Kyc And Aml Compliance Services To Regulate Trading Operations

Kyc And Aml Compliance Services

Understand your customers’ identities better ever with the adoption of KYC and AML compliance services of a competent KYC aml service provider Shamla Tech!

The foreign exchange market is noted for its viable currency trading, wherein a lot of currency types are traded for pre-determined price rates. Here, the trading happens at the foreign exchange rates for each and every currency bought or sold in the market. 

Forex being the world’s largest trading marketplace holds the greatest value ever in terms of trading volume. It seems that it is going to outpace the credit market in the next few years.

Forex trading generally involves the trading of either the physical or the digital currency types, which depends upon the business requirements. It supports users all across the globe in making international trades.

Likewise, cryptocurrency exchanges stand as the platform for making trades with digital assets. Here, localized trades happen with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum, and so on. 

Though the concepts forex and exchange trading looks similar in terms of currency trading options, they are not the same. There exist certain influential factors to differentiate them. One major difference here is that forex works under centralization, whereas the exchange is backed up by a decentralized authority. 

Well, do you wish to create a potentially strong trading exchange of your own to make your users enjoy the ease of getting legalized trades with cryptocurrencies?

Are you in a dilemma of where to find the best KYC aml service for your exchange?

Then this post is for you. You may get to know some of the significant aspects that can lead you to come up with a legally compliant exchange right from here.

Moreover, as a cryptocurrency trader, you should have some clear understanding on the two most widely implemented verification techniques KYC (know your customer compliance) and AML (Anti-money laundering), when it comes to business trading. 

How The Kyc Aml Service Contributes To The Authenticity Of An Exchange Business?

A cryptocurrency exchange is where a bulk amount of international business transactions are made each passing day, thus standing at the forefront of security victims. So, there is a huge threat for the crypto exchange businesses today to get locked with unethical hacks, while making transactions. In order for them to overcome those challenges, identity verification is a must.

Legalization is what can make any exchange trust-worthy and productive. The cryptocurrency traders nowadays as well are more likely to choose exchanges that are legally compliant with the regulatory standards. Hence the financial sector is very much prone to adhering to the basic KYC and AML practices to ensure sustainability. This is where the basic verification procedures KYC and AML come in.

KYC or AML accounts for the set of background checks to be done to verify the identities of the users, who are all accessing the exchange for making trading transactions. 

Why Shamla Tech For Your Kyc Or Aml Compliance Needs?

Shamla Tech has been delivering authentic KYC compliance services and Anti-money laundering services to global clients since a long time ago in the industry, thus becoming a trustworthy company for your KYC AML service needs. 

The team holds solid expertise in providing the best AML and KYC verification services, which makes them now a preferred partner for a wide range of entrepreneurs who are in need of the KYC aml solution providers in the market. They have a proven track record in working with clients in regards to meeting their business verification challenges over the years

As one of the world’s leading KYC compliance service providers, Shamla Tech would provide you with such an outstanding service that could make your business better in terms of verifying customer identities. As a result, it is very much possible for you to safeguard your business from unauthorized activities like fraudulence or scams and money laundering attacks.

Kyc Service Deliverables Of Shamla Tech:

The KYC compliance services provided from our side are backed by an AI-driven identity verification methodology. Our digital KYC implementation can let your users perform faster transactions but with free of hacks. Here, every trading transaction can be done at an average processing time of around 30 to 60 seconds. 

This is really mind-blowing! Right?

Then why wait for any other service providers for your KYC or aml implementation? 

Just come and embrace the custom KYC compliance services of shamla tech to explore featured benefits for your business.

The flawless KYC services that we provide include the checking of identity, ID card, driving license or any other relevant documents. With us, you can be able to make a variety of verifications at a time, thus making the process faster and easier than ever.

One demanding feature that we integrate here is video verification. Yes! Video verification has now been made simpler from our side to add credibility to the verification system.

Also, all the verified data are stored for future reference, so that you can rid of the data inconveniences possible with the system.

Anti-money Laundering Service Deliverables Of Shamla Tech:

Shamla Tech would be the right selection for those who wanna on-board a reliable next-gen aml compliance system for their businesses. 

Our end-to-end AML verification services can help your business stay ahead of the digital frauds rising unconditionally. It not only involves the verification of identities of the customers, but it also accounts for the verification of details of the transactions made by the customers. 

The verification data bank that we hold gets credentials from around 3000 databases (on an approx), thus rendering in-depth checks. 

Apart from the one-time verification checks, we do provide you with bulk list checks as well to further strengthen your AML compliance strategy.

Thus as a whole, Financial crimes would no more be a worry for you, once you updated out for our reputed AML services. Come! Let’s try and I am sure that you won’t regret taking it for the future days too.

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