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Binance Smart Chain

Why you need a Binance Smart Chain for Smart Contract Development


Binance Smart Chain is a smart contract blockchain that runs in parallel to Binance Chain. Binance Smart Chain consists of smart contract functionality and it is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine which helps in implementing smart contract development, high transaction capacity, and decentralized financial ecosystem. EVM allows running Ethereum based applications like MetaMask and DApps. Binance chain lacks programmability so BSC exists to achieve it.

The goal of the Binance Smart Chain is to enable programmers to develop (DeFi) decentralized applications (DApps) and help users to manage their digital currency cross-chain with low latency and high capacity.

BSC allows the creation of “pegged tokens” (tokens that are pegged to the BSC chain) and supports cross-coin transfer that includes ETH, BTC, TRX. Pegged tokens function as BEP 20 tokens on Binance smart chains. The BEP 20 token standard allows developers to easily generate and issue tokens with different asset types.


What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are virtual contracts programmed into Blockchain platforms. The tasks in the smart contracts will auto-run on their own. It can fulfill every step and automatically keep a track of the terms of an agreement. When the smart contracts are hosted on a blockchain platform, they cannot be altered by any of the agreement holders. To make any changes, then the entire network should be altered.

DeFi a Decentralized financial ecosystem

DeFi is a Decentralized financial ecosystem that offers traditional finance for all the products and services in an autonomous way. Blockchain network is used to back the applications. Most users are attracted to DeFi because almost $40 billion is saved using the DeFi ecosystem. There are various ecosystems available in the DeFi network.


What is a Smart Contract Platform?

Once you got the knowledge about Binance smart chain the immediate priority is, you should know about the Smart contract platform. Learn about the best platforms for smart contract development to get started with Binance Chain.

Smart Contract Platform is a portal that supports smart contracts developed on the top of the blockchain. The platform needs to run on a p2p and decentralized network. Binance Smart chain for Smart contract allows you to build your smart contracts including bitcoin exchanges, DeFi apps, etc.

ShamlaTech, an industry-leading blockchain development company offers you the best platform for smart contracts development.


Know more about BEP-20 Token Development

Binance Smart Chain consists of a BEP20 token standard where the functionality is similar to Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. Anyone can deploy tokens or fungible cryptocurrency to Binance Chain. BEP20 tokens allow the popular digital assets on other chains to be ported to BSC. You can swap Binance bridge to bitcoin(BTC) for BTCB (BEP20) tokens owned by BTC. Now, the BTCB (BRP20) tokens can be deployed in DeFi protocols to earn a profit on bitcoins.

BEP20 token development allows you to control the BSC blockchain. Now your users need not pay additional fees to run DApps.

Key features of Binance Smart Chain for smart contracts

Consensus: Binance Smart Chain has achieved a 3 seconds block time with a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm also called Proof of Staked Authority (POSA)

Compatible with Ethereum: The smart contracts which are compatible with Ethereum are supported by Binance Smart Chain. Developers can easily move tools, DApps, and other network components on the Binance ecosystem without much resistance.

Standalone Blockchain: Though BSC runs in parallel to Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain is an independent blockchain. Even if Binance Chain stops operating, BSC will continue its business and technical functions.

Built-in interoperability: Binance Smart Chain and Binance Chain can actively communicate with each other without any friction. As BSC in an independent blockchain wand runs parallel to BC, this makes it easy for a user to move cryptocurrencies between BC and BSC.

DeFi Development: BSC is the best platform for developing a decentralized financial ecosystem. DeFi space is developed using the assets in various blockchains. ShamlaTech uses BSC for smart contracts development.

Liquidity Booster: As there are many best platforms for Smart Contracts Development, but most users want Binance Smart Chain, where, the assets and tokens are transferred instantly and the liquidity is increased.

Low-Cost Transactions: Binance Chain is cost-effective than other platforms. When a user performs a transaction then the cost for each transaction is known as blockchain fees. The transaction fees are charged from validators who do valid transactions in the blockchain network. If there are a huge number of transactions, then one transacting has to pay the transaction fees.


