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Privacy Policy


We make it a point to extend maximum protection to the personal data of the users of our school management app. With the use of Schoolla, you permit us to maintain and utilize your private data as per the terms of this privacy policy.

We hold the privacy of our users at high esteem and give them their space on an ethical basis. While providing the users with personalized deliverables for efficient school management, we make sure that they have maximum privacy.

We NEVER trade the personal information of our users linked with this mobile application to third parties. We have established a high-security standard by all possible means. However, we are not liable for the theft of information via mobile networks or the internet.

You acknowledge that this privacy policy is our official concord with you in regarding the use of our school management app.

Data Collected

We collect information such as the IP address of your gadget, domain servers and other traffic data required for the effective interface between your device and the app.

The users of the app may have to give us certain information on the grounds of personal identification. The personal data to be disclosed includes your phone number, email address and other contact information. You may also be expected to provide us with demographic information such as your location, time zone and residential address if necessary.

Disclosure of personal information

  • We may use your personal information in the collective form for the following purposes.
  1. To make way for business analytics and overall strategic development
  2. To generate effective marketing profiles
  3. To uphold our association with our collaborators and advertisers
  4. To develop the overall user experience of the app
  5. To evaluate the usage of the app
  • With the use of the application, you give us complete rights to reveal your personal information if demanded by law or in case we decide that it is essential to protect the private security of the app.


Except in a few inevitable cases mentioned in this privacy policy, we will not share your personal data with the third parties. The special cases that may lead to the disclosure of information include

  • Protection of the rights and safety of the app
  • Execution of the terms of the agreement
  • A court order or legal procedure


YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US. We stick to security standards that are globally established to safeguard your personal information. We do our best to give paramount security to the personal data of our users. Nonetheless, it is unfeasible to extend 100% protection to your personal information as the digital space is vulnerable to the attack of hackers every now and then. Once we get to know that your personal information is inadvertently revealed not pertaining to the privacy policy, we will get in touch with you to let you know the intensity of such disclosure.

Privacy policy updates

The privacy policy may be subjected to change over time as we are always on the lookout for fresh channels to help you to make better use of the app. In any case, we collect information pertaining to the privacy policy that is on effect on the date of individual data collected. Make sure that you check this page from time to time to get to know the changes done to the same.

Whenever you spot errors in the personal information you submitted to us and want the same to be rectified, feel free to contact us. Make sure that you mention the credentials clearly in writing. You can follow the same procedure to request us not to use your personal information. Once the termination of our use of your personal data is executed, we draw our association with you to an end.

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      We will never share your information and always give #1 priority for your privacy