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Airdrop Crypto Marketing

An Effective and Affordable Airdrop Crypto Marketing Strategy to Build your Crypto Business

Maximize Returns with Airdrop Marketing

If you possess a project which has the potential to provide value to the blockchain community, then airdrops are essential. Airdrops involve users that have cryptocurrency, be it ETH or BTC, to claim tokens from projects and are not for any ICO at all. These are primarily use for marketing purposes, where capital is raised to develop a crypto project, like the aforementioned definition.

Airdrop Crypto Marketing

In a digital transaction, crypto airdrop marketing is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to give away assets like crypto coins or tokens to consumers using a marketing approach called a crypto airdrop. The individuals were chosen from your current followers or those who actively opted to interact with you.

How To Use Airdrops Effectively

There is a whole lot of hype surrounding Airdrops. From the traders’ point of view, it is more beneficial as it increases the demand for your project even if you are not offering any discount or any other form of support on sales. With the increased marketing effort and business gain both from the investor’s and trader’s perspective, it’s a win-win situation.

Many people confuse airdrops with referral programs, yet both are entirely different. Airdrops are the distribution of crypto or NFT tokens to select users or investors of a blockchain project. In exchange they may have to perform certain actions like signing up for a project or its products and services, sharing social media posts, inviting new users or investors, etc.

The Most Powerful Airdrop Campaigns

Airdrops are one of the most powerful tools that blockchain projects have at their disposal, especially when it comes to attracting and retaining their user base. And, today we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular types of airdrops campaigns.

Standard Airdrops

The standard airdrops strategy can be used by anyone who wants to promote their projects and raise awareness. Therefore, if you have a new cryptocurrency or NFT project, you should choose a normal airdrop to grow your community, raise awareness, and create your brand.

Exclusive Airdrops

This one is particularly intended for ardent supporters who have supported your cryptocurrency or NFT project from the start. However, you may also work with influencers to arrange a special airdrop.

Holder Airdrops

People who are serious about investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs can use this Crypto Marketing Strategy. This strategy focuses mostly on an existing crypto audience who already owns NFTs or cryptos. Holder airdrops are only carried out to foster trust. You may use it to position your product as a real advancement in the blockchain industry. Therefore, if you have experience in the cryptosphere, make sure to reward those you believe have a real interest in the technology underlying your business.

Bounty Airdrops

It is possible to use Airdrop tokens simply by using a wallet.  This implies that in order to get tokens, people will need to take part in some form of promotional activity.

This airdrop crypto marketing frequently involves actions like sharing a project’s social media posts, subscribing to their goods and services, and joining their Telegram, Discord, or Reddit groups, among others.

Hard Fork Airdrop

During a hard fork, the protocol of a network is completely altered. This can render previously valid transactions invalid or vice versa. The chain splits as a result of this hard fork, producing a new blockchain that is based on the original.

Every investor who had the prior coin before the hard fork will immediately receive an equal quantity of the newly formed coin in their wallets as a result of the bitcoin hard fork.

Benefits of Airdrop Crypto Promotion

  1. This is a fundamental idea. This is known as Airdrop. Creates buzz about a business. It presents the business to a larger audience.
  2. You can do this to draw in new fans who will organically spread the word about your brand. Additionally, you may increase customer retention by rewarding their loyalty.
  3. This strategy is even more important because a cryptocurrency’s success depends on how many individuals trade or retain it.

Promising Airdrop Crypto Marketing Strategy

Create Hype

Projects that regularly use airdrops draw a lot of attention. This is merely due to the fact that after a successful airdrop, the market value of a cryptocurrency or NFT token rises. Whether frequent or irregular, an airdrop has the ability to create the enthusiasm your project requires. Airdrops are the ideal marketing strategy if you want to develop, grow, interact, or raise awareness in your community.

Control Distribution

The project will get hype when more people hold your project. Most coins and tokens have a fixed supply. Therefore, projects must have a plan for allocating their tokens in a way that will be profitable for them.

Airdrops help to increase the value of NFT tokens or cryptocurrency, which you can manage where and how to send.

Create a Database of Quality Leads

You can access your investors’ information with airdrops. Additionally, there is a good probability that your project will attract more investors as the value of your token increases. The investors information you have is useful. Through bounty airdrops, you may thank your existing, devoted users and urge them to spread the word about your project in their particular groups.


Additionally, holder airdrops will enable you to increase your reputation and confidence in your community. All of this will also help to draw in new investors and increase sales. In general, airdrops are one of the best methods for generating quality leads.

How to execute airdrop crypto marketing through Social media Channels

Community Marketing

You can post on various community channels about your airdrop by posting updates. Additionally, you can even request that they tell others about your airdrop. This will increase the visibility of your airdrop and may also draw in new users or investors.

Social Media

The most widely used airdrop crypto marketing platform is social media, which is used to promote not only airdrops but also your project and your sector as a whole. Therefore, if you intend to hold an airdrop, make sure to let people know on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to increase authority, reliability, and trustworthiness has been cryptocurrency influencer marketing. In truth, influencers assist a lot of ventures to draw in a sizeable portion of their intended audience. Thus, collaborating with influencers to advertise your airdrops is always a wise move. You’ll acquire more leads as influencers’ followers join your group.


Reasons to Choose Shamla Tech for Airdrop Crypto Marketing

As a leading crypto marketing agency, we deal with various digital marketing projects. To be successful with airdrops, you must partner with a reputable and competent crypto marketing agency. We provide a range of services, including Defi airdrop marketing, NFT airdrop marketing, etc., for projects wanting to advertise their services through our Airdrop Crypto Marketing Strategy and other channels at affordable prices. We provide the greatest services for our esteemed customers as a dependable partner for airdrop marketing services.

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