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launch your ICO Most of the crypto startup companies today rely on the event of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), in order to raise their funds in the capital market. An ICO (crowd funding) is a business marketing tool that primarily involves the process of buying and selling digital currencies (in the form of tokens) and it is initiated normally in a crypto currency or block chain platform.
Any business can attain huge profit rates in a short span of time with the help of ICOs either by selling the whole or a portion of its crypto currency tokens to the public crypto currency investors or traders. ICO projects have been experiencing a reasonable and promised growth rates in the crypto currency market.
A recent study in 2018 has revealed that Initial Coin Offering Development have gained a total turnover of around $7.5 billion, and is expected to be much more in the near future.


A startup, which wants to raise funds for its business creates digital tokens in a block chain environment. Once the token creation is done, ICO campaign starts progressing. The business, then searches out for a wide range of investors to make investments. As a result of investments made in an ICO, the business starts to reap the returns.


Though there are a lot of merits associated with ICO launches possibly on one side, they too possess certain drawbacks with them. Some of them are listed below as follows:
  • Process Complexity.
  • No guaranteed profits both on the business and investor side.
  • High chances for bounce rates or failures.
In order for a business to launch a successful ICO and to avoid the above mentioned cons, the following steps should be carried out carefully:
Token creation:
An essential step that needs to be done predominantly in any ICO launch is the creation of digital currencies or tokens for the crypto currency website.
Announcement of ICO pre-sale:
An earliest announcement that is actually made for the purpose of evaluating the interest rates of investors in making investments. This phase depicts the complete details of the specific ICO project like its vision, mission and goals too. The typical announcements that are made in this phase might include the type and name of tokens, funding options, price ranges, and funding target rates and so on.
ICO offerings:
This phase demonstrates the details regarding the token specifications, fund allocations, hard and soft cap limits, and project outcomes.
Marketing campaigns:
This phase gains the attraction of targeted audiences (investors) by the process of promoting the ICO launch via digital marketing methods. Such online promotion might be carried out either by email marketing or by posting contents on blogs or on social media (LinkedIn, Reddit, or Quora).
Numerous ICO service providers and ICO developmental agencies are available in the market nowadays, but all are not better enough in terms of their quality of services. Almost 50% of the launched ICOs have been facing failures in today’s digital world. The main reason for such failures is the lack of efficiency in the creation and launch of ICOs. The success rate of an ICO launch lies in the selection of better ICO provider in the market.
Shamla Tech is one such unique and demanding ICO development company, offering a wide range of ICO launch services to its clients and customers across the globe. At Shamla Tech, we always assure our clients in delivering top-notch ICO development services, since we possess a specialized team with a vast experience in ICO development and marketing services. We take the sole responsibility of delivering end to end ICO services right from their creation and developmental phase to their launch phase. Our ICO consultants are very much responsive in terms of assisting all our valuable clients by providing the right feedback. So far, we have a proven track record of delivering around more than 70 successful ICO projects (with 100% success rates) in different crypto currency domains. We simply help each of our clients in eliminating the worries about ‘how can I build and launch my ICO?
Let us come and visit our ICO services and solutions page, and launch your ICO with a guaranteed success with our quality services.

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