Local Bitcoin Clone Development To Optimize Your Crypto Exchange For A Stunning Profit Ever!

Local Bitcoin Clone Development

Local Bitcoin Clone Development

Local Bitcoin Clone Development : People nowadays are looking for highly secure platforms like local bitcoin script to make trades with cryptocurrencies. To come up with such a platform in real-time, you obviously need expertise in the technology of blockchain, as it is the underlying technology working behind cryptocurrencies.
But all are not having sufficient knowledge of the technological use cases of blockchain since it is one of the most complex technologies ever. So, here comes a mandate need for the entrepreneurs to seek the help of a seamless technological solutions provider like us.
As a leading blockchain services provider in the industry, Shamla Tech keeps on offering a wide range of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions to our global clients. Local bitcoin clone development are found to reap the most out of them.
If you are the one who is looking for the best local bitcoin script to initiate a crypto exchange like local bitcoin of your own, then you are perfectly at the right destination.
Yeah! You can get mind-blowing services from our side, once you partner with us for your exchange development needs. So, don’t regret to utilize our services.


Local Bitcoins is a popular and leading P2P Bitcoin trading platform which is established in 2012 and currently serving users in over 100 countries. Users can exchange for traditional currencies through online exchanges. The exchanges are protected by escrow services which are known as over-the-counter (OTC) trading.  The centralized exchanges are slow so OTC is used to allow faster transactions with diverse payment options for a better user experience for the customer. Local Bitcoins have more than 60+ payment methods that will hundreds of traders all over the world. If you are planning to invest in local bitcoin then try to get the Local Bitcoin Script to start your crypto business. The platform is interactive where the sellers and buyers can communicate with each other. It also follows KYC/AML regulations to check the identity of the trader.


LocalBitcoins is a popular P2P Bitcoin exchange where users can easily trade bitcoins. Localbitcoins is a P2P exchange platform integrated with an escrow system for safe and secured transactions. This famous bitcoin marketplace has 1.46 million users with a revenue of $29.5M for 2019. It is one of the best ROIs with a huge user base. Many trading features can be embedded with the local bitcoin exchange clone script such as P2P exchange, staking, trading, etc. As the original exchange offers many rewards to its users, now you have a clone that will offer exciting affiliate programs, bounty programs to earn bitcoin on your local bitcoin exchange.
Start your Local Bitcoin exchange with our local bitcoin exchange clone script to get the benefits of the original brand, reputation, and user base with huge revenue.

Highlights of our local bitcoin clone scripts:

Convenient trading modes:
The scripts permit the users to make trades both in the online and offline mode as per their comfort. In the online mode, trading can be done by viewing/posting ads on the platform.
Whereas in the offline mode, virtual trading is not possible and trading is facilitated only by meeting the opponent party. A special chat feature is integrated here to boost up this offline type of trade so that the traders can communicate with ease.
Escrow powered wallets:
Escrow is meant here for ensuring security with the trading transactions done in the platform. Both the buyers and the sellers are allowed to hold escrow wallets to keep their cryptocurrencies in a safe manner until and unless an exactly verified match happens between the IDs’ of the buyers’ and sellers’ transactions.
Solving disputes:
There is an increased chance for the rise of disputes in a cryptocurrency exchange platform, as millions of transactions take place. Hence the dispute resolution system is helpful for both the buyers and sellers to resolve concerns that arise in the platform. In case of any inconvenience, the traders can raise the appropriate requests to get solved with them instantly.
Authorized access:
The in-built authentication feature facilitated in the app is ought to aid the users with setting up the right passwords for their trading accounts, thus furnishing a better level of security for logins.
The integration of regulatory procedures like KYC and AML can help users protect their accounts from any kind of security hacks like anti-money laundering attacks.

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