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The New & Improved Magento 2.0: A Look at its Exciting Features

The New & Improved Magento 2.0: A Look at its Exciting Features

Magento is touted as the leading eCommerce platform, and rightly so. With its extensive collection of features and themes and its ability to offer a flexible solution, Magento has been adopted by more than 200,000 businesses over the world.
Magento 1 came with some great features. It gave its users the ability to build their store using the variety of extensions available. The newest Magento 2.0 version goes one step ahead to provide flexibility, without compromising user experience and website performance.


Here are 7 reasons why you should move to Magento 2.0

1.Site Performance & Scalability

The biggest complaint Magento 1 had been its slow performance. The latest Magento version will now run 20% faster.
Here’s what has brought the improvement.
Indexing is how Magento transforms data to improve the performance of the site. Data is accumulated into tables using indexers to display the specific data on your storefront. The latest version features default indexers with efficient updates to provide better speed.
Full-page caching is built with this latest version. This helps pages to load within 1-2 seconds when compared to non-cached pages that take 5-10 seconds to load. Also, the platform accommodates multiple admin users to allow multiple users to import and edit products.
These two factors play a major role in improving the scalability of the websites. It’s a huge positive for businesses who would like to expand their stores.


2.New & Improved Architecture

The new and improved, next-generation coding architecture makes things simpler and faster. When it comes to file structure, every module has its own VIEW directory containing its CSS/less, js, template and layout. This gives room for more customization without compromising the core functionality.
Magento 2.0 has also adopted new technologies like PHP 5.5.x, Zend framework, MySQL 5.6 and Oracle. As opposed to the use of prototype JS in older versions, Magento 2.0 will utilize JavaScript with additional working space for CSS3.


3.Simplified Admin Interface

The new admin dashboard is aimed at better management without relying heavily on coding knowledge. The simplified admin interface provides drag-and-drop layout editing for easily modifying your page.
Also, there is a massive improvement in performance. Products can be imported 4x faster and multiple admin users will be instrumental in managing your store efficiently.
Admin can also personalize the admin panel to improve productivity and efficiency.


4.Major Integration

There are many key extensions that are adopted by stores to run their business, such as payment gateway. The new Magento 2.0 version integrates such extensions to the platform by default. For example, PayPal and Braintree are the most popular gateways integrated.


5.Better Security

Magento 2.0 has also shown better security inclusions. The stores are integrated with PayPal, Braintree, and Authorize.Net ensuring PCI compliance. Integration of Worldpay and Cybersource also increases payment security. The platform also includes an automatic upgrade installer that ensures no room for any system breach or compromise


6.Focus on Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile-responsiveness is the key to connect with the new audience, focus on SEO and bring more conversion to your store.
The Magento 2.0 default themes are fully responsive. And so is the checkout process. The admin panel is also mobile-friendly, letting you manage your store on-the-go.


7.Customer-centric platform

Improving the customer experience is a never-ending process. Magento 2.0 provides guest checkout, one-click account creation and other features to provide a smooth customer shopping experience. Better customer experience will translate into increased sales.
If you are contemplating between eCommerce choices, then these features are sure to push you over the Magento side. And if your store is on an older version, you need to upgrade your site to benefit from these new changes.
For custom Magento web development and Magento 2.0 upgrade, the team of certified Magento developers at SHAMLA TECH is happy to help.

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