How Is It Beneficial To Launch Your IEO?

Launch your IEO

Launch your IEO

The initial exchange offering (IEO) is the new attraction of traders and exchanges after the ICO (Initial Coin offering) fever have been cooled off in some nations. If you wish to launch your IEO you should definitely need at least a basic understanding on how it works and how is it beneficial.

HOW DOES AN Launch Your IEO?

An IEO is conducted on the platform of cryptocurrency exchange. The process is even controlled by a crypto exchange under the name of startup that wishes to raise funds with its newly issued tokens to be listed on the exchange.
The token issuer will have to draw agreements with the exchange on terms of fees, issuance etc before the token sale. The exchange platform reviews the project with a pre-defined terms and conditions to verify the authenticity of the project.
The platform fixes a date after drawing the agreement. Also the date marks the commencement of the token sale. If the corresponding exchange holds a token of its own, the investors should buy the token to be a part in the offering.
An IEO is easily tradable in a short span of time. An initial exchange offering can induce stock markets to take part in fundraising. It promotes a decentralized and authorized fundraising model when ICO becomes vulnerable for scams with every day.
Unlike ICO, IEO projects mint tokens and sends to the exchange platform. Comprehensively, IEO is more recommendable than ICO in a numerous ways.


An IEO takes place under the care of an authorized exchange. In accordance with the terms of the exchange the project team has to act in order to launch an IEO.  And the sale of tokens makes the movement more reliable for the investors.
IEO even provides ease of database access of the potential investors as only the users of the exchange will be a part of the subsequent offering token. After Initial Exchange Offering development, crypto community was abundantly benefited and more secured for the future.
However, consulting a Top Initial Exchange Offering Company will help you in IEO Launching Services to assure high reach effortlessly.
Shamla tech offers impressive Initial Exchange Offering development and attractive IEO Marketing Services to gain the maximum benefits. Launch your IEO with professional and expert assistance to heights in no time.

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