Steps to Create Binance Smart Chain Smart Contracts

Follow the below steps to develop and deploy smart contracts:

Requirement Analysis

The first basic thing you should do is to know the business requirements of your smart contract on BSC.

Build Framework

With the requirement analysis, start creating the architecture for your smart contract.


Once you complete building the architecture, then you can start deployment for your Smart Contract.

Audit and Optimize

After development, audit the smart contract to fix errors and optimize to avoid vulnerabilities.


First, test the developed smart contract on the testnet and then deploy it on the mainnet.


BSC Wallets


MetaMask is an Enthereum wallet but it can easily connect with BSC. You can use a famous UI to interact with BSC.

Binance Chain Wallet:

For certain apps Binance chain is another option, the UI is simple and you can use it easily. You can get it as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Brave browsers.

Trust Wallet:

Trust Wallet is one of the best and easiest wallets to choose when you use BSC from your pocket. Some DApps like PancakeSwap allow you to connect using Trustwallet.


 Move Crypto to Binance Smart Chain

There are many wallets but you have to know the process to move funds to the chain. There are two ways to do this, first, you can withdraw from your Binance account. Second, you can use the Binance Bridge. While BSC supports the BEP-20 token standard and Binance Chain supports the BEP-2 token standard. If you want to exchange on Binance DEX, then you need to use BEP-2 tokens. If you want to exchange on BSC then you have to use BEP-20 tokens.


If you have a Binance account, then you can simply withdraw from your Binance account to your BSC wallet. Make sure you select Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 to withdraw funds to an external wallet.

Bsc wallet

Binance Bridge

The other way to withdraw funds is using Binance Bridge. You can select from any blockchain and convert their native tokens to wrapped tokens on BSC. The Binance Bridge works in two directions.

Binance Bridge



ShamlaTech – A leading Smart Contracts Development Company on Binance Smart Chain

About us

Shamlatech! We are the industry best Smart Contracts development company involved in the development, deployment, auditing, and optimization of Smart Contracts built on various blockchain networks such as EOS, Ethereum, TRON, etc. We have a team of experts to build smart contracts on Binance Smart Chain for DApps, DeFi and, other use cases.

As the Binance Smart Chain has several benefits, we develop smart contracts that provide high liquidity and interoperability.

Services we offer for Smart Contract Development

We provide the best BSC for Smart Contracts Development, so take a look at the services we offer for all kinds of business and industry needs.

BEP-20 Token Development

We follow standards in our development process to deliver the best output to our clients. We use the BEP-20 Token standard for BEP-20 Token Development on Binance Smart Chain. BEP-20 was considered as a technical specification for BSC, to provide a flexible format for developers to launch various tokens.


Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract for Decentralized Finance protocols (DeFi)

As DeFi protocols are interoperable which can be used by multiple entities at the same time to build a service or an app. Now you can easily launch your DeFi protocols on Binance Smart Chain like bakeryswap, pancakesswap, Synthetix, etc. The protocol layer provides liquidity flow to the DeFi network.

DApps development on Binance Smart Chain Smart Contracts

Launch your DApps on our Binance Smart Chain. We have an expert team who can develop real-world advanced security BSC and install various plug-ins for different use-cases.

Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract Development for your various business needs

As we know the importance and uniqueness of Binance Smart Contracts, we develop Binance Smart Chian for smart contracts for your various business needs like Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract for DeFi platforms and Binance Smart Chain Smart Contract for cryptocurrency trading platforms. Our users are in various industries we tend to offer BSC for Smart Contracts Development services to the government, banking, healthcare, finance, education, etc.



As an alternative to Ethereum, owned by the largest crypto companies in the world. It has a wide range of DeFi and DApps on the chain. Many DApps had enormous growth since their inception. Though DeFi protocols like Venus, Autofarm, PancakeSwap are actively on BSC, this does not mean that Binance Smart Chain is only for Decentralized Finance. Other gaming and gambling DApps exist on Binance Smart Chain. The primary NFT’s looked up in early 2021 provide the BSC users with the same crypto collectible experience which is found on other chains.

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