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3 Tips to Market your ICO

A lot of large companies and startups are involving them in the Cryptocurrency Industry and reaping the benefits that it brings to them. Even though ICO seems like it just made an introduction to the industry, many technologists, investors and industry enthusiasts have already made the most of the ICO. ICOs are very much rewarding and seem to be increasingly prevalent in the near future as more and more investors and new crypto coins are introduced in the market.

Marketing your ICO and drafting a professional and efficient whitepaper of your ICO venture alone determines the success of your ICO venture. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective and quickest ways of reaching out to potential investors via ICO marketing.

Know your Audience

While you market your ICO, you should focus on the right audience or potential investors. There are two things that you should be aware of, the community that is very well familiar and has great knowledge of the crypto industry, and the community of those who are new to the industry. You should know your audience in order to reach out to them in the best suitable way possible.

You are responsible for creating marketing materials that will speak to both sides. The blogs, articles, press release and other publications that you write should be great in reaching out to impending and potential investors. Know the interests and involvement of your target audience in the industry.

Let them know your Story

Let your investors know the story behind the ICO venture in the most interesting way. Picture your story in such a way that it interests potential investors in taking part in your ICO.  A sincere story of the company and the challenges faced in the industry and how ICO could help to solve the whole problem. Make sure to compel your audience in a consistent manner.

Bring a new paradigm shift into the industry that you are planning to disrupt with your ICO venture. A study shows that around 69% of businesses facilitate customers by portraying their product via social issues, even as many investors of the ICO industry do.

Update your Website

Keep updating your website since your ICO website gives the first impression to your investors. Many potential investors will be interested in knowing more about your ICO venture, make sure to update your website and keep it as attractive as possible to appeal to new investors. The most essential sections that an ICO website should have is a roadmap, video, team members, story behind your ICO, your company information, token sale details, and some more innovative sections that will gain the interest of your potential investors.

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