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Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Software

Whitelabel crypto exchange is ready to launch platform with all robust features intact and already built functionality. It is built with an interface that can be easily customized as per business requirements. Above all, it can be instantly given a unique identity by just incorporating the venture’s name logo and color theme. 

Cryptocurrencies are at the center of attention.  Starting from yielding a small fortune, cryptocurrencies are now up to becoming mainstream. The digital currency exchange market has grown to be highly profitable in recent days. With the increase in interest, traders are more concerned about creating their own exchange platform.  It is really difficult to build a cryptocurrency exchange of your own even though it is a very good idea but it consumes a lot of time to come up with one. We have to get counsel to get an idea. Search for expert developers. Implement the best services available to build the relevant platform. Get the beta testing done and eliminate the errors and faults. Finally, start the campaign. Isn’t it difficult?

To restrain from long procedures white label cryptocurrency exchange software certainly stands as a solution. Whitelabel crypto exchange is the technology that can be created by one company and as a whole can be sold to another company. The company which buys the exchange can freely use the software as it is or customize it according to their needs. Shamla tech provides exclusive cryptocurrency exchange website development for all your venture needs. We with expert developers provide a fully built cryptocurrency exchange script customizable for your relevance.

Why do you need whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange software?

White label cryptocurrency exchange platform development acquires the digital market with its simple manufacture and easily adaptable qualities. This easily opens the door for any company to add on more options or customize it according to their own prospects and aesthetics. However, creating an exchange platform may include too much research as well to choose reliable resources and services. But readymade Cryptocurrency exchange software script holds readymade features so that just adding the brand logo alone will be enough to run the platform. Besides, it is open to adding new ideas that the buying company or organization feels necessary for it to use.

The software would have already undergone workability tests at different phases and have crossed the beta run. Moreover, this makes the organization which buys the software product need not focus on the technical resource to review the software for its performance.

Benefits of a White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Save Time and Money

Whitelabel crypto exchange software has ready-made features that skip the need to rebuild the structure, new development, and reduce the building costs. Businesses can save valuable time and money. Rather than spending on a highly time-consuming and expensive new Cryptocurrency Trading Platform development process.

Additionally, whitelabel crypto exchange will be already passed various performance, bugs, and quality tests in different phases of its development. Startups need not have technical resources to review and oversee white label cryptocurrency exchange software. Also, it is error-free and easily adaptive to any change and alteration.

Easy to Customize

The simplicity and modular architecture of readymade cryptocurrency exchange development facilitate easy to customize options without any interference with the technical infrastructure.

The exchange can be easily re-branded, which includes changing brand logos, user interface, and design layout, to complement it with the brand image of a business and for a more efficient marketing process.

Quick to Deploy

As mentioned earlier, the overall structure of white label crypto exchange is completely market-ready, which means businesses need not build anything from ground zero. Simply deploy, install, and configure the exchange in a new environment in no time.

A Reliable Solution

Completely built or already working copies of the white label crypto exchange platforms help to acquire reviews and feedback on the performance of the exchange. In other words, the exchange possesses a full-fledged working set of functions and user-friendly features.

No Technical Expertise Required

The already-developed components of white label crypto exchange software eliminate the need for separate technical help to work on the development process. It already holds the cutting edge features that will be leading in the market.

With all the benefits aforementioned, white-label Cryptocurrency Trading Platform development is gaining huge adoption among businesses worldwide. However, check for the features that are present or need to be added to the exchange that is needed for your Cryptocurrency Trading software development venture.

Shamla tech provides ready to launch white label solutions with advanced and latest options that will easily excel in the market. As a leading bitcoin exchange software development firm we also assure completely personalized solutions that will suit your business the best.

Here are some features from our white label crypto exchange software

Admin Panel

Admin panel has control of the overall functions and the working in the entire platform. It provides a real-time view of the crypto exchange and transactions as per the need with its dashboard with all the data and statistics.

Multi-Language Support

We cheer all the languages around the world. This feature allows customizing the language according to your demand to help you widen the reach of your cryptocurrency exchange.

API Integration

An advanced and user-friendly API connects any Source Exchange or the Liquidity Provider according to the requirements. It is the most prevalent way to join hands with the external exchange. It adds implicit support to the exchange platform.

Two Factor Authentication 

Two-factor or multi-factor authentication allows additional security by confirming a user’s identity utilizing Private Keys, email or phone messages, or also with a QR Scanner. Our experts ensure you to provide top-notch security to your exchange.

Trade engine

Our trade engine works to match buy and sell orders swiftly without being dormant at any pace. It has the default tendency to have control over the exchange for effective trading.

High TPS

Our high-performance cryptocurrency exchange platform development assists to do thousands of transactions in a matter of seconds. The superfast speed supports a reliable and better trading experience. 

Multicurrency wallet

At shamla tech, as an experienced company, we provide you the comfort to handle numerous cryptocurrencies in a single wallet to help seamless transactions. The wallet allows trouble-free transactions with both online and offline options as well as sophisticated storage.

SEO enabled

This feature allows you to add the desired keywords which encourage marketing of the platform through Google search. This gears-up your business by widening up your wings to a larger audience.

Marginal Trading

Marginal trading multiplies your earning potential. It increases your gains from markets, allowing you to get benefitted even with more complex, active trading strategies.

User Identity verification

Our white label crypto exchange software has the best security measures like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) to get rid of unauthorized and illegal transactions and safeguard your wallet.

Referral program

Our experts include features to Commission benefits and rewards after the trade to attract more crypto traders. Crypto Trading platforms motivate their users with advantageous referrals which also helps promotions.

Mobile Apps

We build a cryptocurrency exchange without being just restricted to the web with apps that allow you to have easier transactions anywhere anytime. It simplifies the trade by making it possible to happen in clicks.

Get your own Whitelabel Crypto Exchange 

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange serves as a sole solution for those who lack technical experience to start a crypto exchange of their own. SHAMLA TECH offers exclusive Cryptocurrency Trading Platform development and easy to launch exchange solutions according to your needs. We with skilled developers also provide fully equipped Cryptocurrency Trading software development that can be customized corresponding to the business and launched instantly

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