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Cryptocurrencies often termed as the digital currency types find several promising applications in the world of finance and nobody can possibly deny it. They could be the next frontier in the finance-based business space and a lot of entrepreneurs these days ought to utilize them for their business financial purposes such as for meeting the funding demands at ease. Thus they bloom as the best sources for carrying out the startup capital raising programs like ICOs. Yes! Of course, an ICO is an innovative capital-raising model for startups to help enhance their business improvement strategies.

Do you know what an ICO is all about and how it works right away in fundraising for a business?

Come; let us explore it in this blog further…
ICOs abbreviated as ‘Initial coin offerings’ are usually organized with an intention to drive the required level of profit towards a business that actually deserves the success that is going to come upon its way. In order for the startups to organize such ICO campaigns, a unique coin or token is needed. Indeed, the success of any ICO relies mainly on the part of the token design since tokens are the integral components of ICO.
In an ICO process, the respective tokens will be sold to the community of investors in exchange for the cryptocurrencies they hold with us and which might either be bitcoin, or etherum, or so on. When it comes to the ICO development or launch, security needs to be considered with utmost importance and this requires some specific protocols and prototypes. Smart contracts will help deploy such rules necessary for the ICO and makes it work smarter and automated ever.
Ideation: This is the first and foremost step for any ICO to have its launch instantly in the market. Coming up with an excellent idea can help attract a wide range of targeted investors at ease and raise enormous funds in no time. Here, one thing that needs to be taken care of is that the created idea should fit the most for the ICO. This means that the central idea or theme behind the ICO should be in line with the goals of the business, so as to reach them at the earliest. Also, make sure that your idea gets globalized over a period of time.
  1. Market research: Doing clear market research can help us understand the present market situation, ongoing business trend sets, the scope levels, and some others possibly to make a difference in our businesses.
  2. Competitor analysis: Identifying the market competitors, their service offerings, and the technology they use can help us beat their performance levels. Moving ahead of the direct competition is a brand new way of going forward with an improved business move and this will work in a long run.
  3. Technology selection: Opting out for the right technology that suits the best for your business demands can help empower the improvement of your ICO in a variety of ways. If you go out for the adoption of any kind of traditional technologies, you will end up getting a limited amount of funds only. But if you prefer to choose a potential technology like blockchain, it would be an asset for you to improve the quality standards of your business the best ever. I don’t mean that you should choose only blockchain, but I think it serves to be the best fit for any others in the market. For instance, ethereum stands as a public blockchain network of all the time and its market worth is estimated to be something around 61 billion us dollars. Thus the ethereum ERC-20 standard would be more likely a viable option that can help your business stay on the top forever.
  4. Whitepaper: It is the entry point in the form of a technical document for the investors to get to know about your projects in depth like their idea, scope, important announcements, and upcoming events. So, now imagine how it should look! Yes, you need to concentrate more on this part to grab the attention and interest of huge professional investors as much as possible. Thus, on the whole, the whitepaper must be very much transparent about why an investor needs to make investments with your project. That’s it…
All the information in the white paper should be furnished with an intention of keeping the potential audience community in mind so as to avoid pitfalls. Maybe every investor who reads the whitepaper will not make investments for sure. Yet, you can have some investors who would be impressed and will have great plans for investments with your project. So, you need to pick out those investors’ groups and focus on their needs and demands to ensure the project’s sustainability.
  1. Setting up a team: Getting out the core knowledge of a wide range of experts together is somewhat crucial in defining the success rate of the ICO. In addition, it is essential to reach out to potential advisors at the right times when needed.
  2. Design and development support: Even though you seem to have enough knowledge to go with your crypto-based ICO Launch Services platform development, you obviously need the right technology partner like us to help support you in all the situations till your launch gets over. Why because in today’s modern startup world, there exist a lot of challenges for every startup to get stabilized over time. Sometimes, the situations will be worse and can even go out of control. In such cases, getting support from your ICO development partner would help overcome the challenges coming up your way. As an extensive ICO launch services provider, we at shamla tech can come with the due diligence necessary for your business to go forward at ease.
  3. ICO launch services: The website is the platform for your ICO and through which only you can distribute your tokens to the investors who are all having an interest in your project’s vision, mission, and goals. In order to have a converting website for your ICO, you will focus somewhat on the inclusion of certain creative visuals depicting the crisp information on what actually your project is all about. They might either be the infographics, pie charts, road maps, or demo videos. Also, don’t forget to integrate the ‘contact us’ option in your landing page design because it only can help you build a long-lasting relationship with your potential target audience group.
  4. Legalization: Make your ICO stand in phase with the legalization demands of the industry so as to gain a huge momentum of trust among the users, investors, and visitors.
  5. Marketing: Promoting the ICO is going to help you enhance your band presence and awareness in the market leading to increased fund generation rates.
  6. ICO crowd sale: This is the last but not the least important stage in the ICO campaign, as it is one definite phase that is going to define the overall purpose of the project and makes you acquire ample funds at ease. As a startup project, you cannot reach out to highly intellectual and prospective individuals and investors directly. So, you need to set some boundaries in that at the start, which means that you have to limit your options to only a few players in the market. So do you know what are all the parameters that need to be defined for the ICO crowdfunding stage? The following comes the same: Token allocation details, soft and hard cap limits (min and max), and token distribution and sale details.

By successfully implementing all the above-mentioned steps, you could be able to reap the following advantages:

  • Traction: Your ICO will gain positive traction towards reaching the point of success at the earliest. Giving rewards to the potential investors would further increase the level of traction that you are going to get for the project.
  • Outreach: The ICO project will have the possibility of reaching out to the most relevant audience community inclusive of some hundreds and thousands of accredited investors.
  • Business outcomes: Crowd sale could help streamline the ICO Project operations to a greater cum unimaginable extent as it is going to bring out the necessary cash flow within the system.

Summarizing the concept:

As we all know that success will never come overnight. We need to work harder and harder to achieve it somewhat at the earliest. In order for any entrepreneur to define the success of any ICO, the entrepreneurs would certainly be in need of an end-end service provider like us. We as a viable ICO launch services company would be the moral support for the launch of your ICO and its ever-lasting success that you always look forward.


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