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Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development

Level up your business with MLM

Multi Level Marketing commonly known as MLM or referral marketing is a very appealing business proposition for many people. It often offers them an opportunity to become part of a large system for distributing products to consumers. In contrast to starting a business with nothing, MLM participants immediately provides great support from the supplier of the products. That way the MLM participant can relatively easily build their own network of customers and creates a profitable place for both companies and users.

MLM has become the highly preferred marketing strategy in the recent years. MLM is a process to sell the products directly to end users mostly based on referrals. Get out Cryptocurrency MLM Software that boosts up the revenue easily and instantly making a steep growth in your business.

Cryptocurrency MLM Software

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Decentralized Finance or DeFi typically refers to the technology trend where blockchain and Decentralized Ledger technology powered technology-intensive products and services replace similar services previously offered by traditional banks and traditional financial industry.

Decentralized finance is attracting huge audience in the area of cryptocurrencies because of the highly reliable and secured solutions it offers. We provide the platform with advanced smart contacts to process the trade without any intermediaries and use progressive blockchain technology services as per your needs. Get your own trending Defi platform to be the pioneer in the sector.


TRON is a decentralized platform that uses latest blockchain and P2P technology solutions. The idea behind TRON is to create a direct peer-to-peer network to bridge the gap between the users eliminating the middleman. This platform will be powered by the native cryptocurrency TRX, which also helps eliminate middlemen in the financial sector and is known for frictionless payments.

TRON allows you to run your business with high efficiency, great transaction speed and lower transaction fees making it an ideal option for your business. Our expert developers here assure completely personalized MLM solutions best suitable for your requirements.

Challenges in the Conventional MLM Model

The traditional MLM business model has few problems like:


Creating trustworthiness among people is difficult for companies that newly launch MLM solutions.

No Transparency

There is no transparency in the transactions and details in the traditional MLM processes.


Actual earnings of the users are not defined as the MLM solution providers alter their incentive program in the middle.

Transaction speed

The real time transaction speed is uncertain because of long transaction settlement time.

How does Blockchain Based MLM Software help?


The complete documentation in blockchain helps to create trust and interest attracting more users.


The decentralized ledger in blockchain records each and every detail making it completely traceable and transparent.


The immutable technology of blockchain makes the companies stick to the smart contracts defined from the beginning.

Automated Transactions

Instant transactions are easier with blockchain as the process becomes mostly automated eliminating manual operations.

Advanced White label Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Our readymade Cryptocurrency MLM Software aids the business in many ways. The implementation of Smart Contract Based MLM Software on TRON and Ethereum can be the best way to attract more investors into the MLM investment platform which paves you more revenue. Our developers have designed the platform to increase the trustiness and stability among the investors.

As a top Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development Company, our Blockchain Based MLM Software holds the ability to identify and track the transaction records carried out on an MLM Platform making it a reliable model.

Cryptocurrency MLM software

Types of MLM Software plans

Level Plan

Level Plan MLM software assures more transparency and is known for showing more positive results in the business. The software provides utmost safety and uninterrupted run and trouble free user experience making it more preferred.

Binary Plan

Binary MLM Plan is very easy to use and highly profitable for users as it provides complete customizability and scalability. The software makes the management seamless and work without hurdles.

Matrix Plan

Matrix MLM plan is the latest model in the market that increases the efficiency and the working. The MLM Matrix Plan is a popular MLM compensation plan, and is also known as Forced Matrix Plan that works structure with a fixed width and depth.

Board Plan

Board MLM Plan is also known as Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan which involves the board members. It is considered as one of the popular plans as makes the management very easy and processes multiple operations at the same time.

Gift MLM

Gift MLM Plan is also known as Donation Plan or Help Plan. The Plan is the brand new version of network marketing or multilevel marketing that most of the MLM Companies prefer for crowdfunding and gain profits easily.

Generation Plan

Generation plan works based on generation structure where the profit is shared as per generation levels. Generation Plan ensures to offer more transparency and advanced options to the users.

Repurchase Plan

Repurchase MLM plan offers the user the most simplest and easy way of trading. The plan is based upon promoting and buying or selling products and services offered by a company. This plan helps in better management of the business.

Unilevel Plan

UniLevel MLM Plan is one of the easiest concepts in MLM business and it allows you work on multiple levels. Without limitation, this plan offers more exposure to the company allowing each member to add as many downlines.

Australian Plan

Australian binary Plan is based on Tri-Binary structure where the upline get benefits from their downline. The plan is completely user-friendly, reliable, Open for customization and also provide multi-user access option.

Our blockchain-based white label cryptocurrency MLM software features

Multi-currency wallet

Our advanced and multicurrency supporting wallet integrated into our MLM platform allows instant and secured transactions. The referral links facilitates easy sharing and inviting new traders.

Top notch security
Private Key option
Real-time transactions
Referral options

API & external exchange connection

Our cutting edge API connects to other popular exchanges like Binance and many more to facilitate buying and selling cryptocurrencies in no time without leaving the platform.

Very high liquidity
Completely secured transactions
Avoids leaving the platform

Smart Investment module

Our progressive Investment module helps the users to take part in the MLM process without any troubles and increase their benefits easily with smart contracts.

Enhanced privacy
Smart-contract based transactions
Wholly Transparent

Automated Marketing Process

The platform allows to send notification to the users for to keep them updated with the trade requests.

SMS alerts
Timed notifications

Why choose us for White label Cryptocurrency MLM Software Development Solutions?

Decentralized network

Our MLM platform is completely decentralized ensuring complete security to the transactions also focusing on privacy of the users. The platform built on Ethereum and TRON blockchain base assures trustworthiness among the users and have their funds under their control.

Immutable Data

The blockchain based platform makes the data stored completely immutable creating more interest. The smart contacts manage the calculations on the platform and secures the information in the unalterable manner avoiding any restricted activities.

P2P transactions

The smart contracts offer automated transactions between the traders eliminating manual errors within the platform. This feature allows peer to peer transactions making the trade superfast and more secured.

High security

The immutability and decentralized network makes the platform complete safe for trade and wards off manual error or unauthorized act. The smart contract makes sure that the user’s wallets are safe from third party intervention or hackers.

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