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Start exchange like Coinbase Cryptocurrencies have been finding out a massive rise in their fame rates over the recent past. The actual reason for this is that a majority of people nowadays prefer making payments with digital currencies rather than going out for some other alternative currency types including physical or fiat currencies. This trend has brought an immense increase in the aspect of digitization for businesses operating all across the Globe. Well! Besides digitization, what else could be made possible via cryptocurrencies? Do you guys have any idea on that?
Yes! As a new means of making investments, cryptocurrencies have been encouraging lots and lots of entrepreneurs to get into the concepts of exchange trading thus bringing an innate level of trust among the investor groups. The success of bitcoin is one major reason for cryptocurrencies to get a massive rise in their market worth in the past few years.
Trading of cryptocurrencies usually requires exchange platforms or marketplaces like coinbase, through which the users are allowed to buy or sell their assets instantly on the go with no hassles. The exchanges like coin base are the one-stop arena for the traders to perform efficient, secure, and convenient trades as per their wish. If you are the one who is looking out for the best practices to set up your own coinbase clone website, then you are certainly at the right place.

What actually is coinbase?

Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges providing both centralized and decentralized services to the users. It supports the trading of digital assets between two parties in a completely secure ecosystem. It facilitates the users in performing both cryptos to crypto and fiat to crypto trades in a simpler, easier, and efficient manner.
Credibility of coinbase:
  • Coinbase is a decentralized US-based exchange
  • The total turnover of coinbase exchange is around 1 billion US Dollars every year.
  • The exchange supports users from more than 40 nations all across the globe.
  • It provides ultra-high security to the users thus protecting the users’ funds from security attacks and hacks.
  • The outstanding performance of the coin base in recent years has made it dominant in the trading volume in comparison with its market counterparts.
Reasons for the familiarity of coinbase:
It is a strange fact that everybody of us has heard about the most popular exchange coinbase. But, many of us might not be aware of what has led the exchange to such an unbelievable height. The following will depict the same:
Since its inception to the market in the year 2011, coinbase stands as one of the best exchanges facilitating crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat transactions and trading. At the start, it was offering only a considerable range of currency trading services. But now, the services have been extended for multiple types of currencies and this is where the familiarity has been gained. The expanding user base also accounts for this and the exchange currently holds more than some ten million users from all over the world.
Coinbase mobile application has been serving the industry for the past 8 years. The extensive set of services offered from the side of this mobile application have been drawing the attention of some millions of crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs in the recent past, thus making the exchange presence strong in the market. This is one major reason that has driven up the growth of the exchange coinbase.
Moreover, coinbase is a seamless exchange application that has come up to bridge the gap between the challenges that have been threatening the industry for a long time. For instance, let us take the aspect of security; coinbase is a highly secure platform as it incorporates a lot of practices to implement security within the exchange including KYC, AML, and 2FA, and so on.
Such a growing user demand and the market fame together have lightened the path for several other similar exchange brands to come up in the market on a day-to-day basis. This is how the coinbase clone scripts come into existence and it possesses the features and functionalities as same as that of the original coinbase exchange. Those who are all willing to put an entry into this ever-demanding exchange business space can utilize our coinbase exchange clone scripts to get benefited with immense outcomes in no time.
Our scripts are globally accepted and accessible so that you could extend your business operations all around the world with our scripts with no hassles. Also, the cost of development with our exchange apps is very much affordable even for the ordinary people who are looking out for budgetary script development services. As a whole, we can assure you that you could get highly efficient cum cost-effective scripts right for the upliftment of your crypto venture for sure. If you wanna adopt our services, let us approach our team right at [email protected]; don’t miss out to grab our monetary and beneficial solutions in relation to building up a reliable coinbase exchange.

What is the need to start exchange like coinbase?

Start exchange like coinbase will help us enjoy the ease of use in making trades via cryptocurrencies. In simple words, we can make use of the wider administrations and broadened benefits brought by coinbase for our business operations to make it come out of the wings to fly high.
Start exchange like coinbase is most noted for its simplicity, efficiency, ease of use, and user-friendliness.

Coinbase clone scripts for desktop and mobile access:

We might be aware that people nowadays are wishing for such an exchange platform that offers access both over the desktop and the mobile devices. Yes! Making the cryptocurrency exchange apps provide support for mobile access is an additional advantage to grab more number of users for the platform. As mobile-based trading is going popular every single day, there is an enhanced level of scope for businesses that integrate mobile apps.
By the way, at Shamla Tech, we are here to assist you with reliable mobile apps for a cryptocurrency exchange or trading that could fit the most for both IOS and Android mobile versions with no deviations pertained.

Features of coinbase clone scripts:

  • Trading engine: This plays a crucial role in performing cryptocurrency trades in an exchange platform like coinbase. Getting a powerful trade matching engine will pave way for smoother cum faster trading transactions to be done in the exchange. Moreover instant and hassle-free transactions can be made happen right with minimizing the waiting time via the utilization of a super-fast matching engine.
  • Bot: The configuration of trading bots into an exchange platform will help the users get solved with their queries instantly with no hassles. This will make them acquire the desired service at the earliest as possible.
  • Wallets: The integration of wallets can help us secure up the assets as they support asset storage and safety. But the thing here is that the integrated wallets should be open for multiple currency support so as to make the users convenient in utilizing a variety of currency types for making payments of their choice. We at shamla tech provide such an amazing wallet service that supports more than 100 different currency types.
  • Language support: Start Exhange like Coinbase with advanced UX/UI features to help support the users with multiple language types to get access over the platform. This will help eliminate all sorts of language barriers that are possibly flowing across the system. Giving support in terms of language could help as well in gaining trust thereby driving huge traffic resulting in a large user base.
Besides these, there are also some other features that make coinbase clones stay dominant in the industry for a long time. Those are listed out as follows:
  • Over the counter (OTC) trading
  • Atomic swaps
  • Security
  • KYC verification
  • Smart contract
  • Bounty
  • Referral campaigns
  • Whitelisting
  • Push messages
  • P2P lending facilities
  • Instant deposits/withdrawals
  • Support for TRX and ERC-20 ethereum tokens
  • DEX decentralization
  • IEO launchpad.

Our coinbase clone app development services:

As an advanced coinbase clone script solutions provider in the industry, we can make you start exhange like coinbase within a week, and that too with all the necessary functionality and feature integrations without fail. So start exchange like coinbase will no more be a tough task for you to go with. Our expert developers are excellent in providing you with a ready to launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform that will help you in skyrocketing your business profit rates in no time.

Our business highlights:

  • Turnkey exchange platform solutions
  • Fastest trade matching engine
  • White-labeled clone scripts 
  • Higher transaction throughput for the exchanges
  • Flexible trading UI
  • Powerful API
  • Ideal User interface design and development
  • Customization
  • Predefined widgets

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