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Cryptocurrency Development Company

In this digital generation, digital currency has become the most preferred choice for the traders. With the cryptocurrency market is booming at a very high speed, if you’re planning to create your own cryptocurrency and enter with a bang in the markets you are now at the right time. Many top companies and entrepreneurs have already stepped into creating a new cryptocurrency. With the assistance from best cryptocurrency Development Company in USA like SHAMLA TECH, they have already made its accomplishment. The company possesses expert team to guide you to bring out the best results in building a cryptocurrency.

As a cryptocurrency development company in USA we offer highly secured and sustainable cryptocurrencies according to your needs. Get the privilege of cost-effective Cryptocurrency wallets and exchange services with the robust technologies.

Developing cryptocurrency needs much technical work to be done. But still with the help of development companies there are many digital currencies which have been evolved and much more are yet to come in the upcoming years. After seeing the immense leap of Bitcoin many are getting ready to jump into the field of crypto trading.

Cryptocurrency And Money- What Is The Difference?

Contrary to popular belief, the terms “money” and “currency” are not synonyms, and this becomes exceptionally clear after we briefly examine the legal nature of cryptocurrencies.

A cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency that uses encryption techniques as means of securing the verification of transactions of value. Although a universal definition of money has yet to be devised, money has traditionally been endowed with three functions: a unit of account, a means of exchange, a measure of value and store of value.

Regulations In The Cryptocurrency Development Company

Many governments have expressed fear over tokens as there is no central authority to regulate the value or oversee the exchange of tokens. The fear stems from an inability to regulate the crypto market or monitor the valuation or track the transfer of cryptocurrency. With fiat currency, governments can do all of the above. Most central banks world over, in conjunction with their respective governments, pass monetary policies each year.

The goal of the monetary policies is to specifically control the global value of money. The government through its monetary policies regulates employment, spending, investments and inter alia controls investment.

The Indian government can mitigate the above threat by issuing Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Many nations such as China, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, and Singapore are engaged in developing a pilot of their own CBDC. CBDC can help develop the digital economy and provide for more financial stability once it has the full backing of the government. Moreover, there may be more trust in the financial systems as there shall be less volatility while conducting transactions through CBDC. A CBDC shall also help reduce the shadow trading or the black cryptocurrency markets and the RBI shall be able to control cash supply more effectively.

A CBDC shall provide effective competition to private cryptocurrencies such as Libra. Moreover, money laundering issues can be solved if there is a central backing to a digital or crypto rupee. Concerns regarding the security in dealing with cryptocurrencies can be suitably dealt with. Cryptocurrency follows blockchain technology protocols. In other words, every transaction is recorded as a part of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). DLT is a foolproof technology and an individual’s cryptocurrency wallet cannot be hacked like a traditional online wallet.

The Supreme Court of India on March 4th overturned a 2 year old ruling by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) that restricted Indian banks from trading with cryptocurrencies exchanges over illegal business and money laundering.

The ban was lifted after detailed scrutiny regarding the use of cryptocurrency in various businesses, crowdfunding needs and worldwide opportunities. Also it allows India-based companies to freely make use of the digital currency. Above all, the ban cancellation has been a relief to major traders who were willing to be a part of the digital market looking for future of Cryptocurrency in India.

What Is Kyc And Aml? Why Is It Necessary?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a term to describe how a business or a financial institution identifies and verifies the identity of a client. The process stands as a part of Anti Money Laundering (AML) to keep away the fraudsters at bay. Any institution with a good AML compliance department does well to keep their KYC information updated till date. KYC holds accurate and up-to-date information about clients. Moreover it helps identifying patterns or irregularities that may suggest money laundering or other illegal and forge activities.

When it comes to AML regulations, identifying procedure are a little broader and need some deeper understanding. AML services are generally a wide range of regulations, policies and laws that are designed to combat money fraud. In the case of an ICO, the offering company will employ a stringent KYC procedure in its token-generation stages to know if the investors are potential and of no illegal activities. This provides the evidence for legitimacy in the ICO.

KYC Verification Services find a clean place for trading without any threat of fraud and illegal activities by offering,

  • Anti-Money Laundering Services including Terrorist Financing screening
  • Onboarding new customers, suppliers and investors.
  • Third party risk management – open source and manual research.
  • Political exposure persons (PEPs) and bribery.

What Does The Process Need?

The KYC compliance services are fairly straightforward. Firstly, the backer in question needs to provide a copy of their ID, usually a passport, citizenship certificate or a driver’s license. This needs to be provided in the form of a photograph of them holding the ID in question. In few cases, the proof of identification is also required, such as a proof of address.

Providing a best KYC AML service provider will help the ICO by not letting it fall into the hands of scammers. The compliance reduces the threat of losing the assets. Shamla tech provides advanced Digital KYC Solution and AML Screening Solutions to help you omit the risk of deceitful activities. Get the help of online identity verification and online Document Verification Service experts to get the best customizable screening and Cryptocurrency Development Services for your business needs.

Can I Build My Own Cryptocurrency?


When you develop cryptocurrency, be sure to choose which type of cryptocurrency suits your business. You can also get advice from expert cryptocurrency developers to be more precise. With the help of Blockchain Technology you can make your own crypto coin including the network. The use of latest algorithms into crypto coins by developers is the best way to reach the client requirement.


With the steep raise in technology advancements, the necessity for safety in digital currencies has also increased. For any trade in the cryptocurrency market, Wallets provide easy transactions and top notch security. Crypto wallets store your cryptocurrencies making it much simpler and secured to trade. These wallets can also alterable according to the cryptocurrencies you use and trade.


To easily trade cryptocurrencies with any other digital currencies or assets you need a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. Developing your own cryptocurrency exchange provides a desired, secured and reliable platform for the traders and investors. However you should select the best cryptocurrency trading platform that helps to widen up your trade.

Rather than to spend all your valuable time in the development stage itself you can leave all your confusions in the hands of the best cryptocurrency development company in USA like Shamla tech to provide all the necessary things for creating a new cryptocurrency platform. We provide white label Cryptocurrency Development Solutions to help you get into the market in no time.

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