A Powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Local Bitcoin Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Local Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Like Local Bitcoin

Local Bitcoin Script: Cryptocurrencies are widely accepted by the audience and also became popular in recent years. A study conducted in 2021 found that around 17% of the US population are using bitcoins. Buying and owning a bitcoin is one side of the story, to make a profitable journey you have to start selling cryptocurrencies on popular exchanges. There are several methods you can use to sell your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You have to select the best cryptocurrency exchange like Local Bitcoin that offer major advantages to the users as well investors with security and reliability.


Local Bitcoins is a popular and leading P2P Bitcoin trading platform which is established in 2012 and currently serving users in over 100 countries. Users can exchange for traditional currencies through online exchanges. The exchanges are protected by escrow services which are known as over-the-counter (OTC) trading.  The centralized exchanges are slow so OTC is used to allow faster transactions with diverse payment options for a better user experience for the customer. Local Bitcoins have more than 60+ payment methods that will hundreds of traders all over the world. If you are planning to invest in local bitcoin then try to get the Local Bitcoin Script to start your crypto business. The platform is interactive where the sellers and buyers can communicate with each other. It also follows KYC/AML regulations to check the identity of the trader.
local bitcoin exchange clone script is a reliable, flexible, white-label clone script that creates a p2p cryptocurrency platform similar to local bitcoin. This clone script is a complete replica of local bitcoin with all the original features and functionality. The Bitcoin Escrow Script is customized and can be added with additional features based on customer requirements. The clone allows you to make exciting deals on your exchange and make sure that your exchange is privileged with escrow application. This Bitcoin escrow script is used by many enterprises that are constantly encouraging business to top level.
LocalBitcoins is a popular P2P Bitcoin exchange where users can easily trade bitcoins. Localbitcoins is a P2P exchange platform integrated with an escrow system for safe and secured transactions. This famous bitcoin marketplace has 1.46 million users with a revenue of $29.5M for 2019. It is one of the best ROIs with a huge user base. Many trading features can be embedded with the local bitcoin exchange clone script such as P2P exchange, staking, trading, etc. As the original exchange offers many rewards to its users, now you have a clone that will offer exciting affiliate programs, bounty programs to earn bitcoin on your local bitcoin exchange.
Start your Local Bitcoin exchange with our local bitcoin exchange clone script to get the benefits of the original brand, reputation, and user base with huge revenue.


Two-Factor Authentication: The users of the exchange have to undergo two-factor authentication to ensure additional security. Once they log in to their account then they have to enter a PIN that they received on their mobile phones or use google authenticator. This is an optional feature where it can be enabled by the user if required for additional security.
KYC/AML Support: The Bitcoin Escrow Script has an amazing feature that verifies the users by their KYC, once the KYC is approved then they can happily use the platform.
Escrow Wallets: To prevent disputes on the exchange, the escrow wallet is integrated where the admin will have access to it. Once the buyers make the payment and the seller confirms the trade then only the bitcoins are released to the buyers.
Ranking System: The P2P exchange platform works on the ranking based system that allows traders a reputation based on the parameters they chose on the exchange like history, successful trades, etc. So, by depending on the rank of the trader other traders can choose them on the exchange for transactions.
Email Verification: This feature enables users to know that they login into a different browser so an email will be sent to their registered email ID saying that their login attempt was successful. Email verification is not required if the user login using the same browser to which they log in before.
Technical Support: The support team will answer all the queries and doubts that the users have about the trade and platform. The conflicts between sellers and buyers are also addressed by the support team and resolve within no time.


ShamlaTech is the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company. We incorporate modern developments in our Crypto exchange clone scripts just to ensure that our exchanges are up to date and follow the latest development in the crypto industry. Our expert development team integrates multiple benefits in the local bitcoin clone script for flexible trading and also offers incredible support to building a reliable platform.


Secured Gateways: Our Bitcoin Escrow Script offers a secured gateway to allow sellers and buyers to trade cryptocurrencies efficiently. Fiat currencies are also traded on the platform for cryptocurrencies.
Admin Panel: The admin has all the privileges to manages the accounts on the exchange such as users accounts, escrow, and trading. They will have all the data of seller and buyer and allocate a rank for the users.
P2P Platform: The peer-to-peer allows seller and buyer to communicate with each other using the chat option. This feature will allow easily resolve disputes and identify the traders.
Multilingual Platform: Users can view the platform in the language they want, the platform supports multilingual languages. Anyone can opt for the platform and use it.
Reliable Traders: To secure the platform KYC/AML is implied to and also the users can identify the right traders on the platform. Ranking play a vital role in selecting the correct trader.
We provide white label Local Bitcoin Script solutions with other top exchanges like paxful, Binance, etc. Our solutions and services are cost-effective and transparent for our clients with additional trading features along with the trading panel, admin panel, merchant panel, advertising panel, etc.

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