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Wazirx Clone Script

Wazirx Clone Script : Nowadays, cryptocurrency has proven itself whereas millions of people are buying popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. Investor speculation about the future possibilities of this technology has been the major source of market capitalization. India is not far behind the cryptocurrency frenzy as many people participating in the cryptocurrency fever that has now taken hold of the world. Due to market capitalization, long-term price stability and market acceptance are achieved. The investors might have depended on the perceived inherent value of cryptocurrency.

Therefore, many cryptocurrency exchanges have come up in the country to sell, buy, and trade many cryptos. The cryptocurrency exchanges provide a safe trading experience by offering user-friendly and functional exchanges. There are around 2 million users on the exchange.
A Wazirx Clone Development Company can help to build an exchange like WazirX implementing the latest features where the original exchange has not employed them in the WazirX exchange platform.


WazirX is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange founded in the year 2018 and later acquired by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance by its huge trading volume. The exchange platform aptitudes multilingual support and security. It simplifies the process of depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies by the auto-matching buyer with a seller to ensure high-speed trading and safety. The WazirX application is available on Windows, Mac devices and Android and iOS mobile devices.
WazirX holds a token called WRX which can be used for paying transaction fees and save up to 50% on trading fees. WazirX acts more than just like a cryptocurrency exchange. To bridge the between the world which is currently run by fiat currencies, WazirX offers a unique solution. The exchange was introduced to reward the WazirX
It also offers its native crypto asset called WazirX token or WRX coins. It was introduced to adequately reward the WazirX community for their efforts in providing it. Launch an exchange with White Label WazirX Clone Script to get the benefits of having an exchange with the popular Wazirx Clone Development Company.
WRX is a crypto token which is also known as WazirX token but it takes time to give immediate returns. Users who want to participate in long-term trading can use WRX. The company highly invests in WRX coins and working hard to achieve higher value in future and becomes the most prominent one in the crypto wallet in the WazirX exchange.
WazirX exchange platform offers 50% referrals which are unique. The trading fees split 50-50 on the trading platform which helps to build a long-term return setup in adopting cryptocurrency irrespective of the trading volume. You can save more on the trading fees of cryptocurrency as more number users transact on the WazirX exchange platform.


Wazirx exchange seamlessly works across multiple devices and offers compatibility with apps, web browser Android, and iOS devices and even on Windows and Mac computers.
WazirX is a global platform with fiat currencies. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform for beginners as well as for experienced with high trading volume. There are almost all of the functionalities available in the Mobile app that is featured on the web platform. This exchange is activated with multilingual support.
A Crypto Exchange like WazirX is also designed and developed on the same principle where users can add additional features to their exchange based on their requirements.
There are about 100 cryptocurrencies trading pairs. Therefore, Peer-to-Peer trading provides eight currencies paired with USD Tether (USDT).
WRX Token:
The WRX Utility Token is the backbone of the WazirX ecosystem. The maximum coin supply is set at 1 billion. The current market cap of $ 479 million and an exceptional supply of 293,763,596 WRX coins.  There are just 10% of WRX coins are available for IEO public sale. Here 30% is reserved for the foundation and 5% for the private sale. The remaining 20% is used for marketing, the other 20% for partnerships, and 11.10% for WazirX Airdrop.
WRX Mining:
There are about 3.9% of tokens available for mining, for every quarter about 10% of tokens are burned depending upon the generated trading volume.
STF: There is a community-driven approach known as Smart Token Funds to connect with new traders with the crypto expert traders to help to grow your portfolio and a return commission of 25% on the profits that are earned by the new traders.
Speedy Transactions:
The Blockchain Architecture of the WazirX exchange is efficient and scalable enough to handle millions of transactions in a very few seconds.
World-class Security:
About 25% of WarirX’s funds are stored in cold storage. A two-factor verification process is enabled for enhanced security and to protect customer accounts. The exchange uses a multi-signature wallet system and follows strict KYC and AML guidelines.
Cutting-edge Trading Tools:
WazirX has an exclusive auto-matching P2P system that instantly matches automatically sellers and buyers. Here the buyer can place an order to buy USDT and directly pay the seller. Once the transaction is completed, the exchange will automatically transfer the escrowed USDT to the buyer wallet securely.
Customer Support:
WazirX provides a traditional ticketing system for customer support and tracking the issues. All the, issues and doubts can be raised through emails. There are many FAQs on the website so that many of your doubts can be clarified. There are social medial platforms available for WazirX exchange on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.


WazirX clone script is a customized clone script with encrypted source code and advanced security features. The clone script replicates all the functionalities and features of the original exchange where users can instantly start a Crypto Exchange like Wazirx with the WazirX crypto exchange clone.
The White Label WazirX Clone Script has completed its comprehensive testing process and is designed based on stringent security protocols. The exchange built with the crypto exchange clone are strong, reliable, and top-notch security features with no vulnerabilities. The clone script can be customized based on business requirements and also a good competition to its rivals and stand unique in the marketplace.


A WazirX Exchange Clone App has all the features and functionalities of the exchange where it can be launched on both Android and iOS devices with an intuitive UI with real-time order books, trading view charts, stop limit, etc. It is easy to invest and trade in the world’s best exchange app that offers 100% security.
Shamlatech is a leading blockchain-based cryptocurrency platform development company holding a decade of experience. We provide our instant cryptocurrency business solutions with customized crypto exchange clone development. We design and develop various cryptocurrency clone scripts for cryptocurrency exchange development. As a WazirX Clone Exchange Development Company, we offer white label WazirX clone scripts for various business requirements for the users.
Our blockchain team is working on cutting-edge technologies to deliver fast and the latest solutions. We offer transparent services to our clients; at any stage of the development life cycle clients can monitor the development process and our team will assist them with the updates. All the essential features are embedded with the WazirX clone script to build and Crypto Exchange like Wazirx from the WazirX Clone Exchange Development Company.

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