Here Is Everything You Need To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency


The cryptocurrency ICO projects need to create your own cryptocurrency coins. This is where the cryptocurrency coin development services come into play.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin are usually depicted as the digital currency types that account for the innovative technique of making money online. These digital assets are known for the quality of securing the medium, where the money or banking transactions take place. 

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that got invented in the business space and it actually dates back to the year 2009. Right from its invention, it has been growing in an ever-lasting manner, thus becoming one of the world’s top-rated digital currency types right now. 

The primary source of making money via cryptocurrencies is trading. Some other sources are there as well inclusive of ICO.

ICO is a familiar term among the community of crypto entrepreneurs, as they have fundraising as an adequate need in their core business activities. An ICO involves organizing a crypto fundraising campaign to make the investors fund the project and get some tokens or coins in return for their investments. 

To issue such coins, the cryptocurrency ICO projects need to create crypto coins. This is where the cryptocurrency coin development services come into play.

When people came to know about cryptocurrencies at the start, they thought that the concept would fade away most probably in the next few years. But that hasn’t happened. Instead, the cryptocurrencies gained huge fame in the industry and are always here to stay. 

How A Crypto Coin Differs From A Crypto Token?

We people might think that both coin and token are the same, but that is not the truth. Actually, a coin differs from a token mainly in terms of usage. The cryptocurrency that is having its own blockchain to facilitate money or financial asset transfers is termed as a coin. Whereas, the cryptocurrency that utilizes the technology of blockchain for smart contract creation is termed as a token. 

A coin can be purchased, sold, or traded directly in exchange. On the other hand, a token can be sold via ICO campaigns.

How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency?

Creating your own cryptocurrency basically requires a simple cum sophisticated set of codes. An average level of coding skill is enough to write such a code for the digital currency or coin creation. Here are some of the steps you can follow for the same:

  • Build a community: 

Finding the right community and building it is the first and foremost step to be carried out when it comes to cryptocurrency coin development. Community building allows you to engage in a community of targeted people to get to know about their desires. By the way, you would be able to get a clear understanding of what your targeted group actually wants and how can you cope up with their needs and demands at the right time. 

Understanding the consumer preferences to come up with a competent product is what actually this step is!

  • Write long-lasting codes: 

Once you are done with community building, it’s now the time to get started with your coding part. Here, the code creation is not that tough as you think. You need not have to create new codes of your own. You can have the codes available for free on the git hub repository. Customization is just enough to use those codes to create your own cryptocurrency. The total time taken for coding depends purely on the extent of customization you make over the codes.

  • Initiate the mining process: 

Crypto coin mining involves acquiring considerable value for the coin in the market, which can be made happen by promoting it to the targeted user group. The more reach it gains, the higher will be the value.

Here, you need to make people aware of how your coin differs from its counterparts and how it is going to help them in getting extensive benefits. 

  • Get a wide user base:

Getting merchants for trade is very much easy once you put effort to enhance your user base. Merchants will help you with buying and selling cryptocurrencies on a large scale in the business platform.

  • Target local audience rather than going global:

It is not advisable to target global audiences at the start itself, as you may have some risks associated. It won’t work until you reach a certain level in your business.

How To Build A Blockchain For Your Business?

If you wanna create your own crypto coin, then you obviously have to own a blockchain network. Because blockchain is the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies to work. 

Building a blockchain requires a lot of skills which can be done either from scratch or from any of the blockchain solutions provider like us.

If you get a readily available blockchain solution from our side for your crypto venture, you can just customize it as per your business demands. 

In general, the creation of a blockchain involves the following steps:

  • Use subject matter expertise to perform data verification and the management of smart contracts and assets.
  • Make sense for your blockchain development by ensuring a consensus agreement.
  • Select the right platform that fits the most for your blockchain development, which might either be ethereum or big chain DB or any others.
  • Define the appropriate set of terms, features, conditions, and functionality requirements.
  • Configure the necessary elements such as block signatures, and key data/asset management, and so on.
  • Start integrating the functionality APIs needed for the process.
  • Create a user-friendly interface and admin panel.
  • Manage the front-end and back-end operations efficiently.

Shamlatech’s Cryptocurrency Coin Development Services To Address Your Business Challenges:

Don’t worry, if you are not technically strong enough to create your own cryptocurrency. Shamla Tech – a world’s leading cryptocurrency coin development company is there to help you overcome the challenges in regards to the lack of technical expertise. 

The crypto coin developers of the team hold a sound knowledge in the arena of crypto coin development and blockchain. They can aid you in getting an outstanding token to make your business stand top on the crypto crowd.

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