Local Bitcoin Clone Exchange: Advantages, Security, Working And Cost

Local Bitcoin Clone Exchange

Local Bitcoin Clone Exchange

Local Bitcoin Clone Exchange : The first and foremost thing crypto traders look for is decentralization and direct transactions without the involvement of any governing authority. There can be many exchanges with these qualities but among them, the most successful and safest trading place is the Local Bitcoin clone exchange platform. The platform is a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to trade their local currency for Bitcoins.
Local Bitcoin clone gives a capable platform to trade Bitcoin and other numerous cryptocurrencies at ease. It stands as the next generation cryptocurrency trade that provides values to the ones who want to exchange cryptocurrencies locally. But creating a new exchange maybe difficult, complex and may also take a lot of time. Here the local bitcoin exchange clone script allows to enjoy totally trouble and easy launching options for people from all nations. The clone allows a direct trade with escrow safety for extraordinarily secured trade. Local bitcoin exchange clone script holds an incredible chatbot feature and dispute resolution process that makes trading on the platform comfortable and trustworthy.

Here are the intuitive features the platform gives…

Inbuilt Escrow
Escrow feature set up for highly secured bitcoin transactions with multi-signature and wallet options to protect your bitcoins from theft and hackers.
Cryptocurrency Wallet
Greatly secured cryptocurrency wallets to store your cryptocurrencies and allow easy and fast transactions.
OTC Trading
OTC trading option facilitates offline trading with direct communication between the buyer and the seller.
Margin Trading
Traders are provided more trading powers to facilitate increased bitcoin trade by permitting to borrow margin from other parties.
Ad Based Trading
Advertise to buy or sell bitcoins with trading details, bitcoin cost, quantity, location, etc to easily get a suitable buyer or seller.
Integrated Chatbot
Reduce the chance of misunderstandings and disputes between the traders with direct communication through chatbots.
Review option
Each trader in the local bitcoin exchange clone script can be given a recognition rank and additionally public review history which adds to their credibility.
Escrow Application
While a trader initiates a trade, the escrow system in the P2P Exchange holds the bitcoins and releases them to the buyer only after the seller receives the amount to be paid.
2 Factor Authentication
Whenever the user logins to the account he/she will be required to verify the passcode sent to the registered mobile number or email id. Thus it ensures double security.
Login alerts
Whenever you log in to your platform you will be sent an alert to the given mobile number or the email id.

How does LocalBitcoin Work?

The traders will have to sign up and log in to the exchange platform to start with the trading.
After logging in the buyer or the seller can initiate the trade with prevailing orders or by posting advertisements with their trade requirements, bitcoin quantity, trade limits, currency, and payment options.
The trade will be started between the buyer and the seller after their requirements match.
The buyer and the seller can also chat directly with each other to discuss their trade details and needs.
At the time of the trade, the escrow system collects the bitcoins and transacts it to the buyer once the payment is confirmed by the buyer.

How can I create a cryptocurrency exchange like Local Bitcoin?

  1. Decide on your business plans.
  2. Check out the requirements.
  3. Find the best cryptocurrency exchange development company who will assist you from scratch. Their experts will help you build the best platform completely personalized according to your requirements.
  4. You can also purchase a readymade LocalBitcoins clone script to avoid more time consumption for developments. The crypto exchange development company will provide technical and development assistance to alter the script as per your needs.
  5. Finalize the updation and test the live beta version of customized Bitcoin Escrow Script.
  6. You can choose your preferred country where you want to start your business and language accordingly to launch your trading surpassing site.
If you wish to create an exchange like local bitcoins, getting a clone script is a very smart choice as it serves as a shortcut to reach your goal.

How to get the script?

Local bitcoin exchange clone script also known as Bitcoin Escrow Script is completely safe and facilitates the best transaction methods. You can get your own script at prices depending on the features you need, altered or removed. These scripts cost very less than developing an exchange from the beginning. Get your Local Bitcoin Clone from the leading developers to get end to end support.
Look for the following when you buy an exchange script…
  • Get a demo of the exchange to know its working
  • Look for the script that fulfills all your desires and requirements
  • Compare the pricing, evaluate the customization processes, and also compare how long do they take in providing these services
  • Choose the best script that suits your business the most.

How much does to cost to launch a Local Bitcoin Clone Script?

Local Bitcoin Script is the first cryptocurrency exchange that offers both online and offline trading features with high security. Those who are familiar with the cryptocurrency trading market having mostly preferred a Bitcoin Clone Script.
Local Bitcoin Script provides a competent platform to buy and sell Local Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily. The cryptocurrency Trading script is a leading peer to peer exchange with escrow protection for highly secured trade. The platform can be cloned with a great feedback mechanism and dispute resolution process that makes trading on the exchange trustworthy and comfortable. Local Bitcoin Clone Script is a readymade and completely customizable cryptocurrency exchange clone script.
The exchange holds the unique and the most secured options to provide the convenience of easy and trustworthy trade.

Localbitcoins Clone Script Features includes,

IEO/ Launchpad


100+ Cryptos Support

Launchpad Integrated

Futures Trading

Instant Buy/Sell

Referral Futures

Advanced UI/UX

Trading With Tokens

Binance DEX

Proximity Match

Binance DEX


Binance DEX

Advanced UI/UX

Binance DEX

Merchant Features

What are the advantages of the clone?

Trading is local bitcoins is very comfortable as you can view the overall history of the trader. You can also see the rating they have on their profile. Direct communication provides ease of trade and faster transactions. Also, the Bitcoin Clone Script accepts seamless payments with 50 gateways. This allows for easy transactions easily anytime from anywhere around the world. Talking about security, the platform is integrated with Escrow protection. The system acts as a trustworthy intermediate for both the buyer and seller to complete the trade under the terms. The 2 step verification process helps to stay away from hacking by sending the PIN to the user’s registered mobile numbers or email ids. Once the user logged in from another device or from a different browser, an email or message will be sent for verification. The clone is always open for customizability facilitating you choose your desired options.

Where can I find the best local bitcoin clone?

The basic aim of using white label LocalBitcoins Clone Software is only to start a crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins without going through a very long development process.
The easy to launch concept like White Label LocalBitcoins Clone has made the exchanges grow at a fast pace and to becoming an innovative trend in the flourishing cryptocurrency market. The dream can come true only with the assistance of a top cryptocurrency development company. SHAMLA TECH a leading cryptocurrency exchange and Localbitcoins Clone App Development Company facilitates a more convenient way of presenting a White Label LocalBitcoins Clone Software for your enterprise. They help to newly create a crypto exchange and Ready-Made LocalBitcoins Clone Script which excels with the latest features customizable to best suited for your trade.
Leading cryptocurrency and blockchain Development Company like Shamla tech will offer you a completely built and tested Local Bitcoin Script to launch your platform effortlessly and instantly. The company assures completely customizable and scalable options to be easily adapted around the world. We ensure to launch the exchange in no time providing the best services at a very economic rate.

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