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Binance Exchange Clone script

Binance exchange Clone script – A Easy guide

Binance is one of the largest and top most cryptocurrency exchange platforms assisting the trade with variety of crypto coins, tokens or even in pairs. It offers excessive level of liquidity. Now it is also moving on to the subsequent level of accepting fiat to buy cryptocurrencies. The platform provides various discounts to the user while buying the currencies through native coin of the exchange-BNB attracting many new traders. So, Get the advantages of the platform by customizing a robust Binance exchange Clone script to perfectly match your business.


Here some valid reasons for why we need prefer binance ?

Supports all cryptocurrencies:

Being one the most popular and successful platforms, Binance supports hundreds of cryptocurrency coins and tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, etc.

High Volume Trade:

The platform holds a very high volume trade allowing numerous trades happening each and every second.


The traders or the users can list their cryptocurrencies that they want to buy, sell and exchange them.


Binance Clone App Development stands as the best choice of the people who avoid any governing of their finances. Unless the user wishes to reveal his identity, his cryptocurrency trade or personal identity will not be enclosed. Because, The privacy and anonymity the Binance Clone script offers makes it one of the most desired places for digital trade.


Even though the process of trading and other transactions are well secured, all the data about the transactions are stored in the blockchain and is completely easy to trace back to the start.

High Security:

Moreover, two step and multi factor authentication feature in Binance Clone script secures the exchange from hackers and theft.

If you wish to build your own centralized exchange like Binance, get complete assistance from Shamla tech, a leading Binance Clone App Development company. The expert developers here provide world-class solutions for Binance Clone and Binance DEX Clone Script helping you launch your platform in no time with robust features.

Here are the prominent features you get with Binance EXCHANGE clone SCRIpt: 
 Basic and Advanced Trading

The Binance Clone script can be built in two levels – Firstly basic, that is simple for beginners and Secondly in advanced level for experienced users.


Our readymade binance Clone Script provides the advantage of multiple languages to support easy adaptability to trade from anywhere around the globe.


The integrated launchpad ensures buying and selling of coins and tokens in the platform seamlessly.

Instant Buy/Sell

Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies facilitated with our Binance exchange Clone script is quick with reliable payment options.

Advanced UI/UX

The advanced and user friendly User Interfaces in Binance Clone App Development is based on customer needs and trade requirements.

Binance DEX

Get the popular Binance DEX Clone Script for higher trading volume and trustworthy buying and selling options.

150+ Crypto Support

Most importantly our robust Binance exchange Clone script accepts more than 150 cryptocurrencies in the platform for uninterrupted trading.

Wallet Integration

Above all, wallet integration helps to enjoy end to end encryptions and instant transactions without any worries.

100% Source Code

100% source code certainly allows easy advancements and high scalability to make any changes to the script as you need.

Referral Options

The exchange provides exclusive referral offers and also introduces offers to attract many new traders into the exchange.

Futures 125X Trading

This option helps to enhance your trading position with reliable 125x leverage making it highly capital-efficient.

Robust features of the binance website clone script

Multi Cryptocurrency support

Firstly, Completely hassle-free transactions with multiple currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, litecoin etc and tokens.

Multi-lingual Support

Secondly, Facilitate trading from anywhere around the world with multiple languages allowing global access and troublefree overseas business.

Powerful Trading engine

Thirdly, Dominant trading engine with auto-matching options helping the traders with very fast and highly secured transactions.

Automated KYC & AML verification

Highly secured platform with automated Know your customer (KYC) and Anti money laundering (AML) user verification protecting the users from scams and unauthorized activities.

Crypto Swaps

Easy and reliable trade with crypto swapping option without any intermediary, third party intervention and any breaches of agreements.

Payment Gateway integration

Various payment gateway options to help the users of the platform to choose their convenient mode to enjoy really quick and trustworthy transactions.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Offer topnotch security to the funds and transactions with multi factor authentication for both the admin and the users.

Multi-Currency wallet

Robust wallets with enhanced security and multiple currency support assure trouble free payments for the buyer and seller.

Admin Panel

Advanced admin panel for overall administration and management at the time of disputes or to resolve any issues in the exchange.

Preferred trading

Ensure a completely reliable and trustworthy trade by allowing the users to choose their preferred buyers and sellers.

Escrow System

Smart contract based escrow system facilitates totally secured, automated and quick transactions for the traders in the platform.


How does Binance work?

You can easily register in the Binance exchange Clone script by clicking on the register option in the page and entering your email id and password. Once your registered email Id is verified your account gets activated.

After that, User can enter the captcha displayed and log in to their account and enable 2FA for secured experience.

It is not mandatory to upload any documents to start the trade in Binance. But the users who have verified their accounts with any of the government issued IDs and withdraw upto 100BTC per day where as non-verified users are allowed to withdraw only 2BTC.

Users are required to deposit any cryptocurrency, preferably Bitcoin or Ethereum to their account before they can start the trade. Users must hold any of the supported cryptocurrencies or credit or debit card deposits to trade at nominal fee.

The exchange is platform is designed for the usage for both new traders and professionals with basic and advanced modes. The platform also offers trading cryptocurrencies in pairs.


Binance clone app development

In this paragraph we are going to know about the binance clone app development.  Shamla tech delivers superior Binance exchange Clone script and Binance DEX Clone Script specialized for both Android, and iOS. Our expert developers assure latest Binance Clone App Development with trading features that similar to binance but with personalized options. Also, We ensure exceptional services to all our clients irrespective of the organisation size or experience.

Our features include
  1. Easy registration
  2. Overall Transaction list
  3. Merchant API
  4. Multiple payment gateways
  5. PIN Lock Features
  6. Biometric access


How do we build the Binance Clone for you?

  1. Detailed research and analysis

Our experts conduct a full-fledged requirement analysis to bring out the most suitable platform for your business.

  1. Designing

In addition, We design according to the business needs and additional changes to be done to the exchange.

  1. Development process

After that, The clone is developed under professional guidance with the trade ideas and the design.

  1. Resource allocation

Moreover, We equip the White-Label Binance Clone Script with latest and state-of-the-art technologies with the help of expert developers to bring the best outcome.

  1. Realization

Finally, We test the developed platform to be error and bug free for a long run to realize your perfect trading platform.


Merits of adopting our white label Binance Clone script:

Quality customization

Most importantly, you can customize a 100% trading website through a white label Binance Clone script for your business demands. It will definitely increase the quality of the website.

Better branding

Similarly, It is possible to gain the trust of your users, yes, using a white label Binance DEX Clone Script solution you can change the name, logo, and theme of the exchange as exactly as you wish.

Technical expertise

Above all, With readymade Binance Clone script you don’t have to worry about technical knowledge to handle. We will provide round the clock support to clear all your doubts and clarifications.

Save cost & time

However, You can save time and money in Binance Clone Script Development than the development work from scratch.


Why choose shamla tech for the Binance clone script?

Being the early adopters of the technology, we are able to provide the best Binance Clone script, for overseas clients. Moreover, Shamla tech provides services that are available at an affordable budget and you can’t find it anywhere in industries.

Our desktop and smart phone Binance Clone App Development is designed with ultimate features that can help you to touch the highest profit lines in your business for the first time. In conclusion White-Label Binance Clone also answers are checked to be bug free and are completely equipped to top the field.

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