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Initial Dex Offering

Complete and Easy guide to Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

What is an Initial Dex Offering (IDO)?

Nowadays most startups choose crypto-based crowdfunding options to attain maximum benefits easily and that too in no time. Initial DEX offering or IDO is the latest fundraising model that offers enhanced liquidity of crypto assets, faster, open, and fair trading methods. IDO is the successor of fundraising models like ICO, STO, and IEO.

Despite IDO Development being a new approach to crypto fundraising, it’s already gathering its fans. Initial Dex Offering is different and advanced from other common fundraising schemes and is predicted to be a progressive revolution in the crypto arena.

At shamla tech, we offer advanced Initial DEX Offering Services to help you launch an IDO and power up your business instantly.

How Does Initial DEX Offering Work? 

Let us see how to launch an IDO for your token. Entrepreneurs wishing to launch their tokens for trading need to present their project on the launchpad or an IDOInitial DEX Offering Service-specialized platform. If the project sounds appealing, investors or potential traders get interested in it and buy tokens within the pre-IDO phase before they become available on the DEX. 

  • As a token seller, the trader can allow applicants to purchase their crypto tokens in two different ways: 
  • By setting a fixed price for the crypto token that changes as soon as the demand increases and price goes up; 
  • By organizing an auction, when the price is dynamically determined by the supply and interest or demand fluctuations. 

It’s also typical for the pre-IDO platform crypto tokens sales to take place on a lottery basis, where different participants stake their funds or assets and participate in the lottery to get or not to get some cryptocurrencies in the end. 

How IDO differs from IEO/ICO/STO?

IDO Development is a more advanced and easier way of fundraising or crowdfunding process compared to traditional methods. Initial exchange offering (IEO) and IDO Solutions are generally the same except for the exchange platform which hosts the fundraising process. In the case of Initial coin offering (ICO), there is one project taking full responsibility for administering and managing transactions and operations on an internal trading platform. But in IEO, a centralized exchange hosts the ICO internally. IDO is a combination of both the coin offering and the exchange offering, but a centralized exchange platform is replaced by a decentralized one.

IDO has a great advantage over IEO, as the latter expects to pay exchange fees, which increase as the market grows, but for an Initial DEX offering you don’t need anyone’s permission. It’s completely about decentralized processes even with a wide range of investors. These options open new pathways.

Benefits of IDOs 

Those who decide to opt for IDO crypto platforms may enjoy several indisputable benefits of this fundraising model. Experts point out the following Initial DEX Offering Service strengths: 

  • Cost efficiency 

Since decentralized exchanges do not pose any fees on the users and operate based on the smart contract regulation, both users and IDO crypto platforms launchers may benefit from the comparatively lower cost of IDOs compared to other crowdfunding options. The only commission is the low gas fee from the direct peer-to-peer transaction, which usually doesn’t cross 0.3%. 

  • Easy to launch

Instead of launching an extensive marketing campaign and organizing all the technicalities, IDO Exchange Development organizers can see their coin starting to trade on the very first day of the project’s launch on the exchange. If the trading platform has a large liquidity pool and numerous users, the crypto coin’s value may quickly increase as a result of users’ wish to gain profit from its popularity. 

  • Access to liquidity pools 

The amount of money attracted from Initial coin offerings depends on how well the marketing campaign was organized and how many investors were engaged. During an Initial DEX Offering, however, the token’s owner gets access to an existing user database and liquidity pool of the functioning exchange platform, thus increasing their chances of having their crypto token actively traded and increasing in value. 

  • Transparent and reliable transactions 

IDOs promise both the token owners and the exchange users complete security and transparency of activities. The former get their coins publicly traded, while the latter are in full control of their assets and funds. The decentralized exchange thus eliminates the risk of fake tokens, scams or any fraudulent activities by checking the IDOs before their launch.

  • Top-notch Security 

IDO index platforms promises greater anonymity to token buyers because of no need to comply with user identity verification options KYC/AML requirements. Besides, the traders don’t need to transfer funds to a wallet, thus preserving full control of their money. As a result of such an organization of fundraising, users enjoy greater transaction security.

TOP 5 IDO Platforms 

Once you decide to participate or consider launching your own token via the IDO model, it’s time to choose the platform that works the best for your needs. Here are the top 5 IDO crypto platforms to choose from: 

  • Polkastarter 

Polkastarter is one of the most famous IDO platforms where investors gain easy and enormous profits from IDO participation. Also, the IDO launchers get guaranteed rewards and give access to IDO investment to those winning in a lottery and holders of the POLS token. 

  • Binance Launchpad 

This subsidiary of the popular Binance platform gives access to over 10 million users to IDO Development projects. Here, you need to file Know your customer (KYC) forms to take part in the IDO offerings. The creators here also need to go through user identity checks to get access to the platforms’ user base. 

  • BSCPad

BSCPad was the first to operate on Binance Smart Chain Network that enjoys the reputation of solving the flaws of previous launchpads, mainly in terms of user staking, security, and IDO process organization. 

  • TrustSwap 

This ETH-based launchpad is a very new project that helps users and IDO creators come together and enjoy mutually satisfying, highly secured terms. The platform also has its own native token, SWAP that allows members to stake for new offerings. 

  • Card Starter 

Card Starter runs on the Cardano blockchain that becomes a top decentralized accelerator and swapping platform. Users in the platform can stake for new IDOs with the help of their native tokens, CARDS. 

How to Launch Your First Dex Offering?

Initial Dex Offering

  • Form a Strategy

Plan and enhance your IDO Development by upgrading your product in a strategic way that benefits users.

  • Draft your White Paper 

To attract investors to your enterprise, explain your concept in detail.

  • Run your IDO

Launch your IDO coin to start raising money right away.

  • Increase the value of your token

Increase the value of your cryptocurrency by providing utility services to the traders who want to utilize it in the market.

  • Rewards

Reward users who can contribute to improving your platform by issuing governance tokens.

  • Begin Serving

Start providing your services with advanced and user-friendly features of blockchain technology to increase the value of your token.

How do we launch your IDO?

  • Whitepaper creation

Our experts draft a detailed and comprehensive whitepaper to help attract investors to your new project.

  • Create a Roadmap

We adopt strategic time-based roadmaps to assist in informing your investors to visualize your product’s direction and assist in securing stakeholders.

  • Smart Marketing Plan

We devise smart marketing strategies that are well planned to advertise and increase your market presence.

  • Development of Coins

We provide completely secure, highly customizable crypto token development services. We are a trusted and established one-stop shop.

  • Integration of the Blockchain

We develop and integrate platforms to standardize, automate, and secure an IDO Exchange Development across a variety of industries.

  • Launch Support 

To guarantee a successful launch, we give specialized Initial DEX Offering Service from our seasoned experts.

As one of the topmost IDO Platform Development Companies in the market, Shamla tech offers cutting-edge Initial Dex Offering Solutions to help you stand out in the crypto space and attain maximum benefits. Our experienced developers provide smart and intuitive IDO platform crypto Development Services for all your business needs irrespective of your venture size. We assure to launch your project on time seamlessly to extend your wings.

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