9 Must Need Features In A Binance Exchange Clone!

Binance Exchange Clone The new trend among entrepreneurs and startups is to adapt, recreate or scale a business model of already existing applications which is successful and popular. People who know about cryptocurrency will of course know about Binance as it is one of the most successful and very popular exchanges in the market. Handling cryptocurrencies worth millions of dollars every day, Binance sets a benchmark for all other exchange platforms. There are many exchange clone software available in the market which is promoted but Binance clones are the first to get approached by the entrepreneurs if they’re intended to start a cryptocurrency exchange. The Binance exchange clone or the ready-made Binance Clone Script should possess some essential features.

User Verification

Why the cryptocurrency exchange market is so trusted among the traders is that each and everyone who enters the platform is thoroughly verified for their identity. For instance, the limits for funds withdrawal for the identity verified traders are relatively higher than that of the non-verified users. Certainly, user verification is very important to reduce the scam possibilities and to assure transparency in trades.


This feature allows users to deposit money into the internal wallet in the White-Label Binance Clone Script as well as traders can also withdraw money to the wallet outside of the software as per the limits set by the company.

Internal API and Analytics

In order to allow users to enjoy easy and automated trading systems, the Binance Exchange Website Clone Script’s own API is required. In fact, for better visibility analytics is a very necessary feature in a Binance app clone as it helps in creating statistics graphs and reports wherever required.

Admin Panel

The administrators of the binance clone website script will be in a better position to monitor trades and manage the actions based on their access level within the platform with the help of the admin panel.

Transactions creation

It is very essential that all the trades that take place in the binance clone are fast and that too without any system errors. Besides this, Binance Clone Script Development should have varied possibilities for order creation to enable the user to select the one which is easy and comfortable to them at that point in time.

Trading Engine

Trading Engine is the heart for any type of Binance exchange clone, So it is important to identify the capacity of the trading engine and the ability to handle a large number of transactions.

Order types

By default, it is mandatory for a Binance Clone Script Development to possess the essential order types. A market order, Limit order, and Stop limit orders are the 3 major needed types of orders.


The Binance exchange clone should possess a captivating UI. UI or the design structure is the first thing that the user or the trader will notice. It should be simple but attractive and easier for the user to trade.


Security should be like a gate for an exchange that should shield the exchange. Any breach or hack should be avoided and the system should boost the confidence of the trader who uses the exchange with its security setup. Other than the mandatory two or multi-factor authentication, escrow, withdrawal confirmation, and other features, the internal security tuning should be done for the wallets and for the digital currencies.
Apart from the essential features pointed above, there are some of the advanced features available in Binance Dex Clone, token launch pad,  margin trading, and other features that can be optional but it should be offered by the respective binance clone website script provider to scale the exchange in a good and efficient manner.

Why do you need a White label Binance exchange clone?

White label exchanges acquire the cryptocurrency world with its simple-to-launch facility and easily adaptable qualities. This opens the door for the organizations to further add up to the Binance Clone App Development or change it according to their business prospects and aesthetics. To build a cryptocurrency exchange may include too much confusion as well to choose the expert developers and services. But ready-made Binance Clone Script consists of readymade features. So only just adding the brand logo alone to the Binance website clone script will be enough to run the platform. Besides, Binance Clone Script Development can be equipped with new features that the buying company or organization feels necessary for it to use.
The ready-made Binance Clone Script would have been already undergone bug tests at different stages and have crossed the beta run. This makes the client who buys the software product need not focus on the technical part to worry about the software for its performance. Whitelabel crypto exchange software will be created in a way to adapt to the changes and the customization.
Cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance is offered by Shamla Tech which is one of the leading companies that offers solutions and services related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. At an affordable price and with clear instruction during setup and after installation support Shamla tech will be a good tech partner for the entrepreneurs who want to start an exchange like Binance.

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