4 Reasons Why You Should Choose P2p Crypto Exchange Development


P2p Crypto Exchange Development

P2p crypto exchange development is the new far-reaching trend in the market. To move far away from the administrative bank-controlled systems, these decentralized currencies pave an extensive way to trade beyond boundaries. With the help of crypto-exchange software solutions Development Company, it has now turned out to be easy for all of us to create or purchase their personal cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms. In addition, there has been a steep rise in new crypto enthusiasts and traders. Anyone who needs to buy, sell, promote or create new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, Dash, etc., ought to definitely pass through a Cryptocurrency exchange.

P2p crypto exchange development

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms work on the process of peer-to-peer direct interactions, cutting out the middlemen and administrative authorities. This p2p cryptocurrency exchange development focuses on secured transactions and abundant anonymity. In other words, decentralization presents utmost security and superfast trade as the trade is direct between the investors and the buyers. IDEX, Oasis, Waves, OpenLedger, CryptoBridge are the few best-decentralized crypto exchange software that will let you trade with ease. If you build your own exchange, you should analyze the needs of your business. Also, choose the robust White Label Exchange or a readymade script that fulfills your requirements and personalizes the product to get phenomenal results for your pursuit.

Security in decentralized exchanges

  • Data encryption: Important credentials and other confidential records are safeguarded.
  • CSRF safety: Top-notch protection against cross-site request forgery and other illegal activities from the user’s side.
  • SSRF protection: Advanced safety from Server Side Request Forgery or unsafe on-line sources.
  • Escrow system: A smart contract or a dependent on intermediate provides a guarantee for the exchange.
  • Anti-distributed denial of service: Overpowering site visitors from multiple junctures is defended inside the trade.

As a best-decentralized crypto exchange software Development Company SHAMLA TECH provides complete Ready-made crypto exchange software solutions that assure to power up your business. We with expert builders assist you to select the exceptional Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms to deliver out satisfactory trade. Also, we ensure the best security options and reliable trading features.

Decentralized vs. Centralized Exchanges

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange operates in a very similar way to a bank. You deposit your crypto coins and tokens, and the exchange serves or an alternate as a custodian. It’s up to the trading platform to safeguard the funds and make sure that it can make good on any withdrawal requests.

If you keep your funds in a crypto wallet, then you have your own private keys to access it, and your digital assets are recorded on the blockchain as it is belonging to you. Users of exchange don’t have any of these private keys. The documentation in the blockchain will show the exchange as the owner of the funds, and the platform keeps records of which tokens or coins belong to each user.

A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform works differently, in that the exchange never takes custody of funds. Although the underlying mechanisms for a decentralized exchange can vary, in general, there is an order matching protocol and assets are transferred between individual wallets using smart contracts to provide automatic trades.

P2p crypto exchange software is often developed as a decentralized application on a particular blockchain platform, which determines the tokens that can be traded on it. For example, the decentralized form of Binance (Binance DEX) is developed on the Binance blockchain. This means that users transact using the native Binance token (BNB) as the base currency, and only tokens based on the Binance blockchain are allowed to be traded. The Waves DEX on the Waves platform, or IDEX on the Ethereum platform, are other examples of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms that function in this way.

Why Use A Decentralized Crypto Exchange?

There are 4 main reasons to prefer using a decentralized crypto exchange over a centralized one.

  1. Security

Centralized exchanges hold large amounts of funds from investors or traders, making them a prime target for hackers.

In 2015, a Slovenia-based exchange, Bitstamp, was interrupted by an anonymous hacker who was able to gain access to the exchange’s operational hot wallet and steal 19,000 Bitcoins (that worth about $5 million at the time). The most famous bitcoin hack in history was in Mt. Gox, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that does not exist now. It is known to be hacked twice in 2011 and 2014, resulting in Bitcoins of more than 750,000 being lost. Investors had no way of retrieving their funds and investments maintaining the loss to this day.

With the increasing trading volume of digital currencies, centralized exchanges are becoming more prone to hackers. Decentralized exchanges on the other hand are becoming more and more user-friendly and common, simultaneously providing better security for investors without the need for any third party or middlemen leaving no space for any fraudulent activities.

  1. Control over your funds

Hacking is not the one and only issue with centralized exchanges. In this kind of platform, users do not have complete control over their funds; also the centralized exchanges have a monitoring effect. This can impose many restrictions, constraints, and even financial losses on investors.

Also, a crypto exchange named HitBTC started freezing user accounts, ahead of a planned event by users to withdraw all their funds from centralized crypto exchanges in a span of a single day. The event by the crypto community, called “Proof of Keys”, was an attempt to ensure that exchanges could make good on deposits, similar to a bank run.

Another strange example from the past year was when it emerged that the owner of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX had passed away, and he was the only person who had the private keys which had the access to the exchange’s storage wallets, leaving debts worth $200 million. It also later transpired that the owner had mostly been irresponsible with user funds.

Once again, the non-custodial nature of a best-decentralized crypto exchange software means that funds are under your own control, and no central authorities can hold or lose your access to them. Even if the exchange goes down tomorrow, your funds will always be unaffected, as you’ve retained possession of them.

  1. Privacy

Centralized crypto exchange software solutions are classed as money service providers (MSPs) in many jurisdictions. It means that customers are required to undergo mandatory user identity verification processes like know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks. In many cases, however, people are reluctant to provide their personal information to third-party entities, as they have no control over what happens with their data and to which authorities gain insight on it.

At the same time, P2p cryptocurrency exchange development isn’t under any central control; therefore, there are often no identity requirements for using the exchange beyond having a wallet address.

  1. Financial inclusiveness

In response to increasing regulatory pressure, many exchanges with a centralized base have restricted access to users in particular countries. Most recently, exchanges have also begun withdrawing from providing services to United States users, due to the risks of being seen to provide unregulated trading of securities. Even the top centralized exchange Binance announced that it would be geo-blocking US users from its platform ahead of rolling out its plans for a US-specific compliant platform. Other popular exchanges such as Bittrex have delisted a number of tokens and coins from US users.

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms offer a way for individuals in any location to trade digital currencies, as they aren’t administered by a centralized authority that can be subjected to a shutdown order. Investors have the freedom to invest as little as they want to benefit from trading activities, and the p2p crypto exchange development transaction fees are much lesser than those on traditional exchanges.


These prove that choosing the best-decentralized crypto exchange software will help you gain more benefits than that of the counterpart. Being a pioneer in the field, Shamla Tech provides cutting-edge White Label Exchange solutions to help you build your own exchange and launch it in no time. Our developers here assure completely customized solutions to bring out the most suitable p2p crypto exchange development for all your business needs.

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