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Hire Nem Blockchain Developers
Hire NEM blockchain developers : NEM which stands for New Economic Movement is a smart asset Blockchain platform that facilitates the creation of a secure economic system. It comes with an adaptable API interface. Establishing such a secure ledger system shall prove beneficial for enterprises in several ways. Hire NEM blockchain developers to develop an authentic and robust NEM blockchain for business.
As a professional NEM blockchain Development Company, SHAMLA TECH offers expert NEM blockchain Development for sectors such as healthcare, supply chain, logistics, e-commerce, telecom and many more. Hire NEM blockchain developer with us to build time-stamped blockchain networks.


The Blockchain platform NEM was first introduced in 2014 and was stabilized in 2015. It is a perfect blend of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Ripple. The platform is ten times faster than the Bitcoin network. It comes with the currency symbol XEM. The cod for NEM Blockchain was penned in Java from scratch.


Quick Transaction
XEM transactions use merely 6 seconds to show up and the confirmation happens in less than 20 seconds. The current transaction fee for XEM is 0.01%.
NEM is exceedingly scalable. NEM has a very high transaction speed when compared to Bitcoin. Bitcoin can only process 5 transactions at a time. On the contrary, NEM can carry out hundreds of transactions per second.
Another important aspect that sets NEM apart from the other Blockchain platform is its maximum traceability. With high traceability, NEM achieves greater reliability and security.
NEM consumes very less power than the other Blockchain platforms. In particular, it uses 1/ 100 of the power consumption of Bitcoin for every transaction. This is precisely why the transaction charges of NEM are negligible.
When a business owner chooses to develop a NEM Blockchain with the genuine assistance of an expert NEM blockchain developer, the project shall doubtlessly be a massive hit. With this, the services of NEM blockchain Developers are obligatory for a groundbreaking NEM project. Hire NEM Blockchain Developers with us and we promise you cutting edge Blockchain solutions.


It is the primary aim of SHAMLA TECH to provide effective and result driven Blockchain solutions to our clients. We operate with a bunch of passionate and experienced Blockchain heads at various locations such as Singapore, South Africa and UAE. Hire NEM blockchain Developer and Programmer with us for world-class NEM blockchain solutions.

Why Hiring Matters

The success of any project, blockchain or otherwise, hinges on the competency of its team. Blockchain development is a specialized field that demands a unique skill set. Hiring the right blockchain developers ensures that your project is built on a solid foundation, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring scalability.
  1. Expertise Matters: Blockchain development involves a deep understanding of cryptographic principles, consensus algorithms, and smart contract development. A team of skilled developers will bring technical expertise to the table, navigating the complexities of blockchain development with finesse.

  2. Security Concerns: Security is paramount in the world of blockchain. A single vulnerability can lead to catastrophic consequences. Experienced developers are well-versed in best practices for securing blockchain applications, protecting your project and users from potential threats.

  3. Efficiency and Innovation: A talented blockchain development team not only brings efficiency to the development process but also fosters innovation. They can suggest and implement novel solutions, enhancing the functionality and user experience of your blockchain project.

  4. Adaptability: The blockchain landscape is constantly evolving, with new technologies and updates emerging regularly. A skilled development team is adaptable, staying abreast of the latest trends and integrating new features seamlessly.


In the realm of blockchain, success is synonymous with the right talent. Hiring skilled developers is not just a checkbox on your project plan; it’s an investment in the future. The right team will not only build a robust and secure blockchain application but also contribute to the innovation and growth of your project.
As you embark on your blockchain journey, remember that the right developers are the backbone of your project, propelling it towards success in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Choose wisely, and watch your blockchain project unfold into a transformative force within your industry.

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