Top 10 Ultimate Instagram Crypto Influencers To Follow

Instagram Crypto Influencers
Instagram Crypto Influencers : In recent times, the emergence of cryptocurrencies is stupendous and started to gain more mainstream attention. It becomes essential for Crypto projects to execute various effective marketing strategies to promote their brands. Social Media is the best place for crypto brands to reach a diverse audience and grow the business. Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Crypto Influencer marketing in social media platforms is the best strategy to enhance the brand identity of your crypto project. Instagram is the most preferred platform by crypto influencers to create awareness.


Crypto influencers might be a person, group, or organization that has the potential to influence the buying decisions of consumers. Cryptocurrency influencers on Instagram have the social authority and commendable knowledge of the crypto market to help their followers to make decisions. Crypto influencers Instagram helps brands to promote their crypto projects among investors through their recommendations. Here is the list of top Crypto Influencers Instagram,
  1. CryptoExplorer
  2. Robert Kiyosaki
  3. Cryptonary
  4. ShareCrypto
  5. BitBoy Crypto
  6. Irene Zhao
  7. Coingrams
  8. Armando Juan Pantoja
  9. CryptoPunks
  10. Matthias Mende
Here are some Instagram Crypto Influencers who can help your crypto brand to boost trust and credibility among users.
CryptoExplorer is one of the best crypto influencers on Instagram run by a team of crypto enthusiasts. CryptoExplorer is a great source of crypto news, updates, memes, and inspiration. This crypto account on Instagram is growing rapidly and gaining a reputation among crypto users for its engaging media and a range of topics concerning the growth of cryptocurrency. CryptoExplorer gained a total audience of over 651K followers. They provide insights on NFTs, stocks, and market value.
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Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the best-selling finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. He is a leading financial expert, entrepreneur, businessman, and most importantly a passionate crypto investor and enthusiast. In early 2020, he became an advocate for decentralized finance. His extensive knowledge of finance and wealth encourages his followers to explore the potential of cryptocurrency. On Instagram, Robert Kiyosaki has more than 3M followers and he used to post various video content to educate the audience about the importance of investing in crypto. He also shares inspirational quotes, phrases, and quick tips for building wealth through savings and making the most out of the investment portfolio.
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Armando Juan Pantoja better known as tallguytycoon is a Fintech entrepreneur, thought leader, software engineer, author, and revered web3 blockchain, cryptocurrency, and finance expert. Pantoja is one of the well-known Instagram Crypto Influencers to follow. He holds extensive knowledge of optimizing blockchain-based technology. His posts and motivational quotes on Instagram help new crypto traders to learn more about the latest crypto trends and inspire users in their crypto trading endeavors. He used to share video content briefing headliner news in the crypto market.
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ShareCrypto is one of the longest-running accounts on Instagram that helps crypto investors to know more about the current trends in the crypto world. This community or newsgroup educates people about cryptocurrency. They used to highlight the diversity of news articles that helps users to know about the updates and various other related news in the crypto space. They also observe the international blockchain environment, such as new projects, bans, major coin transactions, scams, etc.
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Cryptonary helps the audience to get all updates and news about different Crypto, Metaverse, NFTs, and NFT marketplaces. Cryptonary is a team of crypto enthusiasts with plenty of resources on cryptocurrency. It is one of the most trusted sources in social media that provides various latest news and trends across the crypto world. They post different content like entertaining memes, market trends, video content, and concise breakdowns on distinct topics related to cryptocurrency.
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Ben Armstrong, better known as BitBoy Crypto is a Crypto enthusiast, YouTuber, and the founder of He works hard to enlighten the knowledge of people on Instagram about crypto related topics. He used to impart news and updates about cryptocurrency in videos, be it on Instagram as well as on YouTube among the crypto community. One of the most trusted figures in cryptocurrency trading among Instagram users. Ben provides insightful recommendations on various cryptocurrencies and also discusses their merits and demerits. He is fond of sharing memes on Instagram.
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Irene Zhao is among the best crypto social media influencers as well as crypto and NFT trader, whose content is primarily about fashion, fitness, and vlogging.  In her own interest in monetizing the digital space, she entered the mainstream of NFTs and sought to work on her very own NFT collection. She has always shown great interest in investments and emerging technologies that emphasize her fascination to take advantage of her presence on social media. Irene is one among the numerous celebrities to have launched their own NFT collection. Irene is also looking forward to developing a blockchain-based platform for online creators to get appropriate compensation.
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Coingrams provides various insights to users about finance, investing, and trading of crypto. It offers a good balance of crypto market highlights and memes to grab the attention of crypto enthusiasts. Coingrams always keeps their audience more contemporary with the recent major brand acquisitions, price drops, and major movements of assets that can manipulate the crypto market. It also helps crypto enthusiasts to know about the latest crypto projects which are more promising.
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CryptoPunks is one of the most trusted Instagram crypto Influencers, you can find various types of NFT art in this account. The NFT arts are also been sold on the marketplaces. The NFTs market value is growing hastily which makes a significant increase in individuals investing in digital assets and acquiring the ownership of a limited NFT collectible. They used to share news and updates on Instagram about new NFT releases to gain traction from followers and build hype. You can get all updates about the various types of NFT arts in their feed.
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Matthias Mende is among the top Instagram crypto influencers with more than 215K followers. This German Award winning entrepreneur used to share inspirational quotes and video content explaining web3, Metaverse, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.  He is enthusiastic about various technologies and also experienced in influencer marketing as well as he launched his own celebrity marketing and blockchain platform called Bonuz.
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These are some of the most influential crypto influencers on Instagram who can help your crypto brand to reach hundreds of thousands of people. Shamla Tech is a renowned Instagram Crypto Influencers marketing agency,  that can help you to reach the Influencers with more followers and a good engagement rate to grow your business. Shamla Tech specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, community building strategies, innovative design solutions, and social media marketing. We help you connect with the top Instagram crypto influencers and promote your crypto project through them. As a leading crypto influencer agency, we can leverage crypto influencer marketing across various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

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