What Makes The P2p Crypto Exchange Models Like White-label Local Bitcoin Clone Script Gain Huge Traction These Days?

White-Label Local Bitcoin Clone Script

White-Label Local Bitcoin Clone Script

White-Label Local Bitcoin Clone Script: The cryptocurrency exchanges are the website-powered platforms offering easy and instant trading services to the users. They act as bridges in connecting a wide variety of trading counterparties, thus enabling them to make trades via the exchange or transfer of virtual and fiat currency types.

The three major divisions that make the exchanges differ in their functionalities include the following:
  • P2P exchanges
  • Centralized exchanges and 
  • Decentralized exchanges.
Out of the above three types, the p2p type of exchanges like local bitcoin has been gaining major traction as of now. In this blog, we are going to explore more on the same….
The p2p exchanges like local bitcoin provide enhanced privacy for bitcoin cashouts, but with a price premium. According to recent statistics, the offers for UK buyers at the local bitcoin exchange start at just 0.5% less than the spot value of bitcoin cash (BCH). As per this scenario, the exchange is ranked third in the global exchange rankings. This looks really great, right?
Then why wait for launching your own P2P exchange platform like local bitcoins? Yes, of course! It is the better time to do so. But if you have any confusion in finding out the right clone solutions partner, then read the remaining part of the blog….

Where can you find the best White-Label local bitcoin clone scripts in the industry?

In today’s modern and digitized world, every business ranging right from small and medium to large requires a website to reach out to the global potential audience community with ease.
For instance, let us assume that you wanna launch a crypto exchange business in the market in the near future. How can you do it? Could you be able to build an exchange website of your own? Is it possible with your sole expertise and effort?
Do you think that it is that much easy? No, certainly not. If you think so, then you are obviously wrong.
Developing a website is one such complex process, and so that it cannot be performed in just a day. It takes days to complete and that too can be made happen only with enough technical expertise. Hence, you need the help of expert professionals to create a stunning exchange website.
This is where our white-label local bitcoin clone script solutions find their importance. In order to adapt them to your business requirements, you can straight away get in touch with our team with no hesitations.
Our white-label local bitcoin clone scripts provide you with the ready-made software that can be used for the development of your exchange website as same as that of the world’s famous crypto exchange platform local bitcoin.

An overview of the local bitcoin exchange:

Local bitcoin is a P2P cryptocurrency exchange marketplace that facilitates the users to enjoy the ease of buying and selling cryptocurrencies in a faster manner. It supports over-the-counter trading of cryptocurrencies in exchange for bitcoins.
When a user wishes to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in this platform, he can post ads relevant to the product together with the rate fixes and payment methods opted for the concerned trade. Upon the completion of ad posting, the user who is having an interest in that will make a reply to the ad. Once the specified payment is done from the user’s side, the trade gets completed. This is how the local bitcoins exchange works right away to empower bitcoin trading.
Hope now you have a clear idea of what is all about a local bitcoin exchange, and how it can be utilized for bitcoin trading. Well! Here you might come across a question that ‘why a majority of the crypto entrepreneurs today choose to prefer white-label local bitcoin clone Script for their exchange businesses?
If so, then here is the answer….
The specialty of the local bitcoin exchange is that it holds higher trading volume and greater reputation level, thus being one of the most trusted platforms for users to make trades with bitcoins. Conflict resolution, escrow protection, and lower trading fees are some other major highlights of the exchange. The escrow allows the users to make an exchange right from fiat currencies to bitcoins (cryptocurrencies) free of hassles.
Moreover, the exchange provides an extended layer of security by making the users get verified with KYC (Know your customer). This is an added advantage for the users to ensure safety with their assets.

The internal architecture of our local-bitcoin clone scripts:

The architectural design of an exchange script depicts its entire use cases including the security and speed associated with the transactions done in the exchange. By the way, I am going to admit the aspects that make up the architecture of our white-label local bitcoin clone scripts here.
UI – User interface:
The UI is the entry point for your exchange, through which your users get to know about your brand’s uniqueness, features, and functionalities. So, a quality-rich is needed for your exchange to gain new user traction, to retain old users and to ensure strong user engagement. In order to achieve better user engagement rates for your exchange, your UI should support customization and intuitive navigation to an extent as much as possible.
One important factor that determines the success of a crypto exchange is its liquidity. A low-quality website with empty trade order books won’t work here to attract the investor community and to reap better ROI. At least, an appealing website with good trade order books is a must for an exchange to acquire the targeted liquidity.
Our scripts are designed as such and are having a default feature for liquidity generation. But if you think that it is not enough, then we are glad to make you aware that you can have some greater liabilities that can put you under the vague of success.
Moreover, if you wanna go for some additional liquidity generation options for your exchange, then we are ready to provide them as well via these steps:
  1. Creating trading bots for buying and selling bitcoins.
  2. Linking your exchange platform to another familiar exchange in the market.
With these two ways, you can further add credibility to your local bitcoin clone exchange in terms of bringing liquidity with no doubts.
Separation of modules:
A good cryptocurrency exchange script should follow the principle of separation of concerns, which is nothing but the separation of modules. As the exchange is very much concerned about the modules listed, it is very much essential to have separations in them.
For instance, if an issue is suspected to rise in the exchange, it won’t affect any other modules so that the exchange operations will be smoother enough.
The separation of concerns seems effectual from the perspectives of both the software and the hardware. Here, the software is a mandate component that goes for separation, whereas the hardware is not like that. Yet, bringing separation in the hardware components would be a good practice to enrich security in the system.
Legalization is what that makes your crypto exchange survive in a long run. We can help you make it happen by incorporating the necessary compliance standards like the KYC and AML in the script. Thus, you could be to meet the regulatory demands at ease with us.
Though different geographical locations have different regulatory requirements, we are here to help you in analyzing the standards of compliance appropriate to your location.

Why choose our local bitcoin clone scripts?

Our white-label local bitcoin clone script comes out with the following trendy features:
  • Innovation:

Let’s enjoy the innovation of automating the process of sending seller ads to the nearest buyers. Yes! With our local bitcoin clone scripts, it is possible for you as a seller to make your advertisements reach the targeted buyers with ease, and this can be made happen via messages or e-mails.

  • Protection:

The escrow facility in our scripts helps the sellers in staying ahead of the unauthorized buyers, thus making them avoid fraudulence.

  • Multiple payment modes:

Our scripts are designed in such a way that it permits your users to make payments via multiple types of gateways including PayPal, gift cards or money transfers, and so on. This helps you in grabbing the attention of more traders into your platform and making it acquire better trading volume.

  • 2FA:

The two-factor authentication (2FA) feature integrated into the app helps in protecting your users’ accounts from unethical attacks or hacks. It works right away by demanding the users to enter the OTP (one time password) generated for every login and transaction. 

  • Real-time updates:

This feature helps the users in getting live updates of the cryptocurrency price values at any point in time.  Also from the traders’ perspective, it allows them to fix the price values for the bitcoins that they wish to buy or sell in the platform.

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