A Detailed Insight Into White-label Crypto Exchange Software development!

White-label Crypto Exchange Softwaredevelopment

White-Label Crypto Exchange Software Development

Get your master key – white-label crypto exchange software solution right from here for huge profit generation in your business!

Do you have any idea about how the white label crypto exchange software helps out businesses over the years? If no, then this blog is for you. Here, you will be going to discover everything that you need to build a cryptocurrency exchange of your choice with greater liquidity. So, never miss out to read it till the end.

Come; let us dig deep into the concept….

Cryptocurrency exchange development – an exciting opportunity…isn’t it?

With the boom of the digital or crypto asset exchange industry in recent years, the ample number of entrepreneurs gets entry the cryptocurrency exchange development concepts each passing day. Of course, this trend has paved way for more trades to be carried out with the crypto assets all across the globe resulting in greater global trading turnover rates ever.

Such a tremendous rise in the market worth of crypto assets and the respective exchanges has brought a strong belief that the cryptocurrency exchange platform development holds a huge profit scope both for the present and the future as well. Moreover, the cryptocurrency exchange website development has been coming up as the hottest trend of the crypto industry right now in terms of benefiting businesses belonging to the cadre.

In order to witness this trend, we are submitting the below statistics:

As per a recent survey, Bloomberg stated that in the year 2017 itself, one of the world’s largest and famous cryptocurrency exchange platform coinbase earned a total profit of more than 380 million US Dollars ($380 million). This actually seems out to be a ground record that has ever been made so far by any other platform in the market. Also, another largest exchange Binance was found to touch a total profit turnover of more than 200 million US Dollars ($200 million) in the year 2018 itself. This achievement of binance stands next to coinbase and this chain goes on extending further.

Such a stunning profit by these exchanges keeps on adding credibility to the cryptocurrency exchange development solutions further than before day today. This is where the scope of cryptocurrency exchange development lies in and how could we regret to build our own crypto exchanges that will get us over to a tremendously profitable business! Yes, cryptocurrency exchange development is undeniably a golden opportunity to go with right now for our business enhancement and prospects.

Then why not you go for such a surprising opportunity for profit generation? Once you go with this, the next thing that you need to consider is the selection of the right cryptocurrency exchange development partner like us so as to meet all your business demands.

What exactly is white label crypto exchange software?

The white label crypto exchange software is a collection of codes that help us in building a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that suits the best for our business requirements. It is available as a ready-made application so that we could deploy our own white label crypto exchange instantly in no time.

Everything right from the scripting part to the side of licensing will be taken over by the company that provides you with the software. The software as well can help you in making customization as per your business needs to meet the varying demands of all the time. With the software, you can customize whatever you want including the brand name, logo, features, functionalities, modules, designs, or even the ideas that contribute to the brand development.

The reason why a majority of people recommend the adoption of white label crypto exchange software when it comes to cryptocurrency exchange development is that the software is a readily available application to help launch a stunning exchange out there in the market. As the software is ready-to-deploy, only testing is enough to go further with the usage part.

Advantages of our white label crypto exchange software:

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform development firm in the industry, we at shamla tech will offer you a custom white label crypto exchange software with the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Instant launch:

We all know that the white label solutions, in general, are available for deployment instantly with no hassles. By the way, the white label crypto exchange software would not be an exception for this case. The software will let you avoid the possible delays caused due to project ideation, design, and developments thereby making you perform an instant exchange platform launch on the go with ease.

Thus, the white label crypto exchange software is somewhat a huge credit for those who are looking out for an urgent requirement of launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

  • Low cost of labor:

As the white label crypto exchange software itself holds all the necessary tools, technical features, and functionality sets to get done with a well-equipped exchange platform, there will not be a need to spend some extra pennies for laborers. Thus, if you go for hiring out some laborers for your project, it would really be a tough task for you as it involves a lot of extra charges. But the utilization of a white label solution is proven to be very effective in saving your hard-earned money.

  • Reliable:

With our white label crypto exchange software, you can get assurance for a better amount of reliability for your project altogether with better efficiency. This could be made happen right with the expertise held by our professional developing team.

  • Extended support:

We as a white label crypto exchange turnkey solutions provider will provide your users with the total support they need at any time especially in cases of addressing issues or solving queries.

  • Technology stack:

Our technology stack is highly powerful to meet all your technical expertise related demands with ease. Don’t worry if you have lack technology expertise; our team of talented professionals is here to help you out to bridge the existing knowledge gap. They will take complete responsibility for each and every stage of your crypto exchange platform development right from the ideation to the final stage of launch.

  • Branding:

Our white-label crypto exchange software will allow your project to get perfect branding as per the choice of requirements free of hassles. Your project need not be confronted with the name and logo of any external third party; instead, you could get the branding at your own name itself and simultaneously the logo at your own choice of priority as well. In simple words, your branding would be done in such a way that will make you stand out from the competing crowd for sure. By the way, you could acquire a good range of reputation ever for your business thus resulting in high-profit returns upon the investments.

  • Commission:

As a white-label crypto exchange software owner, you could be able to reap the commission charges for the trades being made on the platform. This commission stands out as a part of your overall profit thus boosting up your business revenue levels towards greater heights ever. Usually, the trading commissions are set between 1and to 3% and that too varies from platform to platform. You can set it according to your choice of expectation and that is purely up to you.

If you wanna go for an ideal trading commission limit, the recommended % will be 2.99. If you find it okay, then you can go with the same; else you can make changes as per your choice of desires.

  • Transactional charges:

Apart from the trading commissions, you would also be eligible to get transactional charges as another part of your profit. These charges usually cover the charges for making fund deposits or withdrawals and the funds might either be the cryptos or the fiat currencies. Here, the crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto conversions are considered as well.

Building a White-label crypto exchange software has been made easy with us:

The fact is that you may not believe that the global cryptocurrency exchange business owners today have been making some millions and millions of dollars via setting up of a reliable exchange platform for trading. Yet, it is 100% true and nobody in the crypto space right now can regret this factual information.

Shamla tech being an extensive White-label crypto exchange software development company serving the industry over the years with its immense technology experience and expertise can help you build a custom crypto exchange with all the feature sets that you wish to integrate for your business. Our promising, responsive, and enthusiastic team of developers will offer you the financially and technically productive cryptocurrency exchange development solutions right at ease and at a cost-effective budget.

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