Iio – The New Fund-raising Model In The Crypto Industry

IIO Development Services : Today, many enterprises, NGOs, charities, and start-ups benefit from online crowd funding and digital investments. Crowd funding is a notion of collaboration for quick development that involves forming numerous organisations using the internet’s power. Each innovation will have an impact on the economic strength of each country. The goal is to encourage and promote new ideas across all industries, including economic, social, industrial, and cultural levels.

Crowd funding not only delivers a message to the world, but it also allows businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their concept and bring it to fruition.

WHAT IS AN IIO Development Service?

IIO is a new token offering model created by the Initial Insurance Offering Platform, which aims to boost Binance Chain’s potential by launching token sales to distributers via the European options trading market.
IIO tokens are created on Binance Smart Chain by purchasing Binance BSC tokens and exchanges during the IIO platform’s token sale. Participants who complete all of the requirements can join the IIO and earn iTokens, which can be swapped for IIO tokens. IIO is the most appropriate token for all business concepts.
Everything linked to the exchange of tokens is pre-programmed in the blockchain, setting up smart contracts, because the IIO platform is blockchain-based. Smart contracts store the terms of the transactions. If the prerequisites are met, carry out the action on the token sale platform.


Initial Insurance offering Platform aims to disrupt the current model by driving faster, cheaper and more secure insurance products. As a leading IIO Solutions Provider, we developed an efficient solution that is customized to fit our client’s needs.
The Initial Insurance Offering Platform aspires to disrupt the current model by delivering insurance products that are faster, cheaper, and more secure. As a top IIO Solutions Provider, we built a cost-effective solution that is tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.
IIO models are founded on blockchain technology and offer customizable solutions because each customer has different requirements.
Secured Wallet: IIO includes a secure digital wallet for storing cryptocurrency and conducting transactions.
No Intermediaries’: because blockchain eliminates the need for central authorities, any mediators or intermediaries are permitted.
Trading: The European Options Trading System is used to trade IIO tokens.
Execution: Each transaction is coded with terms and conditions in smart contracts that are then enabled in the blockchain based on the customer’s requirements.
Apart from the aforementioned aspects, investors can incorporate their own based on market needs by studying current trends and communicating their needs to the Initial Insurance Offering Development Company to receive the best IIO Development Services.


IIO allows users to allocate tokens in an initial coin offering, while they stand the chance to receive more tokens with their contribution. iToken allows organizations to distribute initial insurance offerings at scale, with the principle of one-to-one initial token allocations.  This means that small organizations can create and distribute initial offerings of meaningful size, using ‘crowd funding’ technology.

Shamlatech Solutions is a blockchain technology company that focuses on IIO Development Services, developing various fundraising models, and providing initial insurance offerings (IIO). As a decentralized blockchain crowd funding platform where entrepreneurs and individual contributors come together to support projects and ideas, we are an IIO Solutions Provider that offers a unique model for start-ups to connect with their future target audience. By creating a new financial product, IIO is an extension of crowd funding. IIO Development Service provides a mechanism for early investors in blockchain-based projects to share the risk of project failure.


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