Remitano Clone Script For An Extraordinary Cryptocurrency Exchange

Remitano Clone Script : Remitano is a P2P escrow-based cryptocurrency marketplace to sell, buy and trade digital currencies. The platform allows users to sell and buy cryptos with fiat or cryptocurrencies. It is the best-secured platform for investors to connect with other investors across the network. This escrow-based platform provides the utmost secured environment for inter-trading.
Remitano was founded in the year 2015 and is an SC-based company. The exchange is supported in more than 30+ countries. The exchange supports six types of cryptocurrencies and 35+ fiat currencies for deposits and withdrawals.
Supported Six Cryptocurrencies:  Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Tether (USDT), Ripple’s (XRP), Ethereum (ETH).
As per the government jurisdiction, Remitano allows the deposits and withdrawals of the fiat currencies of Indian Rupee, Malaysian Ringgit, Nigerian Naira, Vietnamese Dong, Venezuelan Bolivar, Indonesia Rupian.
As per the exchange investors who deposit fiat or cryptos into crypto with a 2x margin or can also swap cryptos that are supported by Remitano.


The payments methods that are accepted by the Remitano exchange platform is Cryptocurrency and Bank Transfer. The Remitano Clone Script also follows the same payment methods to avail the benefits of the platform like Remitano. The Remitano exchange is available in more than 30 countries globally including the U.S. The traders in each country may vary from few to many. Our Remitano Clone Website Script can be accessed and used worldwide.


In some countries, Remitano has a bustling market with competitive prices. In Vietnam, for example, you can currently buy bitcoin on Remitano for just 0.5% above the mid-market rate. It should also be noted that you do not necessarily need to be a resident of a country to access its Remitano market. Rather, the key requirement is a bank account in this country.
Remitano marketplaces can function as currency exchange bureaus for cryptocurrencies which acts as an exchange to locally convert crypto and fiat currencies or exit. Cryptocurrencies are widely used to send it money globally and avoid transfer exchange fees. You have a process to convert it to (including USDT) back to spendable local currency globally.


To get started the Remitano exchange platform connects sellers and buyers in an open marketplace you have to buy the Readymade Remitano Clone Script
Browse the Listings: Visit the Remitano cryptocurrency exchange platform to sell and buy the cryptos by browsing them on the exchange. You can view the capacity of the sellers who sold the items as well as the buyers who purchased cryptos. The payment method and other information are also visible to the viewers.
Select an Item: You can click an ad that is listed for the sell/buy category and check the available cryptocurrencies you want to buy that is designated in either local cryptocurrency or Bitcoin where you require to get the Bitcoin. Users have the option to send it to their Remitano wallet or enter their wallet address.
Process Payment: The sellers release the cryptocurrencies from users escrow to the wallet. The system especially helps to prevent scams. Sellers should not agree to release funds from the escrow wallet. If the seller does not agree to release the funds to the buyer, then the buyer can raise a dispute transaction on the exchange. The Remitano team will interfere and check for evidence like bank receipts and try to sell the dispute.
The Remitano like exchange offers the features that allow users to sell and buy cryptocurrencies without any issues on the white label Remitano Clone Software.


Register: Users have to register on the Remitano exchange to create an account. They should give their name, email id, etc to register.
KYC Verification: After successful registration, the user has to log in to their account and they are redirected to their dashboard and upload their documents like unique ID, driving license for verification. Once the verification is done, the users can view the status.
Admin: The administrator of the exchange have the access to view the seller and buyer requests posted on the platform. The admin will set the price, payment methods, and location by creating the advertisements for the assets if they are not satisfied with the seller or buyer request.
Escrow Wallet: Once the seller and buyer are connected on the exchange then the seller has to place the crypto in the escrow wallet. When the payment is completed for the buyer’s end, they have to attach the payment proof via chat to the seller.
Payment Acknowledgement: The crypto coin is released from the seller wallet to the buyer wallet once the seller acknowledges the payment by clicking the ” I receive Payment” option. The buyer can raise a dispute resolution when the seller does not acknowledge the payment.
The cryptocurrency exchange website like Remitano works by offering escrow wallet service to buy and sell bitcoins. A one per cent processing fee is charged from the seller. The completed process is secured by the two-factor authentication process.


  • Remitano is using escrow-based services to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. So, the Remitano like exchange also has the same features that use escrow services to protect the white label Remitano Clone Software.
  • The escrow service system holds money when two parties exchange money. From the seller’s side, anyone can send the crypto to the escrow service of Remitano than to the other person. Then, when they confirm that they have received payment from the other party, their cryptocurrency is returned to the buyer.
  • The escrow system is especially to protect the people by trading. We advise you to trade with trustworthy and honest people.
  • The escrow-based system is intended to help the chances of reducing the scams that are about to happen on the exchange. The Remitano Clone Script integrates the escrows system to enhance security and reliability to the users.
  • Many people have a positive side on the exchange who have used the Remitano exchange.
  • The Remitano exchange is not regulated or controlled by any of the governing bodies. You are solely responsible to use the Exchange at your own risk, so a Platform Like remitano accepts trading cryptocurrency at their own risk.
  • Follow strict guidelines and know more about cryptocurrencies and the trading process where it reduces the chance of losing your money.
  • Our Remitano Clone Website Script offers strict security and implies stringent laws to secures users data and money on the exchange.


Swap: users can swap cryptos on the swap page.
Peer2Peer: Investors can easily buy and sell on the Remitano like exchange.
Invest: All crypto investments are made here appear in individual crypto wallets. The remaining funds and profits are credited to the users USDT wallet.
Users can select wallets in the Dashboard of the white label Remitano Clone SoftwareAn individual wallet is provided with balances, deposit options, swap, withdrawal and view history transactions.
Balances: You will have an individual balance wallet on the wallet page.
Dashboard: The dashboard contains all the data about pending trades and ads of the users selling and buying. The net asset value is provided on the dashboard.
Investments: Users can view the investments they have made so far, users are provided with the pending and closed investments.
Profile: Users can view the summary of trades on the profile page and also the successful trades.
User and Swap History: Users can scroll swap histories and user histories about the deposits, withdrawals, transactions, etc.
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Remitano Clone App Script is the clone script for mobile users who want to trade cryptocurrencies on their smartphones. It has all the premium features of the Remitano exchange website. Users can safely use the app for trading. The Remitano Clone can be customized based on user requirements.
Shamalatech is an exclusive cryptocurrency exchange development company to build an exquisite cryptocurrency exchange website like Remitano. We offer our transparent services to ensure that our development process is accessible to our clients. We offer Remitano Clone App development with our Remitano Clone App Script embedding all the features that can be accessed and traded flexible.

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