ICOs offer tokens to the investors, whereas the IPOs offer shares to the investors. Thus an IPO investor becomes the part-owner (partner) of the company in which he invests, but the ICO investor becomes a token holder of the project. 

Though the ICOs seem to be the fairy new business concepts, they have gained major traction these days right with the rise in cryptocurrency fame. Yes, the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has now led to the evolution of numerous ICO projects in the market. 

When we analyze the present market scenario, everyone is aware of the digitally powered cryptocurrencies that emerge as the new form of currencies in the industry. This is where the ICOs put their grand entry and have been ensuring their survival free of hassles in the business space.

As per the statistics of the crypto industry, the year of 2017 was found to be a break-through time for cryptocurrencies since they accounted for the generation of the total global revenue of around 5.6 billion US Dollars. This was considered as a record-break at that time since it was the first time that the ICOs revenue has reached its peak as ever before. 

Even though this success story has been adding some amount of credibility to the ICO projects, there are some misconsequences on the other side where certain ICOs fail to reach their targeted soft cap thus being unsuccessful. Yet, numerous cryptocurrency types coming up day today in the way of crypto entrepreneurs have made ICOs stabilize their market worth on the whole. 

Well, coming to the point…What is that it directs a cryptocurrency or an ICO towards the path of success? Yes, of course! It is the ICO marketing strategies that help to lift up an ICO to reach its target with no hassles. Come; let us see what are all the steps to be done prior to marketing your ICO:

Build a legal ICO website:

’Come up with a killer website to avoid the victim of legalization –related consequences by being liable to the protection of your business assets’’.

Once you have come across a plan of organizing a token sale event for your venture requirements, it is very much important to create a killer website. And Legalization is what that is needed the most for any ICO project to put a great start. The reason here is that the ICO venture is completely about the factor of trust as it involves money investments (crypto-asset investments). In order for anyone to make an investment in an ICO project, the first and foremost aspect that comes into consideration is none other than the trust. 

Yes! Trust only creates a strong belief for the investors to get through a project and makes them ready for ample investments. Failure in bringing trust may result in unwanted losses by missing out on some valuable accredited investors from the business. So, to build trust, an ICO obviously needs a legal website and of course, the website is the entry point for the investors to get a first impression about the project. Hence, it should be designed with the utmost care for no discrepancies. 

The website design must be in such a way that it is legal, SEO optimized, and fast with no server downtime issues. If so, then there will be great potential for the site to attract the targeted community of investors with ease.

While coming to the developmental part, experience in coding is a must. Else, it might be a tough task for you to get done with the perfect website creation. If you find anything difficult or wrong with the coding part, you can straight away get help from our team of expert ICO website coders who would make yours a good website ever.

Craft a stunning whitepaper:

‘’Get and stay connected with the professional investors via the creation of descriptive whitepapers’’.

This is one of the most vital steps when it comes to building and marketing an ICO. Though the website serves as the entry point for the users to get converted into visitors or enthusiasts of the project, whitepaper only can pull and drop the visitors for further conversions into investors, thus making them stay forever in the project. 

Hence the whitepaper design should be very much comprehensive and appealing to steal the interest of the investors in a long run. 

Also, the following are some of the major additions to be included in the whitepaper design:

  • For what issue that the ICO project is going to provide a solution.
  • Token specifications (details like total no. of tokens issued, hard cap and soft cap limits, and so on).
  • Overall details of the business ecosystem
  • What will be the benefit of buying the tokens from the investors’ perspective?
  • Plan details and important dates of the token sale
  • How cum is the sustainability of the project and what it holds for the future?

Hold social media channels:

‘’Utilize social media for global reach and better user engagement for the ICO project’’

Creating accounts in social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and so on) is one most crucial steps that need to be taken care of. But at the same time, it is the most vulnerable point where a majority of the entrepreneurs make a mistake and fail to cope with the requirements. 

Yes, only a less number of social media accounts are enough here, and no need for unnecessary account creation. Just stick to the amount that your team can be able to handle efficiently.

Create a unique token:

‘’Design distinct token and logo to make it work for the investor offerings (in return for investments)’’

As we all know that token is the base for any ICO, it needs to be created unique to make the project stand out in the competing crowd. Here, you need to define the type of blockchain (Ethereum ERC-20 or others) you use for structuring the token as well.

List of ICO marketing strategies:

ICO Marketing Strategies

Well; now it’s the time to get into the exact point of generating traffic for the project via the below mentioned ICO marketing strategies:

‘’Market your ICO to and drive traffic and capture leads’’.

  • Make your project ready for SEO. Perform keyword indexing to get done with it at the soonest.
  • Make your project get reviewed by a lot of professionals, either via youtube or some other social media channels.
  • Make your project get done with numerous PR’s as much as possible. To make it happen, search out for the best news and media sites open for communication. Also, reach out to the right set of audiences via effectual press releases.
  • Get done with the selection of top-rated advertisement platforms (Forums, telegram channels, news sites, etc) and post ads appropriately.
  • Utilize some re-targeting tools like Facebook ads and Google AdWords.
  • Market your ICO brands via emails – email marketing.

Final words:

Hope now you have a better understanding of marketing your ICO for instant success. If you feel that you need to take help from the right ICO marketing company, then just let us know. We are always here to assist you with the best ICO marketing solutions. With us, you would be able to sketch fool-proof ICO marketing strategies with top-notch PR arrangements. 

Once you hire us, we would take the responsibility of promoting your project for a global reach right from the day one itself. So, no excuses! Obviously it’s the turn for you to plan and execute the strategies for the best results with us.

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