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The question of how to create a cryptocurrency exchange service is more common right now than ever before as the utility with cryptocurrencies continues to rise in the market each passing day. This increase in utility not only attracts normal users; instead, it arouses the interest of the community of cryptocurrency miners, investors, and trades as well. 

Thus it is evident that the world of cryptocurrencies has been broadened today and it keeps on expanding every single day with a lot of potential opportunities. With this trend, making investments with cryptocurrencies seems to be a viable option to generate massive profit in the venture. Hence, nearly a lot of investors are in a rush to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. White label cryptocurrency exchange software has come up to support those investors by making them build their own cryptocurrency exchange platform in no time for getting seamless profit outcomes.  

You are most welcome to read this blog if you wanna have a deep dive into the concept of cryptocurrency exchange software development. Here, you can come to know more about cryptocurrencies, their respective exchanges inclusive of the P2P exchanges, their working, functionalities, and the trading options inclusive of margin trading. By the way, you could come to a conclusion on how to make money as an entrepreneur via setting up a cryptocurrency exchange in the market.

For instance, let us assume that you as an entrepreneur have decided to go with your cryptocurrency exchange development. But you may not know how and where to start it to ensure success. If so, then you are in the right place. Yes! This blog will be going to make you completely aware of the entire aspects needed for your cryptocurrency exchange software development. 

Come; let us dig deeper into the concept….

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that finds applications increasingly in making payment transactions or performing trades online. Out of the various cryptocurrency types available as of now in the market, bitcoin reaps the most right from the earlier days of cryptocurrency evolution to date. One major reason here is that bitcoin is the first introduced cryptocurrency that has attained massive success all across the globe. Many other cryptocurrencies like ethereum, litecoin, and dodge coin are some other currency types that came as followers of the world’s famous bitcoin. 

Today if we see, countless cryptocurrencies have occupied the digital market with seamless trading opportunities to the users. Here is where the concept of cryptocurrency exchange development comes in to meet the trading demands of the users in no time. 


Cryptocurrency utilization never requires any special knowledge to go with. Also, you need not be a tech-savvy person. Even ordinary people can use cryptocurrencies if they wish. Cryptocurrencies because of their permission-less nature allow anyone to make use of them irrespective of any constraints. Unlike the normal currency transactions (banking transactions), cryptocurrency transactions are carried out via the wallets. Every cryptocurrency holder is authorized to have a wallet of his own to help receive, store, send or transact cryptocurrencies of their choice. 

One thing that makes the cryptocurrency transactions very much alluring in comparison with the normal currency transactions is that the crypto transactions can be done with minimal transactional charges.

With these advantages in hand, cryptocurrencies are set to shape the future of banking. This means that they are going to take over the place of conventional currencies in the near future with no doubt. Of course, the cryptocurrencies have been coming to change the entire system of traditional banking in the upcoming days with their unforeseen qualities. Hence, cryptocurrencies are described as the money of the future right now by a lot of crypto enthusiasts.


One way of generating profit via cryptocurrencies is setting up an online store, where you can make your customers pay money online for the products and services they use to buy. Online payments are nothing but the payments done with cryptocurrencies rather than going for the fiat payments. If we take the value of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, it seems to have a tremendous upsurge in recent times. Therefore, cryptocurrency payment gateways allow us to gain matchless profit for sure.

Another option that sounds strong when it comes to generating profit with cryptocurrencies is undeniably the cryptocurrency trading platform development. It opens up some sort of mind-blowing profit opportunities mainly via the trading commissions. Yes! You as an exchange owner can fix the commission charges for the trades made on the platform. It is totally up to you and you will be having the complete rights to set it up of your choice and convenience. 

Well; do you have any rough idea on how much profit will get via cryptocurrency exchange trades? Don’t you ever think so? It’s okay, no problem…Let’s calculate the volume of potential trades per day in your exchange platform. How much will it seems! 

Yes! It’s actually unimaginable… However, you would get a total commission of $200 (on an approx) with a trading turnover of around 100,000 US Dollars.


People who use to make money for their day-to-day living via cash or stock trading have increasingly diverted their attention towards cryptocurrencies in hopes of making some million dollars. This has been made possible with the fact that cryptocurrencies give plenty of room for the users when it comes to making trades. Such trades are usually done via the exchange platforms and those platforms can be built only with the adoption of cryptocurrency trading platform development services. Here is where the actual scope of cryptocurrency trading platform development lies.

Let me introduce statistics that present the trading revenue rates of some of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the following:



         (In US DOLLARS)

          Binance              3.48 million
            Upbit              3.42 million
            Huobi              2.29 million
          Bittrex                2.2 million
          Bithumb              1.83 million
          OKEx              1.24 million
      Bits Blockchain              0.89 million
          Bitfinex              0.81 million
          Bit-Z              0.44 million
        GDAX              0.39 million
        Bitstamp              0.39 million
          WEX              0.35 million

Now think about how great it will be starting up your own exchange like Binance or some others! Yes, it would help you attain an abundant profit with no doubt. Isn’t it a great idea to go with cryptocurrency exchange platform development? Obviously yes….

Then why you need to wait further? Contact us immediately for trustworthy cryptocurrency trading script solutions to come with a profit-driven cryptocurrency exchange similar to Binance or coinbase or some others of your desire.


Our cryptocurrency exchange service is designed in such a way that it allows you to make an enormous profit in trades in no time. Your exchange can impose the following charges to the traders for making trades within the platform:

  • Listing charges: The exchange permits you to get one form of commission as the listing fees. This is charged usually for some new cryptocurrency coins to get listings on the exchange site.
  • Trading charges: The exchange permits you to get another one form of the commission called the trading commission. This is charged usually for making currency trades or transactions in the exchange platform.
  • Sketch plans to raise enough funds
  • Ensure security via legalization
  • Deploy the best security practices for enhanced trust
  • Do have a quick connect with some other exchanges in the market for getting improved liquidity.
  • Start marketing your project by organizing PR campaigns.

If you are certainly having a plan to launch your own exchange marketplace, then you need to get help from the right exchange development partner like us to get done with a winning exchange development. We Shamla Tech can aid you with custom and reliable cryptocurrency exchange software that will suit the best for your varying business demands in no time. As an extensive cryptocurrency trading script solutions provider, we have qualified developers who can be able to source out the right set of codes needed for your exchange development process.

Exclusiveness of our cryptocurrency exchange service:

  • Efficient trade matching engine
  • Trade order books
  • High-frequency margin trading facilities
  • UI/UX branding designs
  • Admin console for process maintenance
  • Authentication checks like 2FA
  • Security checks like KYC
  • Content management system
  • Multi-sig wallet services
  • Multi-currency and language support
  • Compatibility with both android and IOS web and mobile versions

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