Build An Extraordinary Cryptocurrency Exchange With Bitstamp Clone Script

Bitstamp Clone Script : Many wonderful cryptocurrency exchanges in the world offer many benefits for their users and allow them to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. You cannot simply buy cryptocurrencies from a bank or any investment company.
Once you are ready to purchase any Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency then you should create an account on a cryptocurrency trading platform to exchange U.S. dollars or other currencies for digit resources.
Some cryptocurrency exchanges have been around since the early days of Bitcoin when there was much less control over how cryptocurrencies were bought, sold, and traded. Others, such as Robinhood and PayPal, are better known for other services and have only recently allowed customers to exchange cryptocurrencies in their existing accounts.
Here is what you need to know about why choosing the right cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like bitstamp is important, and retail experts recommend evaluating before making your choice.


Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in the year 2011 by Damijan Merlak and Nejc Kodric with its headquarters in London.
The founders of the Btistamp cryptocurrency exchange know the importance of reliability and safety and they wanted to build an exchange where users can easily trade with trust.  So, they developed this Bitstamp exchange which is a popular and secured cryptocurrency exchange for reliable transactions.
Bitstamp is rated as the 11th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Bitstamp accounts accept around one per cent of all cryptocurrency exchanges. You can trade with Bitstamp in over 60 countries, from the United States to India, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil to South Korea, etc.
The Bitstamp Exchange supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple coin(XRP), Dash, etc on its trading platform.


Bitstamp exchange allows its users to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. Fiat currencies are the official currencies of all the countries. Examples of fiat currencies are the Chinese yuan (CNY), US dollar (USD), and Russian ruble (RUB).
When Beginners want to trade, they will start with fiat currencies where some exchanges do not allow which is a drawback for many cryptocurrency exchanges.
Bitstamp is a good start for beginners where they can buy cryptos without the use of going for other exchanges. A White-label Bitstamp Clone Script is the best choice for beginners who want to choose to exchange as a revenue system.
The fiat currencies that you can trade on Bitstamp are the US dollar (USD) and the euro (EUR). Users can use Swiss francs and British pounds but they cannot trade. These currencies are converted to EUR or USD before trading. With Bitstamp Clone software, users can customize and add more currencies that can be used for trading.
The fees on the Bitstamp exchange is very low compared to the other marketplace exchanges. Beginners can understand the platform swiftly. The fess on the Bitstamp exchange changes based on the payment methods and the location the user lives.
Debit Card Withdrawals: A fee of a minimum of 10 USD is charged for withdrawing funds with a debit card.
Credit Card Purchases: On every credit card purchase a minimum fee of 5% is charged.
International Wire Transfer: Deposits are charged with 0.05% that is up with international wire transfer. A fee of 0.1% is charged to withdraw funds with an international wire transfer.
SEPA Fees: SEPA is charged for people living in European Union and using EUROS. All the deposits in SEPA are free while withdrawals are charged with a 3 EUR fee.


As a growing p2p crypto exchange clone platform, Bitstamp plays a vital role in many transactions with its user-friendly nature, high security, and also one of the safest platforms for sellers and buyers. Bitstamp is widely used compared to other exchanges.
  • Gox was a powerful exchange in the crypto industry giving tough competition to its rivals until Bitstamp entered the market.
  • In a short period, Bitstamp earned license cryptocurrency exchange nationally.
  • No users of the Bitstamp exchange has lost their currencies during the security breach.
  • Cryptocurrency deposits and SEPA deposits are free.
  • The platform is easy and safe for trading with Euro by SEPA.
  • To offer services in the USA, the Bitstamp platform has initiated the use of the bit license.
  • The service charge of the exchange is very low as 0.25% from a trading fee.
  • They offer 24*7 customer support to their global crypto users.
  • The exchange support Euros and USD as fiat currencies to sell and buy cryptocurrencies on the trading platform.


Bitstamp Cloning Script is pre-built software that contains all the existing functionality of a Bitstamp exchange. Using our bitstamp clone script, you can launch an exchange platform like bitstamp with our White-label Bitstamp Clone Script.
Our Bitstamp Clone software comes with many customizable options. The user can customize it based on their business requirements. We provide all the advanced features and top-notch security characteristics to build a secured Bitstamp exchange.
This is a decentralized p2p Bitstamp clone script, users have to register and log in to trade. Visit the Bitstamp official website to register your account. Enter your username, email. Address, password, and country residence. Click the terms and conditions and click the Register button and also have to fill the KYC form.
After successful registration, users can log in to the Exchange Platform Like bitstamp by entering their username and password. Users can activate two-factor authentication for safety. Once they log in the users can access the complete features of the exchange.
Start buying cryptos with fiat currencies to know the working process of the platform. Add funds to your account to buy cryptocurrencies. Select a bank transfer/debit card/credit card for transfer funds. Deposits will take 1-3 working days.
Choose the Ethereum you want to buy, a display box is displayed with the price and you can buy with fiat currencies.
Buyers and sellers can find the reliability and sustainability of the exchange. After successful trade please wait for the acknowledgement from the seller. The seller will get the payments in their bitstamp wallet. External wallets are used to transfer cryptocurrencies.
Our bitstamp clone mobile application services are primarily the best in the market with many additional benefits.
The Bitstamp exchanges offers ca mobile app with good performance and scaling on the Apply Store. So, if you want to offer a mobile app for your users then you can use the Readymade Bitstamp Clone app with all existing and new features embedding in it.
The Bitstamp clone app can be used for trading and it will give you the best hand on experience on trading. Our bitstamp exchange clone app is mobile application services are for both android and iOS users.
Shamlatech offers reliable clone scripts that are widely used in the marketplaces. We have a transparent development process and also offer the best solutions in the market. Our Readymade Bitstamp clone is the best one to pick for the current market trends with the best Bitstamp Exchange Clone App.

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